Pokemon Diamond and Pearl: A New Dawn (Complete.)

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    No, I wrote that post about 20 minutes before I went to bed, and I somtimes misspell things when I'm tired. I know how to spell Pikachu's name. I freaking started lmao, when you pointed out that I missed spelled it.
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    I need your input, anyone who reads:

    I have plenty of ideas, but I'm not sure which one I should get out first, so I've made a small list and the pairing that gets the most votes after whenever the hell I feel like will win, and I'll do that chapter.

    I'm gonna try and do another Dawn chapter before this (since she's the star of the damn thing,) but I'm gonna do a couple random chapters without her, too. This will help me decide which one comes first.

    - Jasmine x Ampharos
    - Whitney x Cleafable
    - Roxanne x Cranidos
    - Candice x Sneasel/Weavile
    - Gardenia x Beedrill
    - Sabrina x Gengar
    - Erika x Whatever Grass-type you think fits.
    - May x Blaziken

    I want opinions. I don't care which one I write first, I just wanna know what you, the person who laughs their ass off at this, wants to see.

    (Or if you fap to it, your opinion's good too.)
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    Jasmine x Ampharos. Really only because she's my favorite Johto gym leader. I give Gardenia x Beedrill the runner-up position.
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    ZeroOBK wrote...
    Jasmine x Ampharos. Really only because she's my favorite Johto gym leader.

    Mine too. She was my first anime/game girl crush, Whitney being a very close second.
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    Joe-kun wrote...
    I need your input, anyone who reads:

    I have plenty of ideas, but I'm not sure which one I should get out first, so I've made a small list and the pairing that gets the most votes after whenever the hell I feel like will win, and I'll do that chapter.

    I'm gonna try and do another Dawn chapter before this (since she's the star of the damn thing,) but I'm gonna do a couple random chapters without her, too. This will help me decide which one comes first.

    - Jasmine x Ampharos
    - Whitney x Cleafable
    - Roxanne x Cranidos
    - Candice x Sneasel/Weavile
    - Gardenia x Beedrill
    - Sabrina x Gengar
    - Erika x Whatever Grass-type you think fits.
    - May x Blaziken

    I want opinions. I don't care which one I write first, I just wanna know what you, the person who laughs their ass off at this, wants to see.

    (Or if you fap to it, your opinion's good too.)

    Truthfully the one that caught my attention the most was the May x Blaziken pairing. With Sabrina, because of what happened in the anime with her and Haunter. Her and Gangar could work for a pairing, I would be more interested in a her and Kadabra/Alakazam pairing more though. And on Erika, I was not sure who she was and found a image that reminded me of a post made by Josun Tomoro. Though he was demanding, and I think it's non-evolved form would be better if you decide to do that. Though I think that a Leafeon would be neat.
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    I cannot read this without facepalming, I tried.

    Really. I mean, okay.
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    [z]NOFUTURE wrote...
    I cannot read this without facepalming, I tried.

    Really. I mean, okay.

    I know, it's so fucking lame, isn't it? But I guess that's what keeps me going. You'll be palming again to know ...

    Chapter time!

    I've finally done it. This one sucks ass, but I've finally finished it - The lesbian/Lopunny chapter everyone begged me to do. The Buneary one was fucking stupid and embarrassing as all hell, I just put it up for the hell of it, but I think people are going to LIKE this one. The sex is short, the plot is lame, but you should expect that from this story already.

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. According to reviews, this ain't broke. Or if it is, you're kindly keeping your mouth shut, which in this case, I thank you for.


    Chapter 18: Calm down, Lopunny!

    As usual, the trio of trainers had arrived at yet another Pokemon Center – For some reason, this one seemed to be smack dab in the middle of nowhere; there wasn’t a town for miles, and the nurse inside informed the three that the next Pokemon Gym would take them at least a 3-day walk, if not longer.

    “Just our luck …” Ash sighed, sitting down on a small couch attached to the wall. “I thought a Pokemon Center meant that we were close to a town, not still forever away from one!” He seemed a bit more frustrated than usual.

    “Oh, calm down Ash.” Brock said, sitting at the table across from him. “It’s not like it’ll take another week, and you know how fast time flies when we’re dealing with Team Rocket every day.”

    “Pika.” Pikachu hopped onto Ash’s shoulder, nodding his head in agreement with Brock. Team Rocket’s last appearance was actually somewhat exciting – Pikachu hadn’t been stolen, but James’ Carnivine was really pumped up. That, and Meowth was a lot more determined for some reason. Maybe the thieves are acting like trainers for once and doing some practicing?

    “It seems like Meowth held back when he was attacking Dawn’s Buneary …” Ash thought aloud. “I wonder why he took it easy on her last time.” Of course, Ash had no idea. “Anyway, I’m hungry.”

    “No problem, I’m already working on it.” Brock was pulling out jars of Pokemon food from his backpack, followed by some cans of food for the rest of them. “I hope cold canned stuff is alright tonight.”

    “Oh, you do know we have a kitchen in the back, right?” Nurse Joy piped up from behind the center’s counter. “You’re more than welcome to cook back there, Brock.” She said. Brock ran up to her, taking her hands in his with drool running down his face.

    “I’ll whip up a romantic dinner for two, and then we can talk about wedding plans after!” Brock said, failing to notice Croagunk escape from its Poke Ball. The Pokemon’s flipper began to glow a dark purple, jabbing Brock in the stomach and causing him to hit the floor in pain. “Or maybe I’ll just make something simple …”

    Ash shook his head, smiling. Brock was never going to change – But that was one thing Ash liked about him. No matter what happened through his training journey, Brock was always around to provide advice, or in this case, a laugh. However, his other traveling partner was nowhere to be seen.

    “Where did Dawn run off to?” He asked, looking at Pikachu on his shoulder. The yellow mouse shrugged, shaking his head. “She’s probably getting the bedroom set up, that would explain why her bag isn’t here.” Again, the poor boy had no idea.

    No idea at all …

    Meanwhile, in the center’s guest bedroom …

    “Mightyena, I’m cumming!”

    “M-Mighty …”

    Sure it was risky, but Dawn hadn’t had a chance for sex in weeks – Not with Team Rocket popping in so much. Lucky enough, Dawn had learned a long time ago that all Pokemon Center doors were sound-proof, usually because if a Pokemon was seriously injured, they didn’t want their trainer hearing anything. Hearing your Pokemon yell its name in pain probably doesn’t help matters.

    Mightyena slowly pulled his throbbing member out of Dawn, a bit of cum leaking out of her. Apparently not yet finished, Mightyena sprayed a small load on her slit, making her moan again from the sudden warm feeling.

    “Mightyena, good job as usual …” Dawn said through heavy breathing, grabbing the wolf’s Poke Ball from a nearby stand and recalling the creature into it. Tossing the ball into her open bag, Dawn quickly stood and grabbed her panties from the floor, pulling them up as she headed for the door. “I don’t think I can ever go that long without it again …”

    “Go without what again?” Opening the door, Dawn saw Ash in front of her, looking confused. “Is something wrong? Your face is red.” Ash said. Dawn shook her head, putting on her best fake smile.

    “I can’t go without a soft bed again! Sleeping on the ground is so bad for my hair!” Dawn said, hoping this would shut the boy up. The ground didn’t really do anything to someone’s hair – But hey, whatever got her off the hook. This seemed to satisfy Ash, who walked past her into the room. Dawn shut the door, walking down the hall.

    “Pika, Pikachu!” About halfway down the hall, Dawn felt Pikachu nuzzle against her leg. She bent down, picking up the Pokemon and holding him in her arms. Pikachu smiled at her. “Pikachu Pi!”

    “Sorry Pikachu, you’re a little late.” Dawn said, smiling at him. “Mightyena just had a turn.” Pikachu’s ears drooped, but he smiled back at her anyway. “Don’t worry. We can sneak off tonight, okay?” Pikachu’s ears perked up, the creature’s cheeks sparking with electricity from excitement. “Calm down, I don’t want shocked!” Dawn said, placing Pikachu back on the floor.

    Dawn wiped the sweat from her brow, still attempting to catch her breath. Mightyena was unusually rough today, but after going so long without sex, Dawn didn’t really mind. In fact, it was actually a bit better than normal. Catching that wolf really paid off in the end …

    Then there was Meowth - The cat Pokemon had certainly changed ever since the day he had caught her and Pikachu, and what followed that. He was still a little creep who kept trying to steal Pikachu and all other Pokemon, but he seemed to not be as violent when facing her Pokemon. Paying her back for that day, maybe?

    Buneary … Well, she tried to forget that day. Thinking about it was just plain embarrassing. There really weren’t many Pokemon left in their group – Brock’s Croagunk was out of the question; how could she explain it when she goes to the hospital with some kind of terrible poison? Buisel just didn’t seem like the type, but anything’s possible, really - Especially after her run-in with Entei.

    Pachirisu was somewhat awkward – The Pokemon was fast in more than just running. After about a minute the Pocket Monster was finished, and the end result was a lot more than just a few warm streams inside of her. Pachirisu apparently shocks when in pleasure, and he shocks hard. It took quite a lie to explain why her hair was standing on end without just having bad bed-head.

    What about Ivysaur? She had only been with her newest Pokemon one time – The time she caught him. Sure, the vine thing was a bit different, but maybe he was into regular sex now?

    “Dawn, can I ask you a favor?”

    Dawn shook her head, snapping back to reality as she looked for the source of this voice – Nurse Joy.

    “Sure, what do you need?” Dawn asked, approaching the counter. Nurse Joy motioned for her to follow her, leading her into the nearby operating room. Leaning against the wall was a Lopunny – One that looked very, very angry. “What’s wrong with it?” Dawn asked, stepping back a little. “It looks like it wants to eat me.”

