My Life as a Pokemon Ranger (Chapter 14 is here!)

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May 09, 2010 at 11:55 pm
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LoneOtakuSword wrote...
wow, awesome stuff, even if it's mostly lesbian stuff... great, after reading all of this, now i want to write some poke lemons T.T

That lesbian stuff is gone for a while, my friend and I agreed we over-milked it. It'll get back to the normal stuff next.
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May 10, 2010 at 12:31 am
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Joe-kun wrote...
LoneOtakuSword wrote...
wow, awesome stuff, even if it's mostly lesbian stuff... great, after reading all of this, now i want to write some poke lemons T.T

That lesbian stuff is gone for a while, my friend and I agreed we over-milked it. It'll get back to the normal stuff next.

cool, hope to see the next chapter soon xDD
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May 17, 2010 at 7:06 pm
there goes my childhood
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May 20, 2010 at 10:13 pm
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Derthlen wrote...
there goes my childhood

I'm glad you enjoyed it.
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May 23, 2010 at 5:11 pm
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it's been almost 2-3 weeks... when is the next chapter coming up....
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May 29, 2010 at 7:08 pm
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Just read the first three chapters, and thought I should mention that this is brilliant. Also, when I read "I could fuck any Pokemon I could find." I laughed really hard out loud. It was just the detatched, blatant way you made it come out xD
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May 30, 2010 at 6:32 pm
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MythicSprite wrote...
Just read the first three chapters, and thought I should mention that this is brilliant.

Thank you, we (the person I write this with and myself) appreciate that.

LoneOtakuSword wrote...
it's been almost 2-3 weeks... when is the next chapter coming up....

I'm working on one inbetween requests I'm getting from another forum. It'll be soon, I hope.
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Chapter 10 - Memories of a Houndoom

This had been the most absolute perfect night of my life.

Although it had to involve her "girlfriend," I finally got to make love to Nico. Well, not so much as "make love" as it was "hot lesbian fucking," but still. Tabitha isn't really all that bad, I guess, but she can be kind of talkative and annoying. Maybe that's jealousy talking, I don't know. As I curled up next to Nico, snuggling close to her, a lot of things were running through my mind – Namely, the day we met.

"I'm Nicole."

I wasn't sure who this blonde girl was besides knowing her name, but already her voice made me melt. She looked just as nervous as I felt, although I did a much better job of hiding it. The Pikachu on her head was really cute, but for some reason I felt like I had to have the cute Pokemon of the group. I didn't want to insult the poor thing, but I did anyway.

"Zaps? What'd you do, get that name out of a childrens' book?"

Stupid! Why the hell did I have to make the first thing I said to her something like that? That and I know I must look like a total bitch right now. Well, she's just one cute girl – Not like she's going to be anyone important. Just another girl I have to live with.

Things didn't exactly improve later. After we had been shown where we were going to bathe, and given our new clothing, some idiot made the mistake of piling up all of my luggage like I was some common … Well, commoner. To think, all of my bags were getting scuffed up like that! And besides all that, I just had to make some snide remark.

"Sorry to hear you girls weren't prepared, but I guess it's survival of the fittest!"

Why oh why can't I keep my big mouth shut? I noticed Nicole was glaring at me – I guess I pissed her off. Well, things are off to a fantastic start. It's not like I need to worry about what some off-the-street Ranger wannabe thinks, right? Back home, if you don't have the right amount of cash, you're a complete nobody. And that's what the rest of these girls were; complete losers. If you can't pay, don't play … Or something like that.

After that little fiasco, we were all allowed to go to our rooms – At least, I think we were. That's how I remember things going, anyway. After I finally got my suitcases to my room (which I had to do myself, since this place lacked the proper help,) I sat on the bed and watched as my Growlithe explored his new home. As I expected, he eventually went for one of my many clothing suitcases; namely, the one filled with panties.

"Are you horny, Growlithe?" I asked, looking down at the orange animal. He looked up at me, tongue hanging out and panting loudly. I saw that his erection was beginning to appear in response to my question. "I'll take that as a yes." I smiled, watching him hop onto the bed next to me. He began to lick my face happily, knowing what he'd be getting. I giggled, pushing him off. "I guess I can spare some time for you, since I have no idea when we'll have time again."

It wasn't easy, but eventually I had my dressed pushed up enough and panties down far enough to let Growlithe do as he pleased. As per usual, he slowly slid himself into my ass – I rarely let him fuck my pussy unless I was the one in the mood. I was beginning to get wet either way, but I knew he probably wouldn't last long; the handjob I gave him on the bus probably took a lot out of him. He began thrusting away at me, his claws gripping my ass cheeks and slightly sinking in. This would usually hurt a bit, but after being so used to it from my sister's Houndoom, I totally ignored it.

