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    Free Programs That Do Cool Things Yes, I'm being helpful. Imagine that. This topic will document that programs that I (or others) have vetted as:
    by Tegumi | Pages 1, 2, 3 ... 9, 10, 11, 12
    Aug 30, 3:55 pm
    by SneeakyAsian
    [ Locked ] Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Some answers to commonly asked questions.If you make
    by Tegumi | Page 1
    Sep 03, 4:13 am
    by Tegumi
    [ Locked ] Read This Before Posting! (Rules) The post requirement system was removed, but what I say below still counts for my feelings about the beast. I will keep
    by Hibia | Page 1
    Feb 02, 10:32 am
    by Tegumi


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    Windows 7 Family Safety Activity Reporting Hey everyone, I was wondering if anybody knows just how much Activity Reporting actually reports? I'm curre
    by erogamer | Page 1
    Sep 14, 5:28 pm
    by erogamer
    What's your internet speed? You can take the speed test here
    by Kadushy | Pages 1, 2, 3 ... 26, 27, 28, 29
    Sep 13, 3:36 pm
    by Taz_9000
    site encryption problem i use to have no problem accessing this site, until yesterday, this message suddenly appeared and the page loaded like t
    by crimson875 | Page 1
    Sep 12, 10:04 am
    by William
    Does anyone here visit Fakku using Apple products? I've been thinking of investing in an Apple product like the iPad and Macbook Pro, I am aware that there are also viruse
    by The Randomness | Pages 1, 2, 3
    Sep 11, 3:07 am
    by Half Man Half Amazing!
    Ipad doesn't go to next page So I wanted to read some hentai today on my ipad as usual, but for some reason I can't go to the next page anymore by cl
    by Biologist | Page 1
    Sep 09, 10:08 pm
    by SneeakyAsian
    Headsets for Gaming and Music A Guide for the Lazy Consumer
    by William | Pages 1, 2
    Sep 08, 8:25 am
    by Cyndas
    Hyper-interaction Seems we're getting closer to feasible transmission of information using non-invasive techniques provided by technology.
    by William | Page 1
    Sep 03, 11:45 pm
    by Rovencrone
    Fakku infrastructure Hello! I was wondering about how Fakku is running and after a few search tries I couldn't find anything of i
    by Marts | Page 1
    Aug 29, 8:51 pm
    by Marts
    Gaming PC Setup Hey guys, I would just like to know your gaming setups. Kinda want to take inspiration from you guys since my buddy want
    by mushimaster0323 | Pages 1, 2, 3
    Aug 29, 8:44 pm
    by Arinaz
    phishing issues I have been having issues with a phishing site recently while reading webcomics. It forces it's way in as a redirect on
    by darkling13 | Page 1
    Aug 18, 12:21 pm
    by darkling13
    what was the stupidest thing you did to your first comp. mine would probably be taking out the keys on the keyboard and playing with the ball on the mouse.
    by ryo55564 | Pages 1, 2, 3 ... 5, 6
    Aug 14, 8:46 am
    by rinsel
    How much money for this PC? Hello everyone! How much for this PC?CPU: DualCore Int
    by Anthrax | Page 1
    Aug 06, 10:07 pm
    by Arinaz
    "Download unsuccessful" error saving pics on phone Hey. So I got a new phone today, it's a Samsung Galaxy Ace 3. I'm trying to save images from the regular internet app bu
    by yurixhentai | Page 1
    Aug 04, 8:23 pm
    by Taz_9000
    Mouse thread #9,263; What mouse? Ok, so, before you flame me, this is mostly a seek and destroy kinda thread. I went out and got myself a rat
    by Drifter995 | Page 1
    Aug 04, 3:06 am
    by Drifter995
    [Prob Fixed] Problems with Utorrent, with pics No matter what torrent or how many seeds, it doesn't work.Spoiler:
    by Shikinokami | Page 1
    Aug 03, 9:53 am
    by Drifter995
    Benchmark Software Looking around for some decent benchmark software. I currently use
    by William | Page 1
    Aug 03, 9:33 am
    by Drifter995
    GTX 780 Fan RPM Adjust Hey guys, I'm trying to find out whats the best RPM to adjust to for my GTX 780. I play a heavily modded skyrim an
    by guammastermind671 | Page 1
    Jul 19, 1:36 pm
    by ZubaruMidori
    Ninite Here's a nice little share, use it all the time; great for prep work at shops or when you're running a fresh install of
    by William | Page 1
    Jul 15, 12:06 am
    by Rovencrone
    Fortiguard web filter Fortiguard has been on my internet for a long while, and I need to get rid of it. I never asked for it or installe
    by futafapper | Page 1
    Jun 23, 2:18 am
    by Rovencrone
    A best Web browser ? Hello. I have just "upgraded" (or disgraded/disgraced ???) Firefox -- and its famous "Autralis" theme.
    by Fligger | Pages 1, 2
    Jun 22, 4:09 pm
    by Coconutt