    “Well, since you have a Buneary, I wondered if you have any experience in calming this one down. Lopunny can’t be that much different, right?” Nurse Joy kept that usual smile on her face, acting like nothing was wrong at all.

    “But aren’t you trained to handle it?” Dawn asked, sweating a little. “I don’t want it to hurt me.” Nurse Joy shook her head, grabbing Dawn’s wrist and leading her to the tall rabbit Pokemon.

    “She won’t lay a paw on you as long as you’re friendly. She’s just afraid of needles and needs someone to calm her down. I would get one of the Chansey to do it, but they’re all resting at the moment.” Joy said. “Would you mind talking to her?”

    How Joy knew it was a “her” was something Dawn didn’t want to think about. Well, if someone else was doing the same thing she was, maybe it would be nice to have someone to relate with.

    “Oh, so you mean you’ve seen her-” Dawn looked at the Nurse, noticing no one was there - Joy must’ve left her in charge. Slowly, shaking in fear, Dawn approached the Lopunny. The Pokemon glared at her, her eyes red. Buneary had an attitude problem once in a while, so like Joy said - This can’t be that different. “Hi there, Lopunny…. I’m Dawn.”

    “Lopunny, Lop.” The Pokemon looked at her, sensing her fear and calming down. “Lopunny ...” Dawn sighed in relief – Lopunny wasn’t going to attack her. The Pokemon sat down, sighing. Dawn sat down next to her, patting her shoulder.

    “It’ll be okay, Lopunny. I don’t like hospitals either, but Nurse Joy is a very nice person. She would never hurt you on purpose.” Dawn said, trying to relieve the Pokemon. Lopunny nodded, her attitude problem apparently gone. She leaned closer to Dawn, nuzzling against her cheek. She giggled, patting the Pokemon’s head.

    And then Lopunny did it – She kissed Dawn. There was no looking into her eyes, there was no brief pause – The rabbit simply leaned in and kissed her on the lips. As she pulled away with a blush on her face, Dawn blinked and looked at her. This was both surprising and … Well, somewhat arousing. It’s a shame that even the smallest thing with a Pokemon did something to her. But instead of automatically thinking sexual, she needed to think logically for a moment – Was this how Lopunny showed affection? Buneary never did this, so …

    She didn’t need to ponder this at all, soon feeling something furry on her leg – Lopunny was slowly running her paw up Dawn’s thigh, making her way under the girl’s skirt and rubbing at her through her panties. This was kind of nice; she didn’t even need to attempt a thing, Lopunny already started it for her. However, this might not be the best idea, considering Brock and Joy were just a room away.

    “Lopunny, maybe we shouldn’t- Oh God …” The Pokemon’s paw made its way into her panties, rubbing against her. The feeling of soft fur on her already sensitive pussy instantly got her wet. Lopunny noticed this, nuzzling her cheek once again and continuing to tease her.

    Without even a bit of control, Dawn moaned quietly, closing her eyes. Suddenly, an idea came to her – Was Lopunny angry because Joy wouldn’t let her do this? But does it really matter now? Dawn didn’t want to move and risk Lopunny stopping.

    “Lopunny, please keep going …” Dawn said quietly, placing her hand over her mouth to silence her moaning. Lopunny did as she asked; rubbing her paw up and down her slit a bit faster now. She smirked as she heard Dawn’s muffled sounds of pleasure. Maybe it was pleasure overtaking her senses, or maybe it was from her eyes being closed, but Dawn didn’t seem to notice at all when Lopunny placing her other paw in Dawn’s skirt and pulled the girl’s panties to her ankles. However, Dawn’s moaning paused when she noticed Lopunny had stopped.

    “Lopunny …” Dawn looked down, hearing the Pokemon’s voice and seeing that she had moved to the floor and had crawled close, her head very slowly making its way under Dawn’s pink skirt. Was the Pokemon about to do what Dawn thought she was going to?

    Oh God, let the answer be yes.

    “Ah! Lopunny, more! More!” Dawn was correct; it wasn’t a moment later that Lopunny’s tongue had probed her slit and was inside, her small tongue lapping at her. Dawn quickly opened her legs, letting the Pokemon explore. Lopunny’s tongue seemed to go everywhere until it finally hit her clit, causing Dawn to scream in pleasure – Luckily she had removed her hat and stuffed it in her mouth. “Mmm! Lopunny, that’s so good!”

    Her first lesbian time (well, she didn’t count Buneary,) and the other female was already giving her oral – Why the hell didn’t she try this before? This was simply amazing, so great in fact that she didn’t think she could hold on much longer … And Lopunny noticed this.

    The Pokemon stopped what she was doing, sitting up and moving even closer to Dawn and pulling her close. Dawn smiled, although curious as to why the Pokemon wanted a hug.

    She didn’t.

    Dawn almost screamed again as she felt Lopunny’s slit rub against hers, the Pokemon giving her a seductive look. Dawn couldn’t move; normally she had pleasured whatever Pokemon she was with by now, but it seemed like Lopunny wanted to do all the work, and she wasn’t going to complain. Lopunny slowly rubbed against her, nipping at the trainer’s neck as she did so. She has to hold out this time … Dawn can’t catch this Pokemon …

    “Lopunny … I can’t hold on …!” Dawn moaned quietly, this making the Pokemon rub against her with a bit more force and speed. Lopunny whispered her name into the girl’s ear, and somehow Dawn understood this as “Go ahead, cum.” Dawn’s eyes closed once again and she pulled Lopunny closer to her, even closer contact finally driving her to the edge. “Lopunny, I’m gonna cum!”

    “Lopunny …” The Pokemon grinned as she felt Dawn release, getting her fur moist – The Pokemon did the same, moaning her own name quietly. The two girls parted, standing up and smiling at each other, both of their faces red from blushing.

    “Lopunny … D-Do you feel better now …?” Dawn asked, completely ignoring her panties at her ankle. Lopunny nodded, catching her breath. “Good. Now I can tell Nurse Joy that you’re ready for whatever she needed …” Lopunny nodded again, watching as Dawn pulled her panties back up and adjusted her skirt. As the two left the room, they met a very happy-looking Joy.

    “Oh, Lopunny looks a lot better now.” Joy said. “I have very good news, Dawn!” Joy held a Poke Ball in her hand, handing it to Dawn. “I checked, and your Buneary is going to evolve soon!”

    Dawn looked down at Lopunny, who gave her a smirk.

    It was only a matter of time.


    Eh, ignore typos, grammar errors, etc etc. It's 9:42 AM and I needed something to keep me awake.
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    Not the best of the series so far, but still a very good read in my opinon. Keep them comming can't wait for the next one.

    I joke did my comment about enjoying this series give you more drive to finish this chapter?
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    HIM520 wrote...
    did my comment about enjoying this series give you more drive to finish this chapter?

    Actually, yes.
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    hmm....I'm interested in a garchomp or steelix one...

    lol, sounds weird.
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    Oh Christ. I completely forgot this was up here. Again.

    To be honest, I don't really WANT you guys to read the chapters that I haven't posted here. I really, really don't. But for completion's sake, they're going up anyway!

    (I have a few more Pokemon stories done, but you're not seeing them unless you want to.)

    Goddamn it, here we go ...


    Chapter 19: Ursaring's Roar!

    The sun was rising, the Starly were chirping, and all seemed well in the Sinnoh region today. Of course, we all know that our favorite Trainer is ready to face anything that happens to her! … Well, at least she's usually ready.

    Today, however … Not so much.

    "Ah … G-Good Morning …" Dawn muttered the same words she said every morning as she sat up, scratching her head. "When's breakfast, Brock …?" She looked around, her eyes finally open enough to tell her that she was nowhere near her friends and their campsite – Instead, she was alone in a long, green field. She sighed, shaking her head. "Oh no, not again …"

    This hadn't been the first time that she had woken up to this "surprise" – In fact, it was the third time this month. It always started the same way: She waited until Ash and Brock were asleep, grabbed Mightyena or Ivysaur's Poke Ball, and snuck her way out into whatever area she could find. But instead of heading back to her tent after finishing, she had become so exhausted from the sex that she passed out soon after recalling her Pokemon. Looking around, she saw a Poke Ball across from her. Grabbing it, she pressed the button on the center, the ball opening and releasing a stream of light, unleashing the fatal fury that is … Wait, when did she get an Ursaring?

    "Ursaring!" The large bear Pokemon smiled at the sight of her, running over and picking her up in its furry arms and giving her a tight hug. "Ursa!" It nuzzled her cheek, its cold nose making Dawn jump slightly.

    "How in the world … Oh, I remember!" It all flashed before her eyes – The night before, she accidentally grabbed Teddiursa's Poke Ball instead of Ivysaur's, but she was so horny that she didn't care what she had brought with her, and Teddiursa's speed and energy were just what she needed anyway. She remembered that Teddiursa let out a very loud roar as he came inside of her, which her little bear had never done before; he must have evolved immediately afterwards. "Ursaring?" Dawn looked up at the bear, which looked back at her in confusion. "Oh, it's nothing!" Dawn shook her head, happily returning the creature's hug.

    The Pokemon placed her on the ground, still looking very happy to just see her. Dawn smiled; Teddiursa was so affectionate towards her, and it was one of the best things about him. Usually, Ursaring were a very protective, somewhat violent kind of Pokemon – Hopefully, its Teddiursa personally stayed with it. She grabbed the bear's Poke Ball and held it up, her thumb moving towards the button; Ursaring quickly shook his head, backing away from her.

