And I still can't complete my LOVELY×C∧TION HCGs.. 2 years ago

    posted by amaimono
    Hiya, folks, happy new year, and all, though it's about 10 days late.

    It was a busy semester for us at amai little thing and we had been deprived of time to work on our projects, but things are starting to picking up now. Anyway, here are our offerings to you, the aww so cute and lively FAKKU! denizens.

    We hope you'll enjoy some of them, and excuse my return to the realm of love and fantasy called Visual Novels.

    %5BKatsurai%20Yoshiaki%5D%20Original%20W %5BKurokoshi%20You%5D%20Original%20Work% %5BOotsuka%20Kotora%5D%20Original%20Work %5BCoelacanth%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%2 %5BInkey%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20Osan

    5 New Uploads

        Kanojo wa Kazoku de Koibito de by Katsurai Yoshiaki (English)
        Hanayome Sakari by Kurokoshi You (English)
        Eichhornia by Ootsuka Kotora (English)
        Wonderful by Coelacanth (English)
        Osananajimi to Natsuyasumi by Inkey (English)


    For The Halibut and XLG Present: Itokoi Chidori! 2 years ago

    posted by Dyspathy
    Gringe and I had this incredible urge to work on a series that Ishihara and his cronies had deemed "inappropriate" and thus our 12 days of XXXMas project, Itokoi Chidori, came to be. We speculated wildly over why this series had been deemed inappropriate by the Tokyo Ordinance... it couldn't be the incest, and its not much more than vanilla sex... so what gives? After comparing volume 1 and 2 against each other, we figured out that it got the banhammer for depicting sexual relations in public and at school... Apparently that's too stimulating for teenagers in Tokyo. Unfortunately, the inability for the publisher to sell the first volume of this manga after the ban was its death sentence, and it's quite obvious when you read it, James Hotate was instructed to cut it short. Somewhat of a shame, but its still pretty good fap material, James Hotate's character design, ESPECIALLY the eyes, is quite delicious. Itokoi Chidori was a general circulation manga, so it is quite heavily censored, although one trap slipped under the radar! Kudos if you find it :)

    Get started with the link to Chapter 1 below! You can also find the rest of the work here on FAKKU! or get the super HQ large format (2400px height) version from XLG's website here!!

    %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BJames%20Hotate%5D%20Original%20Work%2

    16 New Uploads

        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 15 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 16 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 13 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 14 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 12 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 11 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 10 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 9 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 8 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 7 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 6 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 5 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 4 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 3 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 2 by James Hotate (English)
        Itokoi Chidori Chapter 1 by James Hotate (English)

    Thanks for reading. -For The Halibut Scans

    Welcome to the FAKKU Store! 2 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    Last month I announced we would be opening a FAKKU store and today I am excited to tell you that it is officially open! The FAKKU store is a place where you will be able to buy doujinshi, manga, visual novels, shirts, and FAKKU merch.

    We will be restocking doujinshi on a "seasonal" schedule in line with Comiket. This means that once every few months we will restock the doujinshi category with brand new stuff, but once it sells out it will be gone! All of the doujinshi we sell will be straight from the streets of Akihabara, so all of your purchases will benefit the original artists/publishers as well as contributing to FAKKU.

    Shirts are something that we produce on our own, so we will be able to keep those in stock all year. In addition to some of our current shirts like the Hen-Tie, we will be making shirts from anime that we're watching each season. You might have noticed a new shirt from Nichijou and a shirt from Kaiji. Over time we will be adding more and your suggestions are welcome! If it's a good idea, we'll make it.

    Your FAKKU account automatically works in the store and vice versa, so there is no need to create a new account. Down the road we will be able to setup wishlists in the store that are visible in your profile on FAKKU, and more awesome features like that as we come up with them. At this time we can only accept credit cards as the form of payment, so no PayPal or Google Checkout (they don't allow you to use them on adult websites), but we'll try to figure out some alternatives soon.

    Click below to visit the official FAKKU store!


