The Legend of the Legendary Heroes

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    The Legend of the Legendary Heroes
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    Ryner Lute is a lazy student of the Roland Empire Royal Magician's Academy. One day, the Roland Empire goes to war against their neighboring country Estabul, and Ryner loses his classmates in the war. After the war, Ryner sets out on a journey to search the relics of a "Legendary Hero" at King Sion Astal's command and finds out that a deadly curse is spreading throughout the continent.

    Ryner Lute

    Frequently appearing to be lethargic, sleepy, and unmotivated, Ryner is the protagonist of the story. He has black eyes and hair and is of slender build; is naturally talented in magic, hand-to-hand combat, arts of assassination, ancient lore, languages and symbols, and the bearer of Alpha Stigma , an ocular ability which grants him the ability to analyze various forms of magic. Alpha Stigma bearers when activating their powers, have a pentagram with reddish hue appearing over their pupils. Because of this ability, in a world where magic forms differs from country to country and is a closely guarded secret, he has learned and acquired magic originating from different countries through battles with their mages. Although the Alpha Stigma are the weakest and most common type out of the five types of "Cursed Eyes", Ryner's eyes are no ordinary Alpha Stigma.

    Ferris Eris

    blonde-hair bishōjo with blue eyes, Ferris, who comes from a famous Swords-Clan designated to serve as guards to the King of Roland, is the heroine of the story. She carries a typically emotionless expression, is extremely proud of her own beauty, and is fanatic about dango (Japanese dumpling) and can do almost anything for the sake of dango.

    so I don't know if all of you knew this and I still don't know if this anime post in here...

    I'm fan of it ^_^..
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