    "You want to stay out? That's fine." Dawn nodded. The Pokemon charged towards her, pulling her into another tight hug – This must've been something that Teddiursa had always wanted to do, but couldn't due to his small size. It was very nice to get hugs, anyway – Not to mention Ursaring's fur was very warm. Dawn cuddled close to the Pocket Monster, sighing in content. Suddenly, her eyes widened when a very big thought came to mind – Did Ursaring continue after he came and evolved? Was she already passed out and just didn't know? "Hm, maybe we should, just so I can remember …"

    "Hey Dawn! Are you out here?" Ash's voice echoed through the air – Damn. Every time she got close to enjoying herself, he had to come along and ruin it. Maybe it was a good thing that he somehow forgot about him and Brock catching her – Idiot. Dawn ran towards the sound of his voice, waving her arms to attract his attention.

    "Here I am! I'm on my way-Whoa!" She felt herself lift off the ground and watched as she bolted towards Ash. "Am I flying?!" She looked up, seeing that Ursaring had grabbed her and was running as fast as possible. After getting over the surprise, this was actually kind of fun! "Run faster, Ursaring!" Dawn laughed happily, Ursaring charging faster. This evolution didn't seem to have any negative results at all!

    … Oh yes it did.

    Back at camp (after Brock and Ash somehow accepted Dawn's lie of "training Teddiursa with wild Pokemon,") the group began to eat breakfast – Or tried to. Just as Ash was about to stick a fork into an egg, the entire table lifted off the ground. The three looked over, seeing that Ursaring had grabbed it and was holding it close to his mouth, devouring all the food that landed inside, along with the plates. He slowly sat the table back down, giving a very satisfied-sounding belch.

    "Remind me; is this an Ursaring or a Snorlax?" Ash sighed, watching as Brock began to freak out over the loss of the plates. ("No! Not my special Pokemon fine china plates!") Pikachu looked just as depressed from the loss of his breakfast, his bowl of Pokemon food also stolen. His ears drooped as he and Ash stood from the boy's chair. "I guess we'll just have to eat a big lunch, right guys?"

    "Y-Yeah, that sounds like a good idea, Ash …" Dawn said, smiling at him while walking over to the still satisfied-looking Ursaring. She leaned close, her Pokemon moving closer to hear her. She glared, causing him to back away. "Are you crazy? Do you know how much of our food you ate?!" Dawn snapped, Ursaring shaking in fear. He shook his head, tears forming in his eyes. Apparently, not all of his Teddiursa traits had left his new form – He was still overly sensitive. Dawn sighed, hugging the large creature. "It's okay, don't worry about it …" She attempted to pat his back, only barely reaching around him. Ursaring smiled, almost instantly switching moods.

    This wasn't going to be as easy as it seemed - Things got even worse when Team Rocket showed up – Ursaring almost mauled Meowth. It took quite a bit of yelling to calm the Pokemon down. Team Rocket didn't need to blast off this time; the trio of thieves ran as fast as their feet would carry them, all three terrified of Dawn's new powerhouse Pokemon. At least that was a good thing, right?

    "Um … Should I say it for them?" Ash said as the three watched Team Rocket run off. "Looks like they're blasting off again …?" Pikachu chuckled at his trainer's lame comment, climbing back onto his shoulder. "You ready to go, Pikachu?" Ash asked the mouse Pokemon, Pikachu nodding as the three continued walking.

    Dawn stayed quiet for quite a while – Fortunately, her friends failed to notice, which gave her plenty of time to sort her thoughts out. Teddiursa evolved, which was great. Ursaring is a very powerful Pokemon, plus it scares away Team Rocket. However, it eats like a pig and is still as protective as back in his Teddiursa days. Poor Meowth almost got torn in half, even … So what could she do? She wasn't going to release her new Pokemon – She learned that was a bad thing to do back with Pachirisu. No matter what, she can tame Ursaring; it just may take a little time, is all.

    As night was slowly approaching, the group had finished dinner (Dawn had recalled Ursaring during this,) and were all winding down to prepare for bed. Dawn crawled into her text, grabbing her black top and slowly pulling it over her head. Just as she did, she saw Pikachu standing in front of her, smiling. She picked him up, giggling as the Pokemon happily said his name.

    "Ash and Brock aren't asleep already, are they?" Dawn asked. Pikachu nodded, hopping from her grasp and looking up at her – Dawn knew what he wanted. She pushed her skirt down, followed by her panties. Pikachu's ears perked up as he watched the girl strip. "Okay Pikachu, but make it quick, okay?" Dawn smiled at him, lying down and watching as Pikachu walked towards her. It wasn't shortly after that Pikachu was thrusting away into her.

    "Pikachu … F-Faster …" Dawn moaned, happy to finally get relief after such a tiring day. She didn't really care what happened now, Pikachu's shocks during sex were like a massage now instead of pain, and it felt so good … "Pikachu … That's it … Pikachu!"

    Soon after the two started, Dawn's entire tent lit up from electricity, with Pikachu yelling his name as this happened. The Pokemon pulled his member away from Dawn, cum leaking from her soaked cunt. Dawn panted heavily, reaching up to pet the mouse.

    "Pikachu … Thank …Thank you, I needed that …" Dawn said through heavy breathing. Pikachu nodded, licking her cheek and dashing from the tent. Oh God, that was so amazing … Usually Pikachu was quick and felt good enough to get off, but for some reason his speed (along with shock massage) drove her over the edge much better than usual. Dawn sat up, reaching for her pajamas on the ground next to her. "Pikachu was so good tonight, but …" She paused, looking at a Poke Ball next to her pajamas – Ursaring's. It didn't take her a second to think this through; she wanted more, and she wanted it badly. She grabbed the red and white ball, completely ignoring her pajamas and putting her top and skirt back on (of course, without panties.) She sometimes wondered why she even bothered with underwear anymore.

    Let's see – A forest; nothing special. Which unfortunately meant another field, right? How boring. But then again, it was that or risking her tent becoming destroyed. Pikachu knew enough to control his shocks; but after today, she was nervous as to how Ursaring would act during sex. Teddiursa was a speedy little thing and had plenty of energy, and seeing as how Ursaring could run extremely fast and how vicious he was in battle … Either way, she had made her way out of the woods and into a small clearing. Hey, at least it wasn't another huge field.

    "Come on out, Ursaring … Let's hope it doesn't get too crazy …" She tossed the ball into the air, the capsule-like sphere making a loud 'pop!' as it shot forth a blast of light which formed into Dawn's Pokemon. Ursaring roared as he was unleashed, Dawn quickly running towards him and waving her arms frantically to silence him. "Ursaring, I don't remember a lot about last night. Did we keep going after you evolved?" The Pokemon shook his head. Dawn sighed, relieved, yet still nervous. Her eyes traveled, seeing that Ursaring wasn't aroused yet – That would change once he picked up on her scent. "You want honey, don't you Ursaring?" She smiled at the Pokemon, winking at him. Ursaring nodded, charging at her and forcefully pushing her down to her stomach. Dawn struggled to get on her hands and knees. "Ursaring, you're scaring me …" She turned to look up at him, but was barely able to turn her head before her body forced a very loud moan out of her.

    Ursaring her taken no time in getting erect and finding his way under her skirt, forcing his long, thick length inside of her and thrusting very, very fast. He grabbed her hips and held Dawn still as he continued slamming inside of her, the screams of his trainer only encouraging him to go on. It was a good thing Dawn had decided against panties – He would've torn them off anyway. As Ursaring continued to thrust away at his trainer's cunt (which was now beginning to tighten,) he let out a loud roar, most likely expressing his pleasure.

    "Ursaring, that's …" At first, Dawn was going to stop him – He forced his way in before she was ready, which made things uncomfortable at first. After her body calmed down and accepted the bear's movements, his member's thickness and speed were just heavenly. The faster he went, the better – It was times like these that made Dawn feel like she was just a slut for Pokemon – And she loved every second of it. While one paw held Dawn in place, Ursaring reached up and torn the girl's top completely off, loosening his grip on her and allowing her body and small breasts to move forward from his fast movements. The feeling of the cold air against her body caused her nipples to harden and her tight cunt to squeeze even tighter around Ursaring, Dawn's screams not quieting down a bit. "Ursaring, you're amazing! It feels so good! Keep going!"

    The Pokemon nodded, his thick member beginning to throb as he began to pound into her as fast as his body would allow, gripping her hips once more and slamming into her as deep as he possibly could without harming her. He began to growl; Dawn's screaming was becoming so loud that she was beginning to lose her voice.

    "Ursaring, please cum in me!" Dawn yelled, tightening herself up as much as she could, feeling the bear's member slam inside of her one last time, his growl becoming a roar once more as blasts of hot cum shot inside of her. Dawn felt her own climax approach – The more she squeezed around the Pokemon, the more wild his thrusts became as he continued to fill her, most of the cum leaking out of her and falling to the ground underneath them. She came, leaking all over Ursaring's member and dripping on the ground. She wasn't done at all – She needed more of the bear's cum. The moment she felt Ursaring pull out, another stream of cum was shot on her ass, some of it hitting her slit and running down it. The warmth made her climax again, the girl moaning as she made a few wet spots on the ground. Dawn quickly turned around, sitting in front of the Pokemon and grabbing his length, pumping her hand up and down it as fast as she could, looking up at the Pokemon's pleasured expression. "Come on, give me a little more …"

    Ursaring growled, his thick member throbbing more as Dawn's hand sped up on him, the head beginning to twitch. Dawn grinned, already being able to tell he was close – She leaned in and took what she could of the head into her mouth, sucking on it. She moved her tongue all around the head, continuing to suck with a bit more force as she heard the creature continue to growl.

