redCoMet release 12! 5 years ago

    posted by Shadow
    Two updates in one week! This must be madness...! (Especially when I am crazy busy with other things...) Anyway, Here is our new release, a Death Note Doujin, By Maniac Street. I won't go into too much detail about this release, but let us just say that we both did not enjoy working on this doujin that much. Compared to the Toradora doujins we have done from Maniac Street this one lacks a lot. The Toradora doujins had a sort of theme or 'keyword' to make it a deeper more enjoyable doujin. This doujin is really just straight up sex. However, I hope that does not stop you all from enjoying!

    As usual, we would appreciate any comments/feedback you give us. You can leave us a comment in this thread or feel free to email us at Also, visit our blog at redCoMet Translation for our most up to date news or join us on Twitter:

    Check out GARFEST!!! (EDIT: Match #26: Vote Guin damnit!! Guin = Forest Fire Punch)
    Also check out Raze's awesome release below!!!

    Release No.12: DN (Death Note) By: Maniac Street

    These Lucky Days are Yours and Mine! 5 years ago

    posted by Raze
    More Lucky Day by Inu! Here's the fifth chapter, Special Door. This one was a cute project to work on, and Conan of 4dawgz did an excellent job typesetting it (yep Conan, I finally released it after sitting on it for ever).

    I'm honestly too tired to type anything more, so I'll leave it at this. Download links and notes can be reached by clicking the image below, as usual. I'd also like to take this opportunity to remind you guys to check the FAKKU Translations forum regularly, since there will be certain releases you don't want to miss that will be posted in there but not on the front page... *hint hint*


    Translator: Raze
    Editor: Conan


    P.S. Nikon was the one who made the credits page.

    FUCK HOUSE WORK! 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    I came across this random page and found the shirt funny enough to post here on FAKKU. I can't tell whats on the back of her shirt, but I'm sure it's equally funny. This isn't the first time I have seen funny shirt slogans in hentai and I doubt it will be the last. If you have any similar screenshots feel free to post them in this thread.


    The artist is Miray Ozaki who did all of The Great Escape.

    redCoMet release 11! (Yami-chan =D) 5 years ago

    posted by Shadow
    With all the daily updates happening on FAKKU, I felt I urge to add my own. Here we have our 11th release a To Love-Ru doujin by Takuji! I hope you all enjoy this awesome release (Yami-chan is so cute in this one)!

    As you all know C76 has started and I can't wait to see some awesome doujins come out of it! (Especially Evangelion + K-ON)

    As usual, we would appreciate any comments/feedback you give us. You can leave us a comment in this thread or feel free to email us at Also, visit our blog at redCoMet Translation for our most up to date news or join us on Twitter:

    EDIT: GARFEST is back up so go and vote!!!

    Release No.11: Kosutora (To Love-Ru) By: Takuji

    Thanks and enjoy!

    YQII: Week 33 5 years ago

    posted by YQII
    Final chapter of Cheerism, click the picture to go to the release thread for all the (updated) chapters and more info. Another chapter of Whenever... and an original from Megastore H 2009-08.
    Finally a Toradora doujin that I'm just sharing, I didn't translate it.

    [spacer=4:1785bc360f][ED] Cheerism Ch.10
    [spacer=4:1785bc360f][Dr.P] Whenever You Touch Me Ch.03
    [spacer=4:1785bc360f][Maihara Matsuge] Slippery School Play
    [spacer=4:1785bc360f][Hi-per Pinch] Mini Taiga

    %5BED%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20Teach%2 %5BDrP%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20Whenev %5BMaihara%20Matsuge%5D%20Original%20Wor %5BHiPerPinch%5D%20Toradora%20-%20Mini%2


    More on 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    I would like to once again point out our release from yesterday, 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki OVA #1. I know the translation team worked very hard on it and they deserve thanks. And there is now a working torrent for those that didn't use the DDL.

    We are now running an XDCC distro bot in the IRC channel (finally)! Not only is it hosting this latest anime release but it also has all of our old anime releases. All you need to do is join our IRC channel with a working client (the web based IRC will not work) and type the following to download 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki:

    /msg Hagu-chan XDCC SEND 10

    Or if you'd like to see all the anime she is hosting:

    /msg Hagu-chan XDCC LIST

    The IRC channel is #FAKKU on (you should lurk in there anyway). And for anyone curious Hagu-chan is named after the one and only Hagu from Honey and Clover.


    And some users have contributed a guide on how to work IRC for those with no experience.

    Wait, it said 15, but there's only 4... 5 years ago

    posted by Raze
    Okay, so I miscalculated how long it would take Jacob to set up said thing on the site, and we're no longer the first to release this. But no matter; what's done is done, so without further ado, I present to you FAKKU-Translations Anime Release #14 - 15 Bishoujo Hyouryuuki OVA #1 (Tales of the 15 Beautiful Girls who Drifted Ashore)!


    Translator/Raw Provider/QC: Raze
    Editor: Nikon
    Timing: Sindalf
    Typesetting/Karaoke/Encoding: Bob64

    All of us who worked on this enjoyed it, quite a lot. In particular, Bob64 and I poured a lot of time and electricity into this, so I hope you guys like it! There are some pretty (lol pun) interesting girls on the lineup for subsequent episodes, including a fox goddess. I suppose the animators wanted to get all the most... normal girls out of the way first? (Though, Kotoko is probably the only "normal" one here).

    As usual, hit the picture above or click here to be taken to the download page, complete with translation and project notes. A torrent link and brief descriptions of the other 11 girls have also been added. We may release a H264 version later, but no promises.


    Comiket 76 Begins! 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    Well everyone it's that time of the year again. Right now in Japan people are waiting in line, pushing and shoving, all to get their hands on the latest manga and doujinshi available. And fortunately we don't have to leave the comfort of our own homes.

    Thus begins, The Complete C76 Thread!

    As usual anyone is welcome to post their own scans, or anything they come across, inside the topic. Just make sure you read the rules in the first post before you do. You can find some more recent pictures over at keroyon's Photostream


    We're a fantastic community. 5 years ago

    posted by Nikon
    A fantastic community with some talented users. I'm looking for you talented people to aid me in something. As you know, I love Clannad. And as you may also know, Key made a hentai game following the Tomoyo arc entitled Tomoyo After ~It's A Wonderful Life~. This game is absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately it remains un-translated after over a year. Don't believe me about how awesome it is? Give it a try with a partial translation!

    Done trying it? Well, here's why I'm bringing it up. As I'd mentioned before, there is a translation project for this fantastic game going on over at Baka-Tsuki. Unforunately, this project has been going for a year and seems like it's stalled. What do they need? They need willing Japanese translators to finish translating the game. HOWEVER... what I'm asking for isn't just your every day run of the mill translators. I'm looking for people with a working knowledge of Japanese and that can translate it into working English. What exactly do I mean? Well, if you have less than two years education or experience with the language, this project isn't for you.

    This is important! The community needs this game to happen because otherwise it will probably never be translated into English. Have any questions? E-mail me (nikon at fakku dot net) and I'll try to answer any questions you have. I'll leave you with this...

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