FAKKU 10 Year Anniversary 1 week ago

posted by Jacob
Today marks 10 years since FAKKU launched from a small college dorm room in Massachusetts. It's hard to believe how much FAKKU has grown over that period, going from a small scanlation website to the largest official English hentai publisher in the world. We recently passed a big milestone on FAKKU, we've published over 1,000 uncensored chapters for subscribers from over 350 individual Japanese artists. That's over 350 artists that are now getting support directly from their fans outside of Japan, and that's all thanks to you.

To celebrate, we have some big announcements today! Starting immediately, we will be simulpublishing our fourth magazine, Comic Kairakuten BEAST. Along with the announcement today we are releasing 10 brand new chapters from the latest issue all at once, and going forward we will be publishing every issue of the magazine alongside Comic Kairakuten, Comic Shitsurakuten, and Comic X-Eros.

The best part? Subscribers get access to the new magazine at no additional charge, you just get more content every month for being awesome. If you're a new subscriber, for the entire month of December we are doing an anniversary promotion where the first month of your subscription only costs $10. That means every chapter on FAKKU costs you less than a penny, there has quite literally never been a better time to join.

But that's not all, we're bringing Toshio Maeda to the United States for a release party for Legend of the Overfiend, FAKKU just joined the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund as a corporate member, and we have started pre-orders on our 32nd book... Let Loose with Lewd Boobs!

Head over to the forums to learn more about all these announcements, or if you're only interested in the hentai... enjoy!

Comic Kairakuten BEAST

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