    "Come on Ursaring, give me what you have left …" Dawn said, going back to pumping her hand on the Pokemon. Ursaring roared, his shaft throbbing and spraying thick blasts of cum all over Dawn's face, the girl opening her mouth to catch what she could while continuing to stroke him. "There we go …" Dawn said, sighing in content, teasing her clitoris with her index finger while the Pokemon's hot cum covered her face. When Ursaring was completely finished, Dawn recalled him to the Poke Ball, sitting in on the ground. She sat still, thinking of the events that just happened only moments ago – She had a Pokemon's cum all over her face, and leaking out of her cunt – That, and she was still teasing herself, which got it on her hand as well. She brought her hand to her lips, sucking on two of her fingers to clean what she could. This was one of her more "worst" times, and it only made her lust for Pokemon stronger.

    - - - -

    You may be asking why I gave Pikachu's scene no detail at all – There's a reason for that. Instead of making this two sex scenes (which I probably should've done,) I just used Pikachu's to get you excited (well, aroused,) and ready for the Ursaring scene. I really hope that you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it! I knew just evolving Teddiursa out of nowhere was a lame move, but do you really care as long as you get to fap?

    (I know none of you fap to this, it's just pasted over from Fanfiction.net, where they apparently DO, so ... Eh.)
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    And we're still on board the Pokeality train ... Chu Chu.


    Chapter 20: Dawn's Secret Friend!


    "Give me back my Pikachu!"

    No matter how many times Ash yelled those words, Team Rocket never seemed to listen. The three thieves had yet again stolen Ash's electric mouse and were running away, in nothing more than a small car. It was quite the change from their usual huge robots.

    "Sorry, can't hear you over the loud engine!" James yelled back at him, laughing. He pressed a button next to the car's steering wheel, causing the back lights to open and shoot out smoke bombs. Ash was ready for this, a Poke Ball already leaving his grasp.

    "Staravia! Get rid of this smoke!" Ash commanded as the bird Pokemon appeared, flapping its wings to quickly clear the air. Ash recalled it, the group still chasing Team Rocket on foot. It seemed like they finally won – four wheels easily outran two feet.

    "Ursaring! Go get Pikachu back!" Ash heard Dawn yell, causing him to freeze in his tracks – He saw the kind of damage that Ursaring did when battling Team Rocket, and it wasn't pretty.

    "Dawn, are you sure that's a good idea- Whoa!" Ursaring dashed past Ash, not giving him time to finish his question as the speed caused him to spin in a circle. The boy hit the ground, rubbing his head in pain. "Are you sure that's the right thing to do?" Ash asked, looking up at a grinning Dawn, who nodded.

    "Just listen." Dawn said. The three trainers stood completely still, making no noise and waiting for the sounds Dawn expected – Screams of terror from Team Rocket.

    "James, get it away from me!" Jessie yelled.

    The three trainers could see multiple clouds of smoke appear in the distance, but they knew that wouldn't stop the huge bear.

    "I'm trying! Speed it up, Meowth!" James said. The car's engine revved, but this didn't help – Ursaring's roar was much louder as he dashed towards the theives. "It's got the car! It picked up the car!" James screamed, terrified.

    Dawn chuckled at this, watching as she saw Ursaring dash back towards her, holding Team Rocket's car, complete with the three thieves in it, over his head.

    "Would you mind giving Pikachu back now, please?" Dawn asked innocently, looking up at Team Rocket. "If you'd rather not, I can always tell Ursaring to use Fury Swipes." The thieves quickly shook their heads, tossing the glass container that contained Pikachu into Ash's hands. Ursaring looked at Dawn, who nodded at him. The Pokemon turned, tossing the car far off into the sky.

    "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again …!"

    "You did great!" Dawn ran over to the bear, hugging him. The Pokemon returned it, picking her up and slowly spinning her around. Dawn giggled, nuzzling against Ursaring's soft fur. "I'm so proud of you, Ursaring."

    "Ursa!" The bear Pokemon said happily, placing his trainer to the ground. He looked at Ash and Brock, both nodding at him.

    "You're awesome, Ursaring." Ash said. Pikachu hopped from Ash's shoulder onto Ursaring's head, the two Pokemon happily exchanging various parts of their names.

    "Okay, time to take a rest." Dawn said, recalling the Pokemon as Pikachu leapt back to Ash. She placed Ursaring's Poke Ball in her bag, the group continuing their walk. The three had been on this path for some time now, so it should be about time that they hit a town … And Dawn was correct.

    "Welcome to Ralts Village." Brock read a sign that they approached. Ash and Dawn looked at it as well, both puzzled. "I don't know, it's not on the map." Brock said as the two looked at him. "I see a Pokemon Center from here, let's get going."

    The Pokemon Center was anything but normal – Besides the roof being green instead of the usual red, the inside was decorated with plush dolls, ornaments, and cut-outs of the Ralts evolutionary line. When the three walked in, Nurse Joy instantly noticed their confusion.

    "First off, welcome to our Pokemon Center. Second, I know exactly what you're thinking, and you're not the first three to get confused. Long ago, when this village was first founded, the people who did so used their Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir to do so."

    "How did they use Pokemon to build an entire village?" Ash asked as the three trainers unloaded their Poke Balls onto trays that Joy placed on the counter. "Why not use Machoke or Machamp like most towns do?" Joy took the trays from them, handing them to three Blissey that appeared behind her.

    "This area was originally a breeding ground for Voltorb and Electrode. It was nothing much than a very large crater in the ground from their explosions. Since the Machop family line is nowhere near here, the people decided to get help from the Pokemon the forest." Joy replied. "The Ralts, Kirlia, and Gardevoir here were more than happy to use their psychic powers to help build houses and anything else we need."

    "So they just lifted the wood and stuff like that?" Dawn asked. "I thought that only strong, heavy Pokemon were used for building. I didn't know psychic Pokemon could do that too." Nurse Joy nodded in reply.

    "It's quite a long story, but I won't bore you with too many details." Before she could continue, the trio of Blissey returned with trays of Poke Balls, a forth carrying Pikachu on its head. "It seems your Pokemon are all ready to go." Joy smiled, the trainers grabbing their Poke Balls from the trays. "If you'd like, we have trainer bedrooms. I insist you stay, the next town is quite a walk from here and the wild Pokemon get dangerous at night."

    "What kinds of Pokemon are around here, Nurse Joy?" Dawn asked, very curious. Anything "dangerous" couldn't be much worse than Ursaring.

    "Well, the Ralts and Gardevoir are peaceful and won't hurt anyone. However, we have a small Ariados problem." Dawn shivered a bit at that name, remembering the Ariados that caused her problems when she first began her journey with Piplup. Ariados is one Pokemon she didn't want to meet again. "If you're lucky, you might run into a Granbull – Just don't act scared around them." Joy said. It didn't take Dawn a second to open her Pokedex and find information.

    "Granbull, the Fairy Pokémon. The evolved form of Snubbull. Granbull has extreme fighting power due to its heavily muscled jaw and its strong teeth and tusks." That's all the Pokedex could tell Dawn in its feminine voice. The information wasn't what was interesting – It was the picture. It looked like a dog that just walked on two legs.

    To be honest, after a moment of thought, Granbull didn't seem all that amazing. Sure, it looked like it would be pretty rough (and that might be enjoyable,) but just running into wild Pokemon night after night was becoming somewhat boring to Dawn now. She has Pokemon of her own – Why not give them some attention once in a while? Ursaring certainly enjoyed it.

    "Come on Dawn, we're gonna go to the shop and get some potions and Poke Balls. Are you coming?" Dawn snapped back, seeing that Ash was standing in the center's doorway. "Come on, let's go already." She nodded, putting her Pokedex away and following him.

    "We've been running low on Poke Balls and Potions for a while now." Brock said as the three entered the Poke Mart. "I'll go get some potions and antidotes. Ash, Dawn; you two go pick up everything else we need." Ash and Dawn nodded at his command, all three parting ways.

    "These places are always so much bigger inside than they look …" Dawn thought aloud, looking around. Besides items for healing Pokemon, the store also had Pokemon plush dolls, toys, and other cute things that Dawn wished she could afford. As a matter of fact, this shop seemed a lot like the one where she bought that "special" Pikachu tail before. Maybe this one also has a back section?

    As usual, luck was on her side – Near the back was a black door, with "NO ADMITTANCE" written on it, just like from the shop she remembered. She headed towards it, only to be stopped by a passing store employee.

    "Just where do you think you're going? You sure don't look old enough to get in there." The person said. It was a male, looking around 20 or so. Dawn tried to remember what she did last time to get inside … Oh yeah. Now she remembered. She leaned close to him, whispering into his ear. The male's face quickly became red from a blush. "Are you serious?" He looked at Dawn, who nodded with a sly grin. "I guess if you hurry along, then."

    Dawn walked past, giving him a wink and heading into the back room. This place was a lot bigger than the previous "forbidden" room she'd been into – They had the same Pikachu tail she'd bought, but also quite a few more things. Not paying attention to where she was going, she walked into the counter at the end of the room, almost falling over it.

    "Hey there, Dawn. I thought I might see you again." Dawn looked up, seeing an adult female smiling at her. The woman had long blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and wore red lipstick. Her orange, sleeveless top and the top of her green mini-skirt were all that could be seen from the high counter.

    "Brittany! I thought you worked at the shop in Hearthome City?" Dawn asked. Brittany nodded.

    "I did, but I got transferred here. Officer Jenny found out about the back room at the shop, and well … Let's just say ol' Brit knows how to escape handcuffs." She winked at Dawn, who giggled.

