life4Kaoru C81 doujinshi and more 2 years ago

    posted by HououinKyouma
    The folks at life4Kaoru have been hard at work the past few weeks with the latest goodies from Comiket 81. We've purchased nearly 50 doujins on our own to release, and are also working on doujins uploaded by others. Here's what we've worked on so far, and there will be plenty more in the coming weeks.

    As always, you can get out releases direct from the source at:

    We are also looking for another translator to join us, if you enjoy working on heartwarming vanilla goodness, take a look at our recruitment at:

    And now, the porn!

    %5BOtone%5D%20Pretty%20Cure%20-%20Aoiro% %5Bpeke%5D%20The%20World%20God%20Only%20 %5Bpeke%5D%20The%20World%20God%20Only%20 %5BMahirutei%5D%20Medaka%20Box%20-%20Med %5BYamabuuki%20Mook%5D%20Infinite%20Stra %5BHYOCO%20ROAD%5D%20Mawaru%20Penguindru %5BPFOREST%5D%20iDOLMASTER%20-%20SMGO02% %5BMugenWORKS%5D%20Infinite%20Stratos%20 %5BTakumi%20na%20Muchi%5D%20WORKING%20-%

    9 New Uploads

        Aoiro Kibou contains Pretty Cure Hentai (English)
        Kamisama's Hentai Play Diary 4 contains The World God Only Knows Hentai (English)
        Kamisama's Hentai Play Diary 3 contains The World God Only Knows Hentai (English)
        Medaka Cute contains Medaka Box Hentai (English)
        Can I Do It With Commander Laura contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        Uramitsu Ringo contains Mawaru Penguindrum Hentai (English)
        SMGO-02 Time Girl contains iDOLM@ASTER Hentai (English)
        Charles no H! contains Infinite Stratos Hentai (English)
        The Workout contains WORKING!! Hentai (English)


    Upcoming Conventions in 2012 2 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    I've been getting a lot of questions asking what conventions we'll be at this year, and I'm not entirely sure yet. However I can say that we will be going to a lot less than last year and we're going to try to hit some new ones that we haven't attended before. But as far as upcoming conventions, we will be giving panels at...

    Anime Boston in Boston, Massachusetts


    Anime Conji in San Diego, California


    I hope to see you there!

    Posting on the site front page for the time being 2 years ago

    posted by CGrascal
    Blog went dead sometime either last night or this morning, I did send an e-mail asking about blog hosting or not to Jacob. For the time being, I'll upload and post updates and such here. Here's a story where one man creates for himself the perfect girlfriend.


    1 New Uploads

        Osakari Neko-nyan by Alemateorema (English)

    I also will post a link to my e-hentai gallery link which has an alternate download for people to use there.

    Click here
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