Phoenix Syndicate Hentai

Wait a second, the Phoenix what?
The Phoenix Syndicate. It says so on the banner.

What happened to just gTeam? Did you get sued?
Shit got old. We wanted to change our name and start new and BIG.

But why a Phoenix of all things?
It came to Tech in a dream of unsurpassed surrealism. While fapping to a piece of Toroshio and Napata, his dick caught fire in the form of a teal blaze, but its flames did not harm the man. From the blaze came a voice of wisdom that spoke of ages long past, and it ordered him to strip his shoes and walk butt naked down the corridors of his house. Doing so, he saw a vision of lolis and futas burning steaks into his eyes, and from it rose a phoenix that engulfed his whole body, but left not a singe on his body, let a single strand of hair. Upon waking up, he said the word – Phoenix.

Okay… that was weird.
Fine, seriously. The phoenix represents how the group has died but revived itself over and over again. Old habits die hard, I guess.

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