    "Transferred, huh? More like Pidgeot flew you here?" Dawn gave a sly grin, raising an eyebrow. "What lie did you have to tell to get a job?" Brittany waved a finger at her, giving her a smirk.

    "Now-now, a girl doesn't give away all her secrets." She replied. "But enough chit-chat; what can I get ya?" Dawn paused at this question, putting a hand to her chin.

    "Hm … Well, that Pikachu tail really helped." She said. Brittany nodded.

    "Yeah, I used to use one like that when I was a teenager, 'cept mine was a Meowth tail." Brittany said, confused as to why Dawn was holding back laughter. "What?" Dawn shook her head, trying to push images of Team Rocket's Meowth out of her mind.

    "Nothing!" Dawn said, somehow wiping the smirk from her face. "What do you recommend?" The older woman walked out from behind the counter, grabbing Dawn's wrist and pulling her to a large shelf filled with different bottles.

    "You still hang around that boy and his Pikachu?" She asked, Dawn nodding. "Does he still have all that energy you told me about?" Brittany knew of Dawn's Pokemon fetish, and surprised her by telling her she did the same. The two had quite a conversation about it when they first met. "Tell me, what else do you have now?"

    "Well, I have an Ursaring now, and … Well, words can't describe him." Dawn said, a blush covering her face. "I also have Mightyena. He's just as good, although a little loud when things finally finish up."

    "Oh, so you're playing with the big boys now, huh? Cute little Pikachu and Piplup not doin' it for ya?" Brittany reached up to the shelf, gathering an armful of small bottles. "One of these will cover the smell on your clothes if you just have to get a session in during the day. I know the risk of your friends smelling the weird scent." She handed a red bottle to Dawn, who placed it into her bag. "This one helps if you're ready for it, but the Pokemon isn't yet. It's basically just spray-arousal." Dawn took this blue bottle and placed it away as well. "This last one … Well honey, I like you so I'm trustin' you with this one."

    "Is it that bad?" Dawn asked. "I know I can use the smell and assist ones, so what else could you have that-" Dawn's eyes widened as she read the label on the bottle. "This one … Does it really do that?"

    "You got it – This one's my most powerful stuff. One whiff of this and a Pokemon will go absolutely wild on you. This one's nothin' like that spray-arousal I gave ya – This is for if you want a full night of the best love you'll ever get. I don't think this stuff's safe 'round Mightyena or Ursaring. This one's probably better suited for your friend's Pikachu or something a bit bigger." Brittany handed Dawn the bottle.

    "How much do I owe you?" Dawn asked, following her to the counter. Brittany waved her hand, motioning towards the door.

    "Not a thing – I like ya. You're one of the few friends I have that had the bravery to not be scared about your lifestyle. You need anything, you just find me." Brittany winked at her. "You might wanna pick up a pair of batteries for that Pikachu tail of yours, though. I think you should give the poor thing a try every once in a while, y'know? You didn't spend all that cash just to look at it."

    "You're right. Thanks, Brit!" Dawn smiled, waving as she left the room. It wasn't two steps forward before she bumped into Brock. Her eyes widened as she saw him. "There's nothing in there!" She said, frantically waving her arms. "It's just the ladies' room!"

    "O … Kay. I was just telling you we're ready to go." Brock said, walking away. Dawn sighed in relief, following him. Thank Arceus for stupid people …

    Back at the Pokemon Center, Dawn quietly excused herself while the three trainers were having dinner. She quickly grabbed her backpack and made her way into her bedroom, locking the door. Always asking for a separate room from the boys had its advantages. Luckily enough, she found another set of batteries deep in her bag, and quickly popped them into her Pikachu tail, flipping the switch at the bottom – It still vibrated just as fast as she remembered.

    "I wonder if it still can … O-Ohhh y-yeahhhh …." Her panties were down, the tail was inside of her, and with a press of a button, the tail began to give her light shocks. They were just massage shocks, but they felt extremely good when she was really aroused – Like right now. She grabbed the middle of the tail (which wasn't that easy, due to the zigzag shape,) and began to slowly push it inside of her, and then back out. "I haven't used this thing in forever … Oh God … Oh yes …" Repetitive pressing of the shock button made it even stronger – Almost as good as the kind of shocking she had become used to with Pikachu. Luckily for her, her friends didn't hear the loud moaning coming from her room.

    The shocks were beginning to get to her now – Dawn lay on the bed, on her back, with her panties on her right ankle. Her right hand quickly shoved the tail in and out of her soaking cunt. Her moans were beginning to turn into screams – She noticed this and quickly turned over, shoving her face into a pillow.

    "Mmmmmm! Mmmmmmmmnnnn!" She screamed into the pillow, pushing the shock button as fast as her thumb could manage while shoving the entire tail inside her. She paused from the shocking for a few moments, afraid that if she overpowered it, the toy would explode on her. Her mind began to wander, the pleasure getting the best of her – Images of nights with Pikachu, Mightyena, Ivysaur … Even that time she met Entei, and how huge the fire dog was inside of her … The sheer memory of it was still amazing.

    By now, her face was buried in the pillow, Dawn holding herself up by her knees with her ass in the air, still shoving the plastic tail as fast as she could manage. Her screams were beginning to get so loud that she was starting to lose breath every time she let one out into the pillow. She failed to notice how fast her thumb was pressing down, and right as she felt orgasm approach, a very strong shock came from the tail, the vibration becoming so fast that she almost dropped the toy.

    "Pikachu! PIKACHU!" Dawn moaned the Pokemon's name, screaming once more as every sensitive area in her pussy was hit with small sparks of electricity – The feeling reminding her of Pikachu's orgasms inside of her. "Mmmmmmmmmmm!"

    She collapsed; her breathing heavy as she looked at the cum-covered plastic tail in her hand. She hadn't masturbated in quite a while – There was really no need to – But this was amazing, no matter how brief it was. It was a good thing Brittany reminded her that she bought this. Licking the toy clean (she was beginning to enjoy her own taste,) she opened up her bag and noticed the three bottles from earlier.

    The night's still young, right?


    Everyone who asked for Gardevoir - I've listened to your requests. This is just the first part of a two (or possibly three) part little "arc" of sorts. Don't worry, Brittany is the only OC you'll ever see in this (I hope.) I just liked the idea of Dawn having a friend who was both a mentor and friend in her Pokemon fun. I thought she was a pretty fun character to write. If you guys don't like her, let me know and I'll try to not use her again.

    As for nothing but a crappy masturbation scene - This chapter isn't really important. It hints at some Pokemon, introduces you to Brittany (and shows you those sprays that WILL be used,) and ... Well, it's just a random chapter that I had fun with. If you didn't like it, just keep waiting for the next chapter. You don't HAVE to read these chapters. I'm not forcing you to.

    (Pasted again, but I doubt you guys care, so feel free to ignore.)
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    Let's'a Go ...


    Chapter 21: The Mysterious Gardevoir


    Later that night, Dawn decided to make her way into the forest. It wasn't just to look for rare Pokemon, of course. Earlier that day in the Poke Mart's back room, Brittany had told her about the wild Pokemon in the area – Dawn already knew what to expect, but Brittany told her something much more interesting:

    "You need to be careful with that spray, hun. The Granbull around here get pretty violent if they get too horny. If you find a calm one though, go for it. They're amazing if you get 'em in the right mood. Just take Mightyena with ya just incase things get a bit too wild." Brittany had said as Dawn was placing the spray bottles into her bag. "You can always come back here if something goes wrong, I know exactly how to heal those kinds of wounds." Dawn nodded, knowing that since Brittany had years of experience, she probably would know how to properly fix up injuries that came from this kind of thing.

    "I wonder if Brittany was right …" Dawn said out loud to no one in particular. "I haven't even seen a Ralts out here. I'm starting to wonder if anything comes out this late at night." Just as she said that, she walked into a tree stump and felt over it, landing flat on her face. One of the bottles fell from her bag. "Ow …" she groaned, rubbing her forehead as she stood, noticing the bottle on the ground. "Well, maybe if I use the light stuff, it'll be fine. I just won't use the strong stuff tonight." Dawn picked up the bottle, spraying it on her clothes. Thinking for a moment, she lifted her skirt a bit and sprayed some on her panties – She figured the combined smells of that and her wetness would send something running towards her.

    Of course, she was right. It wasn't a few seconds later before she heard loud footsteps approaching; whatever it was, it was running – And fast. Dawn backed away a little, taking Mightyena's Poke Ball into her hand and looking around. She hoped she didn't call out something too big … Oh, it's just a Granbull. Wait, a Granbull! Brittany WAS telling the truth! Now the only problem is how to get it … Oh, wait. She has the spray actually on her - Duh.

    Dawn slowly lifted her skirt, watching as the Pokemon began to walk towards her and sniff at the air. She looked down as the creature moved closer – Yep; he was beginning to get erect from the scent. Brittany never fails to assist. Dawn reached under her skirt and pushing her panties down, the garment hanging from her ankle as the Granbull got directly in front of her, his dick throbbing as he smelled her clit, giving it a lick. Dawn shivered from the Pokemon's rather large tongue as it kept lapping at her – Granbull knew the scent was coming from the girl, and the taste of her body made things even better.

    "Mm, Granbull …" Dawn moaned softly, the Pokemon pausing to look up at her. Dawn smiled at him, laying on the tree stump she fell over, on her stomach with her ass in front of the Pocket Monster. Granbull didn't pause or stop to smell her; he ran over and slammed his cock into Dawn's soaked hole, causing her to scream from the sudden pleasure. "Granbull!" Dawn screamed the creature's name as he began to thrust wildly into her. He was going extremely fast, and getting deeper by the second – This light spray was working too well. Dawn looked down at the bottle on the ground, and the sight made her eyes widen – It wasn't the right bottle. Blue was the light stuff, not the green one!

