Reddit AMA 2 months ago

    posted by Jacob
    I will be giving an AMA on Reddit tomorrow (Thursday) at 5PM PST/8PM EST. I'll be taking questions on anything and everything related to FAKKU, including our new venture into publishing with FAKKU Books. I will be joined by Tech from Genesis Translations who will be providing the point of view of a scanlator, GTeam is responsible for releasing a lot of really awesome stuff. If you've ever wanted to know what I fap to, tomorrow is the time to ask!

    Thursday June 26th at 5PM PST/8PM EST

    FAKKU Books: Uncensored!? 2 months ago

    posted by Jacob
    One of the most exciting parts of our FAKKU Books announcement is that all of our releases will be completely uncensored using the original artwork directly from the artists. Not only does this mean that there won't be any black bars/mosaics, but the artwork is of a much higher quality than you've been used to seeing. Up until now we've only been able to read these works through secondhand scans and a lot of detail is lost in the scanning process.

    Over the next few weeks I'll be making a series of posts about the publishing process. I'll be going over the printing, the differences between our releases and others, and how we're working together with Wani to make this is awesome as possible. This is the first of those posts where I will be showing off some uncensored samples from our first three releases (click the images to view larger versions).

    [Homunculus] Renai Sample

    Homunculus is one of my favorite artists and one of the most popular on FAKKU. I knew we had to choose a Homunculus book as one of our first releases, I chose Renai Sample. Renai Sample is made up of a bunch of really beautiful one-shots, finding a favorite story among them is easy. Homunculus typically writes about realistic relationships with a bit of drama, more-so than your average mangaka which tends to force happy endings that are somewhat unrealistic.


    [Ishikei] TiTiKEi

    TiTiKEi is the first tankōbon release from Ishikei and it was the best selling hentai manga in Japan last year. It's easy to see why with all of the beautiful full color pages. This is a good example of just how much of a difference getting the actual artwork makes as opposed to reading a lower quality scan.

    Since we are using artwork directly from the publisher, page bleeding (a common issue with color works) is nonexistent. We no longer have to worry about the accuracy of the colors, because the colors will always be accurate! When a book is scanned it will always look a little funny due to the reflections caused by the scanning device, which will throw off the colors. You can see the difference in the example below.


    [Pyon-Kti] Punikano

    Pyon-Kti is one of my favorite new mangaka, his first book Punikano is absolutely stunning. Pyon-Kti is a complete newcomer to the scene but once you read through Punikano it's obvious that he is going to be a huge. He manages to draw incredibly voluptuous girls and somehow makes dick cheese appealing.


    Reddit Q&A

    Understandably there are a lot of questions about our FAKKU Books announcement. Since not everyone is able to come out to our FAKKU Q&A panel at Anime Expo I will be doing a question and answer thread on Reddit hosted by the mods of /r/hentai. I will be joined with some scanlators who will help answer questions about everything and anything related to FAKKU books (or FAKKU in general). I will be posting the exact time/day later this week, probably 24 hours before we do the Q&A. Everyone is welcome to come and ask questions!
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