    Happy Birthday Soba-Scans! 2 years ago

    posted by Ziggy



    Break out the party hats! Believe it or not, it was two years ago today that we put out our first batch of releases as Soba-scans. We hope you’ll celebrate with us!

    It’s been quite a ride this whole time, but in general, things have tended towards the better. It’s our hope that when people read one of our releases that they know it will be of high quality because they’ve come to expect that from us in the past. We certainly know there’s room for improvement as well, but we hope you notice the level of attention that goes into the translation, editing, and everything else.

    We look forward to sharing another two years with everyone! We'd like to thank all of Fakkuza who take the time to visit our blog to give us your thanks and support, along with all our Facebook and Twitter followers. Also we have to give thanks for Fakku allowing ourselves to grow front and center on her website. If you haven't checked out our blog yet, feel free to click on Mi-chan, our mascot and check it out yourselves~


    Koimoku Chapter 9 | Im Dal-Young

    Time to check in once more with our manga-penning buddy Inamine as he attempts to extricate himself from the dicey situation he’d fallen into back in Chapter 8. This chapter will represent the start of volume 3 when it eventually comes out, so it begins with a nice color spread. The colors are nice and vivid thanks to NJMANGA’s clean scan and FTH-scans great editing.

    An interesting conversation in this chapter regarding producing work on a schedule and how division of labor can affect ownership. There’s been some rather base dismissals of Sawanoguchi but we think this chapter further illustrates how she’s a very complex but believable character. Perhaps we sympathize with her a little as she tries to get a large assortment of creative types to churn out manga regularly. Judge for yourself!


    Ring x Mama Chapter 35 | Manabe Joji

    My word. What a chapter this one was! It’s focused on one piece of anatomy in particular, which you may be able to guess. Milk, milk, lemonade…

    The girls have reputations to uphold, and even in bed they must be competitive with each other, so no doubt if one girl takes it up a notch - everyone will follow!


    Makunouchi Deluxe Chapter 24 | Manabe Joji

    When we were last in Makunouchi, Ryou agreed to take on a new job that would involve, in the words of Gen. Buck Turgidson, “getting our hair mussed.” Does the concept of loyalty even exist in Makunouchi?

    Also, there’s a bit of assumed information in the beginning of the chapter. It was probably originally released around May, when Japan has “Golden Week,” which is a collection of national holidays where pretty much everyone gets the whole week off. And as we come to see, some of our characters have been a little busy in that span of time!


    Hana no Iro Chapters | Suehirogari

    full_1325992296.jpg   full_1325992361.jpg   full_1325992472.jpg

    We have a triple release for everyone today! As you may recall, the film club doesn’t just watch movies, they make them as well. So what are two indispensable things one would need for a motion picture of any sort? Actors and a shooting location, of course. Let us follow them on their quest…

    life4Kaoru doujinshi update 2 years ago

    posted by HououinKyouma
    It's been a while since life4Kaoru posted our works up here at Fakku, but we haven't been slacking off in the meantime. This post should make up for our long absence! If you'd like to follow us directly, our page is

    We are a small group, but we plan on being active for all the good stuff coming out of Comiket 81. This would include anything being uploaded and the nearly 50 doujins we've ordered on our own. We are looking for both new translators and typesetters to help us out with this, so if you like what we do and want to produce more of it, head on over to

    Now for what you've all been waiting for:

