Battlefieldcon! (and Connecticon) 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    So I was at Connecticon this past weekend and it was a lot of fun. I didn't really announce being there on FAKKU, but a lot of you found me and said hello nonetheless. It is always cool meeting people so thank you for taking the time to do so. Those of you who took pictures over the weekend and want to share can post them in this thread.

    More importantly, this upcoming weekend FAKKU is sponsoring a video game convention in Portland Maine called Battlefieldcon. It is one day long and consists of a handful of video game tournaments and a lot of free play. Tournaments include Gears of War 2, Super Smash Brothers Melee, Call of Duty 4, Guitar Hero, Halo 3, and a few others. Some friends and I will have a booth setup selling t-shirts and buttons so if you are in the area be sure to go!


    If you intend to go, check out the Facebook page for Battlefieldcon.

    Moar Inu! 5 years ago

    posted by Raze
    I figured it's about time I threw out another translated chapter from Inu's Lucky Day. Chapter 4, "Orange Romance", which chronicles the, uh, love-making between two student council members. Conan's first comment upon working on this chapter was "the girl looks exactly like Mita from the Hatsu Inu series". Hard not to agree.

    As usual, click on the image below to download the chapter. I believe Conan will be posting this chapter on his blog pretty soon, so head over to 4dawgz to read his side of the story.


    Translator: Raze
    Editor: Conan


    They say awesome anime brings awesome hentai. 5 years ago

    posted by Nikon
    And GOD are they right. I've been watching all of Clannad After Story for the last few days, and it has re-kindled the love I have for the series. I just don't have words to describe it! Release #60 is brought to you by the awesome Kyou, Kyou Mania 2. Be aware that there are some minor spoilers in here, so if you're worried about it, please save it for until you've finished the series!

    After just finishing Clannad After Story, I'm really at a loss for words right now. So unfortunately, I'll have to leave you at this. I hope you all enjoy it as much as we did. Click the image below for more details.


    YQII: Week 31, 5 years ago

    posted by YQII
    My site has been moved, you might be familiar with the domain:
    Jacob offered to host my blog on the Fakku server, I gladly accepted, so here we are.
    "We" have been fixing a few things the last couple days, or rather I've said "oh, I want that!"
    and he fixed it. Anyhow, I actually have the possibility to change design related things now,
    and compared to the old blog, I think it already is, and hopefully will continue to get better.
    It's better conditions for me, more work for him, everyone wins!
    So update your bookmarks, new address, feed and comment feed!

    The old blog is still up, but it just links to the new one.

    TomoHaha is chapter 7 from the book "Muchipuri".
    I translated chapter 5 (magazine version) back in January, and it can be found here.

    [spacer=4:cc51a54214][Charlie Nishinaka] Choice Vol.02 Ch.04
    [spacer=4:cc51a54214][Arima Zin] TomoHaha
    [spacer=4:cc51a54214][Dr.P] Whenever You Touch Me Ch.02

    %5BCharlie%20Nishinaka%5D%20Original%20W %5BArima%20Zin%5D%20Original%20Work%20-% %5BDrP%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20Whenev


    Fall 2009 Anime Season 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    Discuss! (click the image to enlarge)


    Chart courtesy of Chartfag.
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