    This is bad - Very, very bad.

    Granbull's speed increased, which made Dawn continue moaning in pleasure, but he was beginning to get a little too fast – And his shoving inside was starting to slightly hurt. Not like the good hurt that Mightyena gave, either. This was starting to actually be painful.

    "Okay Granbull, calm down now, okay?" Dawn said, shivering. She was actually terrified of having sex with a Pokemon. Of course, Granbull wouldn't hear of this, and continued to pound away at her. "I have to get help …" Dawn muttered, feeling her eyes begin to burn with tears. Unluckily for her, Mightyena's Poke Ball was out of reach, and it's not like she could force this big dog off of her. "Someone help me!" Dawn yelled out, tears beginning to stream down her face from the pain. "This isn't good anymore!"


    Out of nowhere, a tall green Pokemon appeared it front of her – A Gardevoir! Without speaking another word, the Pokemon focused on Granbull, causing the other creature to pull away from Dawn and begin to float in the air. Granbull panicked, trying his best to get to the ground – He failed, as Gardevoir flung him into the sky, miles away from them. Dawn sat up on the stump, trying to stop her tears before she actually started to cry. The Gardevoir walked to her, smiling warmly and placing a hand on Dawn's leg – The girl's body began to glow with a pink light around her.

    "I feel … I feel better." Dawn said quietly. The pain from Granbull had disappeared entirely – In fact, she was wet again. Jeez, that didn't take long. Dawn looked at the smiling Pokemon, pulling it into a tight hug. "Oh, thank you for saving me, Gardevoir! I don't know how to thank you!" Gardevoir smiled at her, leaning in closer and looking into Dawn's eyes. "Gardevoir, thank you …" Dawn said quietly, watching as the Pokemon moved closer, starting a kiss with the trainer. Without resisting, Dawn embraced the creature, continuing the kiss, and moving her own tongue when she felt Gardevoir's probe her mouth. Apparently, Dawn had forgotten that she still had the strong smell on her body.

    As the two kissed, Dawn felt the Pokemon's hands grab her small chest, squeezing her breasts through her black top. She moaned into Gardevoir's mouth as their tongues continued exploring, Dawn's arms around the monster while the Pokemon's green hands pulled her top up, exposing her bare chest to the cold night air, quickly causing her nipples to harden. Gardevoir pulled away from the kiss, leaning down and swirling her tongue around Dawn's left nipple, beginning to suck on the bud. Dawn moaned out once more, stroking the Pokemon's head as it continued bringing her pleasure. Wait a minute … Gardevoir was the female evolution of Kirlia, right? So it's a "she," not an "it."

    This could be fun.

    Gardevoir pulled away from Dawn's nipple, moving back to her face and pulling her into another kiss, their tongues dancing with the other's for quite a few moments before the kiss was broken again, the Pokemon moving down past her chest and now to the ground, directly in front of Dawn's crotch. Dawn lifted her skirt as high as she could, blushing as the monster got closer to her wet snatch, probing it with her tongue. Dawn moaned out loudly, leaning back and feeling herself become wetter as Gardevoir's tongue swirled inside her, hitting every sensitive spot she had, and others she wasn't even aware of. Maybe this Pokemon was just special from being Psychic, maybe not. It doesn't matter either way.

    "Mmn, Gardevoir … Mm, lick me …" Dawn moaned, placing her hand on Gardevoir's head and pulling her closer, the Pokemon's tongue going deeper inside and continuing to move, now poking at her clit. "Mmm! Gardevoir!" Dawn moaned louder as the tongue hit that sweet spot, climax approaching as she was licked at faster. She didn't want to cum, not yet anyway. That would spoil the night and waste the spray, accidental or otherwise. Gardevoir used her hands to part Dawn's lips even wider, her tongue going in as deep as she could, causing Dawn to moan and squeal in delight once more. "Gardevoir, h-hang on … I have an idea …"

    Gardevoir looked up at the smiling girl. Dawn gently pushed the Pokemon down, lying on top of her and looking right at the female Pokemon's wet slit. Looking behind her, she saw that Gardevoir had already grabbed her hips and positioned her cunt over her mouth – Looked like the Pokemon wanted more and didn't want to want. Dawn shivered from the Pokemon's tongue, slowly leaning in and flicking her tongue at the other female's slit. Gardevoir's body shook from the new feeling, both girls' tongues probing the others' openings. Neither of them could moan – Their mouths were busy. Instead of moaning, both girls' cunts began to twitch and their hips bucked as they ate each other out. Their speed increased as the other sensed how pleasured the other was.

    "Gardevoir, that's so good …" Dawn said, looking up from the Pokemon's wet, sweet cunt. "Please, make me feel better …" She went back to eating out her female lover, feeling the creature's tongue lick and probe at her pussy. Both continued lapping at each other, hitting the others' clit at the exact same time, both jumping in surprise and lapping quickly at that sweet spot when they felt the others' climax approaching. "Gardevoir! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

    "I'M CUMMMMMMMINGGGG!" Dawn screamed, climaxing as the Pokemon did the same. Dawn lapped up what she could, getting soft pleasured moans from the Pokemon, who came again during that.

    "Gar-Gardevoir …!" The Pokemon moaned out, now holding Dawn in her arms. Dawn nuzzled close to Gardevoir, the two sharing another kiss, tongue and all. They continued kissing until they fell asleep in each others' arms.


    Moving on ...
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    (I'm putting up the opening notes in this one because you actually need to read them to make ANY sense of this chapter.)
    Okay, this is a weird one! If you're not familiar with the recent anime episodes, you may want to skip this one. This one has Lyra (Kotone to some of you,) the new female trainer in HeartGold & SoulSilver and her friend Khoury (pronounced "Cory.") If you need to know what they look like, just Google something - Trust me, you'd rather I not waste time describing. Just look it up. You might need to find an episode guide to understand the beginning - Don't worry, I've only seen a few episodes with Lyra in them. Just ... Just read.

    Also, this one has nothing to do with the MAIN story, really - Like Misty and May before it, this is really a side-adventure. But then again, does this thing even HAVE a main story? Personally, I don't think so. Anyway, please enjoy it without too much confusion.

    Also again! (I had to edit to bring this up!) Lyra calls Dawn "Dane" for some reason. Don't ask, I don't know. I know that she says her name wrong in the JP version too and that carried over to the dub. I honestly don't see the POINT, but I guess it's funny to some.

    Remember: "Dane" = "Dawn."


    Chapter 22 - Caught! (For real this time!)


    After escaping the Valley Windworks, Ash and friends, along with new trainers Lyra and Khoury, were headed back to the city. The three boys were talking amongst themselves while Dawn and Lyra trailed behind. As she had done back at the Windworks, Lyra was trying to annoy Dawn into confessing love to one of her male friends – She didn't have feelings for either of them.

    "Come on Dane, you like Ash, right?" Lyra asked, nudging Dawn in the ribs with her elbow, still saying her name incorrectly. "He's pretty cute, he's really good to his Pokemon, and you do travel with him. I know I'd date him if I could." Lyra smiled, continuing to tease her. "So which one would it be - Ash or Brock?"

    "I'd rather have Pikachu ..." Dawn muttered under her breath as she kept walking. Her eyes widened as she realized what she just said. Lyra paused, blinking for a moment and looking at her.

    "You'd rather have …Ash's Pikachu? You mean you want a Pikachu of your own, right?" Lyra asked. Dawn sighed in relief – She was safe. She turned back to the other girl, nodding.

    "Yeah, I'd love to have my own Pikachu. Maybe I'll catch one sometime!" Dawn said, smiling at her. "Come on, we should catch up to the guys." Lyra nodded in agreement, the two girls running towards the males in front of them.

    Later that night, the group had decided to spend the night in a Pokemon Center and head to the next town early in the morning. Of course, Dawn couldn't sleep – It had been a week she had sex. With Lyra always sleeping near her, or following her around, or harassing her about dating Ash, she never had a moment of peace, let alone an hour for sex. She looked over, seeing the girl was fast asleep with her Marill in her arms. Dawn grinned, now wondering how a Marill would be … Wait, that's not even her Pokemon. Still, it'd be a pretty interesting idea.

    She quietly snuck to the girls' room's door, opening it slowly enough to prevent any creaking, and made her way into the hall. Wait … She forgot her bag in the room! Dawn shook her head, turning and looking at the door – It was gonna take even more effort to get back in there …


    Dawn looked down, seeing that Pikachu was looking up at her. The mouse heard her door open and had left the boys' room to see what was up. However, this was awesome luck for Dawn. She picked the Pokemon up, smiling at him.

    "Pikachu, you're just who I needed to see!" She said, hugging Pikachu tightly. Pikachu smiled, looking at her as she released their hug. "I'm gonna go out for a little bit, would you like to come with me? I could use your help." Dawn knew the creature fully understood what that meant; Pikachu quickly nodded, hopping from her grasp and running for the center's front door. Quietly making their way outside, the two began to walk down the road, looking for the nearest safe area. They weren't in a big town, really – It was a few buildings, the Pokemon Center, and a Mart. "It's a shame Brittany doesn't work around here, or she'd probably let us use her room …" Dawn said as they walked.

    "Pikachu …" The Pokemon sulked, his ears drooping. He jumped onto Dawn's shoulder, nuzzling her cheek. Dawn smiled, petting him.

    "I guess we might as well go back to the Pokemon Center. Maybe we can find somewhere in there …" Dawn said, turning around and heading back. Sure it was a pointless walk, but a little fresh air never hurt anyone, right?

