Happy Canada Day! 5 years ago

    posted by Nikon
    In honor of Canada Day I have something I have been sitting on for a few days. Based off of the popular Wednesday afternoon Canadian cartoon, Toradora. I present to you FAKKU-Subs Release #56... Yarudora! Miru Drama Karayaru! You guys know the drill. Click the image below to get to the Release thread and let us know what you think! But enough of my babble. I'll have another release coming early next week.



    Digital Love 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    I think I might start naming all of my updates after Daft Punk songs.

    Cherry+Pink Datte+Baby+Damon%21 Harukyon+no+Ecchi+Hon+11 Harukyon+no+Ecchi+Hon+10 Harukyon+no+Ecchi+Hon+5 Sweet+Life+Please%21%21+-+Chapter+6

    6 New Releases

    [spacer=4:4c9e1710f4]Cherry Pink by Yukimi (English)
    [spacer=4:4c9e1710f4]Datte Baby Damon! contains Baby Princess Hentai (English)
    [spacer=4:4c9e1710f4]Harukyon no Ecchi Hon 11 contains The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Hentai
    [spacer=4:4c9e1710f4]Harukyon no Ecchi Hon 10 contains The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Hentai
    [spacer=4:4c9e1710f4]Harukyon no Ecchi Hon 5 contains The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya Hentai (English)
    [spacer=4:4c9e1710f4]Sweet Life Please!! - Chapter 6 by Senke Kagero (English)


    Translator Information Pages 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    A while ago I mentioned that I was revamping the translator information pages, and I have finally done just that. You can now find some information on any of the translators that have releases hosted on FAKKU. In addition to finding information you can comment directly on the translators page for them to see. I encourage leaving comments thanking them for their hard work. To get started why don't you thank the first two translators that have started uploading directly to FAKKU.


    And of course thank our own translation team for their hard work as well!


    First post, life story, smut 5 years ago

    posted by YQII
    Alright, YQII here. Story of my life:
    I've been translating for about a year now, and most of the time I do the translation and editing on my own. I do collaborations with other editors from time to time, and then there's a group of proofreaders that (hopefully) prevents any Engrish from slipping in. I love those guys for making me look less like an illiterate twat <3

    I do around 3 releases a week, but I tend to do more during breaks, like now.
    This is the releases from this week (+3 extra). They're all in the 130~ish range if you're counting releases, so if you've missed any of the 100 previous ones, you can find everything I've done here.
    Besides standalone stories, I'm also working/-ed on full books.
    This page is a bit more structured, but it just contains books.
    I keep a list of thing's I'm planning to do here + on the books page.
    I'm a strong believer of the philosophy of keeping everything in writing, so you don't have to answer the same thing over and over again. If you wonder about anything, it's likely that you can find the answer on the About or FAQ page.

    So that's something about me and my blog, now for some brown-nosing:
    Despite not taking part of the FAKKU community before, I have to say that this is one of the few respectable sites out there, which succeeds in the (surprisingly difficult) task of not being run by ignorant assholes. The people running FAKKU do a remarkable job preventing the site from turning into yet another "New Hot Incest Doujin Manga (rewrite) with Big Breasts, also please click here to get bigger penis" site.
    So yeah, nothing but good things when it comes to FAKKU really, naturally I'm thankful for the posting privileges and everything that goes with that.

    Some notes about the releases.
    Junior's Revenge + Senior Girl: These were edited by Conan. It's chapter 7+8 of Cheerism.
    Clench-Open: Heart failure by moe (´Д`) ハァハァ
    My Cheeky Sister: Brother x Sister revenge sex!
    Mirror Image 01: “When I’m wearing a skirt (and my penis is detached from my body and reattached to a girls) I’m a girl”. There's a part 2 by the way, which will be worked on!
    Choice Vol.02 Ch.01: This book contains the stories "Narikiri" 4 - 11. All about cosplay.
    Narikiri 01-03: I don't dare to mess with Jacob's HTML-spewing script, so the pictures are in the wrong order, right to left. This is from Choice Vol.01, you can get the rest of the book (RAW) here.

    Junior%5C%27s+Revenge Senior+Girl Clench-Open My+Cheeky+Sister Mirror+Image+01 Choice+Vol.02+Ch.01
    Narikiri+03 Narikiri+02 Narikiri+01

    9 New Releases

    [spacer=4:f974cd8165]Junior's Revenge by ED (English)
    [spacer=4:f974cd8165]Senior Girl by ED (English)
    [spacer=4:f974cd8165]Clench-Open by TakayaKi (English)
    [spacer=4:f974cd8165]My Cheeky Sister by Haganema (English)
    [spacer=4:f974cd8165]Mirror Image 01 by Hinemosunotari (English) (Futanari)
    [spacer=4:f974cd8165]Choice Vol.02 Ch.01 by Charlie Nishinaka (English)
    [spacer=4:f974cd8165]Narikiri 03 by Charlie Nishinaka (English)
    [spacer=4:f974cd8165]Narikiri 02 by Charlie Nishinaka (English)
    [spacer=4:f974cd8165]Narikiri 01 by Charlie Nishinaka (English)

    How did you find FAKKU? 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    I like asking this question because the answers always surprise me. How did you find FAKKU? And what kept you coming back?
    Poll of the Week
    Does FAKKU need more tags?
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