    %5BEretto%5D%20To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%2 %5B7senchi%5D%20SteinsGate%20-%20kurisui %5BUniniSeven%5D%20Mayo%20Chiki%20-%20ma %5BTsutsumi%20Akari%5D%20Infinite%20Stra %5BShiro%20Telecas%5D%20Angel%20Beats%20 %5BKazahana%20Chiruwo%5D%20Infinite%20St %5BHozumi%20Takashi%5D%20Infinite%20Stra %5BInugami%20Kira%5D%20Puella%20Magi%20M %5BMinamoto%20Hisanari%5D%20Puella%20Mag %5BShouchuu%20MAC%5D%20Infinite%20Strato %5BEretto%5D%20To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%2 %5BYoshijima%20Ataru%5D%20Infinite%20Str %5Bsuiranao%5D%20Infinite%20Stratos%20-% %5BYowatari%20Koujou%5D%20Ookamisan%20to %5BAkiteri%5D%20Boku%20wa%20Tomodachi%20 %5BMikoto%20Akemi%5D%20Boku%20wa%20Tomod %5BUGC%5D%20Amagami%20SS%20-%20Hibiki%20 %5BShinozuka%20Atsuto%5D%20Infinite%20St Infinite%20Stratos%20-%20Noble%20Heart%2 %5BHozumi%20Takashi%5D%20Infinite%20Stra %5BYabuki%20Mook%5D%20Infinite%20Stratos %5BMugenWORKS%5D%20Puella%20Magi%20Madok %5BKazahana%20Chiruwo%5D%20Infinite%20St %5BShudou%20Rima%5D%20Ano%20Hi%20Mita%20

    24 New Uploads

        Last Order In Your Eyes! contains To Aru Majutsu no Index Hentai (English)
        kurisu-ism contains Steins;Gate Hentai (English)
        manchin! contains Mayo Chiki! Hentai (English)
        Incest Strategy contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        My Heart is Yours! ver.2 contains Angel Beats Hentai (English)
        In the name of justice contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        Cecilia de Night contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        Sous la priere contains Puella Magi Madoka Magica Hentai (English)
        Mahou Shoujo Akemi Homura no oo na Hanashi contains Puella Magi Madoka Magica Hentai (English)
        Ignition Sunburn contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        $1,000,000 no Best Order! contains To Aru Majutsu no Index Hentai (English)
        Ichibyou Kiss contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        IS Imagination Specialist contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        Ookami-san Chuuihou! contains Ookami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi Hentai (English)
        Raw Meat contains Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Hentai (English)
        B.F.F contains Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai Hentai (English)
        Hibiki 3 contains Amagami SS Hentai (English)
        Magical Sky Communication IS contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        Noble Heart contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        Charlotte de Night contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        Summer Dream contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        Futari no Kyori wa 100m! contains Puella Magi Madoka Magica Hentai (English)
        feminism contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        Awkward Flower contains Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai Hentai (English)


    So, I heard you liek....oh..... 2 years ago

    posted by Lunatic.Trans
    We're the new kids on the block, Lunatic Translations, and as our name implies we really do whatever we feel like doing, as we're sure some of you have seen if you think about all of our releases. Poke does vanilla, Patch does whatever, and Hobogunner does -you can't say that, hobo-. Then we have our editors Nats and Shadow42085, neither could be reached for comments. (Did you forget to let them out of the basement, Patch?)

    Expect to hear from us more, even though that 12 days burned us out quite a bit, hobogunner has to make up for the ones he didn't do. (I will after I finish these V.N.s) Our blog,, will have more on that story.

    So, without further ado, here are our 12 releases over the past 12 days:

    %5BKirara%20Moe%5D%20Original%20Work%20- Original%20Work%20-%20Slave%20Heroine%20 Strike%20Witches%20-%20Bird%20Strike%20( %5BLeaz%20Koubou%5D%20Full%20Metal%20Pan %5BKirara%20Moe%5D%20Original%20Work%20- %5BShikishima%20GunTool%5D%20Kanokon%20-
    Vocaloid%20-%20DTM%20(English)%20001.thu %5BKirara%20Moe%5D%20Original%20Work%20- School%20Days%20-%20You%20Are%20My%20Wis Original%20Work%20-%20Slave%20Heroines%2 %5BNamekataya%5D%20Ladies%20versus%20But %5BKirara%20Moe%5D%20Original%20Work%20-

    Hope everyone had a good (insert what you celebrate), and we hope everyone has a good year!

    Katawa Shoujo Released 2 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    Last night 4 Leaf Studios released the final, finished version, of Katawa Shoujo. I would have made a post about it sooner but instead I was up all night playing the game. Click the image below to visit their blog, download the game, and start playing. Then come back to this topic to discuss it!

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