    Back at the Pokemon Center, after having to once again move as quietly as possible to get inside, Dawn and Pikachu sat at a chair in the lobby, looking around – It was empty, but it was also not a safe idea. The only rooms Dawn could think of in the entire place were the lobby, Nurse Joy's room, the boys' room, and the one she and Lyra shared – None of those rooms were possible.

    "I can't go another night with this." Dawn said, sighing. "I need to find somewhere or else I'm gonna go crazy …" The two couldn't just sneak off to a forest or something tonight – There wasn't one. There were no safe spots around here, and all of the rooms seemed to be too crowded. Dawn knew if she didn't get sex tonight, she would most likely explode. There just has to be some room in here … A-ha! "I got it! Come on Pikachu!" The two quickly but quietly made their way out of the lobby, into another room.

    In the girls' bedroom, Lyra had been fast asleep … Until she heard the bedroom's door creak. She didn't think Dawn had left for long – Maybe a bathroom visit, but after not coming back for a good hour, she thought something must be up. Placing her sleeping Marill back on the bed, she stuck out of the room and began wandering the hall, listening for any sounds that may be from the other girl.

    "Dane? You in here?" She looked into various rooms – Most closets with cleaning supplies or medical things for Pokemon. No sign of the blue-haired girl. Where in the world could she have gotten off to? "Hello? Dane?" Lyra kept whispering for the girl, walking the center's halls. It wasn't until she reached the lobby that she began hearing sounds.

    "Pika ... Piii-kachu!"

    "Mmmm! Yes! Pikachu, f-faster!"

    It was Dawn and Pikachu, but … What the heck's going on in there? Looking around, Lyra discovered the sound was coming from the clinic room, where Pokemon go to be treated. Was Pikachu sick? She hoped not, that would be bad for Ash … Well, a little peek to see what Dawn was doing was totally fine, right? Lyra walked closer, moving to her knees and leaning up to peek into the room's door window from the bottom.

    "Dane? W-What … What is she doing?!" Lyra gasped, her eyes wide as she saw Dawn lying over a long stretcher, Pikachu on top of her and thrusting into her. Not only did Lyra not know Pokemon had actual genders, she didn't know they could do this! This had to be illegal, or dangerous, or something … Right? Well, either way, she can't let Dawn risk getting hurt! She kicked the door open, walking in. Dawn and Pikachu somehow failed to hear her, continuing their sex.

    "Mmm … P-Pikachu, cum in me …" Dawn moaned, feeling the monster's thrusting become rough and rapid inside of her. Pikachu made no sounds, only increasing his speed every few seconds as Dawn tried her best to muffle any moans that she couldn't prevent. "Mmmm! Pi-ka-chuuuu!" Dawn moaned as her body was moved forward from Pikachu's hard thrusting. "I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum!"

    "Pi-ka … Pika-CHUUUUUUUUU!" Pikachu yelled, releasing both cum and violent electricity, shocking Dawn painfully as both of them hit climax. Of course, by now Dawn loved the shock, it only making her orgasm more intense.

    "Yesssssss! I'm cumming Pikachu!" Dawn moaned, still moving along with Pikachu's last thrusts. Pikachu soon pulled out, crawling up Dawn's chest and laying next to her, snuggling against her. Dawn held him close, sitting up and pushing her skirt back down, neither of them noticing their observer.

    "What the hell was that?!"

    Both Dawn and Pikachu's eyes shot open, the two turning to see a shocked, wide-eyed Lyra. She had been hit by one of Pikachu's sparks, getting quite the shock. She stared at them, her body shaking from the pain.

    "You two … You just had … But how …" Lyra stammered, Dawn and Pikachu walking towards her as she backed away. "You two get away from me! I don't wanna catch PokeAIDs or whatever you get from it!" Dawn and Pikachu both laughed, still approaching her.

    "Oh, you don't get sick from it, Lyra." Dawn said. "It's just something that I do for fun. It's not really all that dangerous." Lyra's shocked expression didn't change.

    "You mean … You don't get a disease from it? It's just like normal sex?" Lyra asked. Sure, she had sex with Khoury once in a while when they traveled (they did get bored after all,) but she had never once thought it was possible with a Pokemon. She didn't even know they had genders besides the whole fur-difference or body-difference thing. "No wonder you said you'd rather have Pikachu … I thought you were joking, but …"

    "No, I wasn't joking, Lyra. I have sex with my Pokemon, Ash's Pokemon, wild Pokemon …" Dawn had no idea why she was spilling her entire sex life to Lyra, but for some reason it didn't seem to bother her. Maybe it was so built up that she just had to tell someone, or maybe talking to Brittany made her feel better about herself. Whatever the reason, Lyra still seemed uneasy.

    "So, you mean … I could get Khoury's Totodile, and we could actually …" Lyra started, Dawn nodding. "His Totodile actually has a … And it, I mean, he could do … That with me?" Dawn nodded once more, smiling at her as Pikachu hopped onto her shoulder, also giving Lyra a smile. Dawn scratched Pikachu, the yellow Pokemon purring into her cheek.

    "It's not sick, or disgusting, or anything … Well, it isn't to me, anyway. Might be to the rest of society, we've never checked." She smiled at Pikachu, who laughed at this. Lyra's shocked expression had turned to deep thought.

    "One moment." Lyra said, turning and practically running from the room, returning not 5 seconds later with a Poke Ball in her hand. "You said that his Totodile could do this, right? Well, sometimes I'm in the mood and Khoury's a little wuss about it, so I have one favor to ask."

    "What is it?" Dawn asked, Pikachu hopping to the floor, Lyra giving the two a big grin.

    "Teach me."


    Keep on rollin'.
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    And we bring the train to a pause for now, since now you'll be updated.

    Chapter 23: Lyra's "First" Pokemon


    "So, you're really serious? Khoury's Totodile could do it with me like what Pikachu did with you?"

    Lyra asked this same question countless times, getting the exact same nod from Dawn in response.

    "Yes, Lyra, I'm serious. If you do as I teach you, Totodile will most likely have sex with you." Dawn said, petting the now-sleeping Pikachu in her lap. "You just need to get over the disgust and fear. They don't like that too much." Even though Lyra had seemed to calm down and have more interest in the idea, she still was a bit cautious about it. "Now, come with us." Dawn stood, carrying Pikachu in her arms as she headed for the center's entrance. Lyra paused for a moment before standing and following her outside. What was she getting herself into this time?

    "So is there a reason we're walking down a deserted sidewalk at 2 AM?" Lyra asked as the two girls and Pikachu headed down the street, Dawn looking around as they walked. "There's nothing here but dirty sidewalks, spray painted walls and a small Poke Mart." Dawn paused, turning around to face Lyra with an annoyed look in her eyes.

    "Look. Your first time is going to be extremely different than the sex you're used to with Khoury - It's going to be much, much louder." Dawn said, hugging Pikachu to her chest. "Trust me; I know." Lyra gulped, nodding in response. Dawn turned, continuing their walk. "I know there isn't a deserted place around here, and the Pokemon Center isn't safe for the volume you're gonna make."

    "Where do you usually go?" Lyra asked, clutching Totodile's Poke Ball in her hand. "Do you usually do it in Pokemon Center clinics?" Dawn kept walking, not facing her.

    "Well, no. Usually there's either a forest around, or, well, I know how to be quiet." She said. "It's a lifestyle that you'll come to enjoy. At least, I know I did." Before, Dawn was always nervous about this kind of thing – But now it seemed she was very knowledgeable about it and didn't mind telling Lyra anything. "There's bound to be an empty building or something around here … Aha."

    Lyra read the sign on the small building they had stopped in front of: "Miltank Café" The building looked very old, broken, and above all else, empty. Dawn didn't seem scared at all as she wandered inside, motioning for Lyra to follow.

    "I don't get it; I thought you were the nervous type!" Lyra said with a hint of fear in her voice. "There could be anyone, or anything, in here!" She watched as Dawn looked around the room some more, spotting what looked to be an empty kitchen. There was a broken counter top barely attached to the wall, along with a pot and pan in the corner.

    "Just as I thought, this place must be long forgotten." Dawn said, placing Pikachu on the floor. "I have no idea why I didn't spot this place earlier …" She sat down on a nearby broken chair, motioning for Lyra to come closer. "As for the whole "nervous" type bit … Well, after some of the experiences I've had, getting attacked in an empty restaurant doesn't seem so threatening. Besides, we have two strong Pokemon with us if anything goes wrong."

    "I guess you have a point there …" Lyra muttered, looking around as she leaned against a wall. "What do I do now?" She looked at Dawn, who pointed at the Poke Ball in her hand. Lyra blinked, trying to figure out what she was pointing at – Oh, duh. She held the ball forward, pressing the button and unleashing Totodile from his capsule. The small blue dinosaur Pokemon looked around at his new surroundings, a smile on his face as he saw Lyra.

    "Toto Totodile!" The Pokemon said happily, hugging Lyra's legs. Lyra smiled, patting his head. She looked at Dawn, starting to shiver from being so nervous. Dawn stood, walking towards her, studying Totodile as she did so.

    "Totodile ... I've never had any experience with this kind of Pokemon, but then again … Guys are guys." She crouched in front of Totodile, the Pokemon looking at her. "Totodile … I want you to smell Lyra. Do you smell anything weird on her?" The Pokemon nodded, turning to Lyra and sniffing her. Totodile's eyes widened as he smelled her more, his snout getting closer to her crotch as he did so. "I thought so." Dawn grinned at Lyra. "You may wanna get that clothing off if you want it to stay intact."

    "You mean he'll rip my clothes off? We don't even know if he's really a-" Lyra was cut off by Dawn giving her a sly grin and pointing down; Lyra looked down to see … Yeah, Totodile was male – Quite the large male. " … Wow." Lyra said, her eyes not leaving the creature's erection. "I guess I should …" She looked at Dawn, who nodded. Lyra gulped, pushing her suspender straps to her shoulders, pushing them down with the bottoms following, now in her red shirt and white panties. "Do I need to take my hat off, too?"

    "… He's not going to maul you." Dawn said, raising an eyebrow. "It's just that he has claws and they might be sharp. I don't think he'll be jumping for your hat, don't you worry." Lyra nodded, tossing her hat to the floor anyway, looking at Totodile as she got out of her socks and shoes. The Pokemon watched her, his erection throbbing while he continued to sniff the air around her. "Now just calm down; he'll know what you want if you don't panic." Dawn continued. "Just get on all-fours and relax. I promise it'll be okay."

    "I guess I could … I mean, I'm the one who asked to be taught, right?" Lyra smiled, moving into the position and looking at Dawn, failing to notice the blue Pokemon walking away. "So how long do I have to wait- Oh y-yeah!" She was cut off by the creature's huge erection plunging into her cunt, slamming away at her within seconds. "Totodile, you're incredible! Faster! Faster!" Lyra yelled, completely ignoring where she was and the volume of her voice. "Fuck me, Totodile!"

    "Just like I was …" Dawn grinned, her arms crossed as she watched her "student" engage in sex with the Pocket Monster. "I didn't exactly scream, but eh … Same rush, I already know that." She continued watching the two fuck like rabbits (or like wild Pokemon, in this case,) feeling a small furry paw poke at her leg. She looked down, seeing that Pikachu had woken up and was rather hard, obviously having smelled the females' aroma and from watching the act in front of them.

    "Pikaa …" Pikachu looked up at her, his erection throbbing. Dawn smiled, nodding as she sat on the floor, pulling her skirt up and offering her soaking cunt to the electric mouse, which quickly approached her and pushed inside as deep as he could, pushing her stomach as he pounded away at her. Dawn moaned softly, petting him as his speed increased; it was obvious she was just doing this to get him off, not worrying about herself at the moment.

    "That feels good, Pikachu …" Dawn said quietly through moans, still petting him. "Fuck me faster, okay? You can shock me a bit too …" Pikachu nodded, his cheeks beginning to spark as his speed increased, his throbbing dick beginning to pulse with electricity inside of her. Dawn's small moans became a bit louder as his speed kept getting faster.

    "Pi … Kaaaa …" Pikachu's thrusting became much faster, his sparking becoming much more violent; he was close to climax. Dawn pushed him away, a few drops of pre-cum hitting the floor as she did so. Pikachu looked up at her, confused. Dawn smiled, pointing at the other pair in the room. Pikachu turned, watching the two.

    "Totodile! Toto Toto!" Totodile was going wild on Lyra now, pounding away at her tightening cunt much faster, and using a lot of energy now. Lyra gave up on trying to talk, instead streaming every few seconds from the pleasure. Pikachu and Dawn both watched for a moment before Dawn began to move towards Lyra, looking into her eyes as she continued being dominated by the small blue dinosaur.

    "Feels good, doesn't it?" Dawn asked. Lyra nodded, screaming louder as Totodile sped up. "Here, I'll make it better." Dawn grinned, leaning in and forcing the girl into a deep kiss. Lyra's eyes widened for a moment before she gave in, not long before the girls' tongues began to entwine. Seeing Dawn bent over on her knees, Pikachu approached her, pushing her skirt aside and shoving into her cunt once more, fucking her from behind while his cheeks violently sparked from the speed and tightness. This got a loud moan from Dawn, the girls' kiss still ongoing as their tongues danced around each other.

    Pulling away, Dawn winked at Lyra as she reached forward and grabbed the girl's left breast, squeezing it and rubbing her thumb on the nipple. Lyra's clothing hid her bust well; Dawn thought she would be the same size as she was, but was surprised that Lyra had quite a nice sized chest. She wasn't huge, but she was by no means flat. Dawn watched as her teasing got a moan from the girl. She supported herself on both hands, tightening her cunt around Pikachu's still thrusting cock as she moved her head down, swirling her tongue around Lyra's right nipple, beginning to suck gently on the small bud.

    "Mm, that feels good …" Lyra said quietly as Dawn continued to suck on her nipple, her tongue lapping at its tip. She gently pulled away, moaning a little herself as Pikachu began to get rough with her.

    "Pikachu, that's it … Go wild on me …" Dawn said softly, the Pokemon nodding and beginning to pound away at her while thrusting as fast as his little body would allow, the electricity causing his cock to give strong shocks at Dawn's clit. "That's good!" Dawn said as she felt this. "Make me cum, Pikachu … Give me all of your cum …" Trying to fight back moans, Dawn went back to Lyra, now switching nipples and sucking gently on the other, using a hand to grope her right breast and give it firm squeezes. Surprising to her, Lyra looked up at smiled at her.

    "It's my turn now." She said. She reached out for Dawn's black top, pulling it up and grinning at the girl's somewhat-flat chest. "You're pretty cute, Dane." She said, rubbing Dawn's left nipple with her thumb and leaning in closer, swirling her tongue around it and getting the same reaction she gave when the act was done to her. "Thank you so much for showing me how this works … It's so- Oh my God … I-It's so amazing …"

    "It is, isn't it …?" Dawn spoke quietly, looking behind Lyra to see Totodile pounding away. "I think we need to let them cum or else they're gonna tire out on us. What do you think …?" Lyra nodded in response. Dawn pulled away from her. "Okay guys, you can cum now."

    That was all they needed to hear – Both Pikachu and Totodile went wild on the two, slamming away hard, deep, and fast at their girls, both getting screams from their partners. Both girls looked at each other, seeing the pleasure in each others' eyes.

    "Pikachu … I'm …"

    "Totodile, I'm gonna …"

    "I'M CUMMING!" Both girls yelled in unison, their tight cunts squeezing the dicks inside of them, both Pokemon shooting blasts of hot cum inside, Pikachu giving Dawn a very violent shock which made her moan even louder. Both girls continued to scream in pleasure as the Pokemon cum shot into them. Totodile pulled out of Lyra, walking between the girls. Pikachu did the same.

    "This is one of the more fun parts." Dawn said, falling to her stomach and looking at Lyra. "You get to clean up." She moved closer, taking Pikachu's dick into her mouth and bobbing her head quickly up and down the length, licking up any cum that was still dripping from him. Pikachu began to spark once again from the pleasure, giving Dawn small shocks, watching as the girl finger-fucked herself while sucking the Pokemon off.

    Lyra was doing the exact same, except she was a bit wetter than Dawn, her head bobbing on Totodile as fast as she could manage, using two fingers to fuck herself as she did so. The two girls sat up, Lyra still nude and Dawn's skirt still up, cum leaking from both of them. They looked at each other, still teasing themselves with their fingers.

    "Dane, I … I'm not done. I need more. Is Totodile able to go again right now?" Lyra asked, sighing in pleasure as she masturbated.

    "See for yourself." Dawn smiled, pointing at Totodile's still-erect dick. Pikachu was the same, sparks around his cock. "I agree, I'm not done … You two want to go again?"



    The girls leaned against the wall behind them, parting their legs and watching as the Pokemon got in front of them and slid inside once more, pounding away and fucking them hard and fast. This went on for the rest of the night, and Dawn knew that Lyra and Totodile were going to have a long, good relationship. Dawn smiled as she watched Lyra get fucked yet again by Totodile, her screaming just as loud.

    "I love my life …"


    Sorry about the weird ending, but I thought you might find it to be a bit hot - Plus it's different from the whole "finish, say goodbye and leave" thing. I really liked how this one turned out, mainly because I could play it out perfectly in my head as I wrote it. I hope you enjoyed it.



    So there, FAKKU. There's more of my shitty lemon that I'm not proud of. Enjoy facepalming until your hand falls off.
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    Only read the first chapter so far

    fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap fap
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    Joe-kun wrote...

    (I have a few more Pokemon stories done, but you're not seeing them unless you want to.)

    With me around and reading your stories. Do you really need to ask this?

    I seriously find them intersting and enjoyable. I say keep going till you no longer want to write them. I 'll still be here reading them tiil then.

    Anyway, +rep for the stories.
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    Just chapter 2

    Pikachu is a fucking pussy hound
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    Joe-kun, you're such a good writer. If you don't mind my asking, how old are you? Your avatar makes me think that you may be pretty young, but you write so well. I have a tendency to be rather boring in my writing and I'm in college, but your writing is the opposite... so I'm pretty curious.

    There has only been one other piece of written-hentai which interested me about as much as this did. It was about some chick from megaman masturbating. I believe that was on Fakku too. Hell, lol, you may have been the author.

    Anyway good work. Keep it up. Glad I came across this thread.
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    HentaiElder wrote...
    Joe-kun, you're such a good writer. If you don't mind my asking, how old are you? Your avatar makes me think that you may be pretty young, but you write so well. I have a tendency to be rather boring in my writing and I'm in college, but your writing is the opposite... so I'm pretty curious.

    There has only been one other piece of written-hentai which interested me about as much as this did. It was about some chick from megaman masturbating. I believe that was on Fakku too. Hell, lol, you may have been the author.

    Anyway good work. Keep it up. Glad I came across this thread.

    I'm not quite sure how a Rin avatar made you think I'm young, but okay. I appreciate all the praise, though. I've never written a MegaMan lemon, so I know that wasn't me.
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