"Growlithe! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" I moaned a bit too loudly, my entire body being pushed by my Pokemon's rapid thrusts. I was never one for anal to start with, but Growlithe made it feel absolutely amazing. I could feel his balls begin to slap against me while I slid two fingers into my soaked hole and began to furiously finger-fuck myself. I wanted this to last much, much longer, but I knew it wouldn't be safe. If we got caught, Daddy would probably ground me or something and take me back home. Hell, not like I listened to him to start with.

I heard Growlithe begin to growl quietly, his thrusts getting as fast as his little body could handle, and his cock beginning to throb inside of my ass. I could already feel his warm pre-cum leak into me, and God did it make things feel so much more amazing. My two fingers kept pumping as deep and fast as I could, and I kept trying my best to not scream from all this. I don't think I can handle this myself – I need him to do more.

"Growlithe, you can switch this time, I'm allowing it." I said, pulling my hand away and using both to balance myself as I felt his cock pull out of me, making a small 'pop!' as it did so. His pre-cum was leaking out of my asshole and to the floor – I'll have to clean that up – I ignored it when he shoved his hard, warm cock into my cunt two seconds later. He began pounding away at me faster than I ever felt him do before, and I couldn't control my moans getting louder by the second. Are these people deaf? You'd think someone would've heard us by now.

But you know what? I don't care!

"Fuck my pussy Growlithe! Faster! Harder!" I moaned, once again being forced forward by his movements. I tightened around him a bit, making him begin to slam into me and go even deeper inside – His cock was very warm from being a fire type, and it was sending me into overdrive. I needed his cum in me – Now – And I wasn't going to wait another minute. "I want your cum, Growlithe! Fill me up!" I tightened around him the best I could, feeling him speed up and go deeper.

"Yes! Ahhhhhn~!"

I moaned way too loud, hitting climax myself and releasing all over his throbbing cock while he gave me one last, deep thrust and began to fire off inside of me, giving another thrust with every load he shot. "I love your cum …" I said quietly, feeling him pull out. His cum was dripping from my cunt to the floor, making quite the mess – Thank God I make sure to pack towels for this. I grabbed one from one of my bags, cleaning up after us while Growlithe hopped onto the bed, curling up in the center. What is he, a Glameow? Dogs usually sleep on the floor. Well, he did anyway.

I smiled, putting the towel away and watching him sleep. Since he got to fuck my pussy, he must've thought this was a special occasion and that he'd be allowed to sleep on my bed. Well, he does deserve it once in a while. I adjusted my dress, reaching under to make sure I had my panties on correctly (I'd die if they slid off my mistake,) and headed back out into the hall.

Not once did I think someone would take her away from me.

I was content with watching her eat at breakfast every morning while she glared at me – She was single, and all she had for sex was that Pikachu of hers. All of a sudden, she started getting flirty with Tabitha, and it was beginning to piss me off. This little bitch just swooped in out of nowhere and took my Nico, taking her into her room at night to do who knows what. The only one I could really vent to was Growlithe, and I don't think he really listened – He was usually fucking me while I ranted. Sure, it was odd, but getting pleasure while letting out all that emotional pain seemed to soften the blows.

"That fucking bitch, taking my … Oh, that's it, Growlithe, right there … Good boy …" Okay, so maybe I didn't just rant, but hey – You try getting fucked by a Pokemon's warm dick as fast as they can and see if you can keep up a conversation. I collapsed to the floor after Growlithe's fifth load began leaking out of me. As usual, he went to sleep after we finished. Checking the wall clock, I saw that it was still pretty early – What to do, what to do …

Now there's an idea.

Back before I decided to become a Pokemon Ranger, I caught my big sister having very, very wild sex with her Houndoom. She was back from college for the weekend and was supposedly "playing" with her Pokemon before she had to go back. This particular game looked pretty fun, and it's not like I didn't know what they were doing – It was only last year. She noticed they had been caught and tried her best to make up a lie – Of course, she knew I didn't fall for her bullshit and she was surprisingly eager to show me how it worked.

However, before she got my panties off and let the creature go wild on me, she introduced me to another secret she had; a hidden box full of Pokemon sex DVDs. The idea that something like this was sold to the public amazed me – According to her, there was a huge underground love of this kind of thing. She had apparently went through a lot to get some of these ("I had to suck off a Venusaur for this one!")

It was easy to see why she went through such lengths – Some of these DVDs were "Amateur versions," making them very, very rare. After she learned that I was going to become a ranger and thus be on my own, she passed on her collection to me for my own uses. I can remember the countless nights we would masturbate together while watching some of these … But that's all in the past. Right now all I'm worried about is seeing if "Ice-type Whores 6" still works. I pressed the "close" button on the DVD player's remote, and waited.

Success – The menu showed a small clip of Candice, a gym leader from Sinnoh, getting fucked by a male Abomasnow. She was moaning, but the music covered it - All the more reason for me to hit play. Considering I was still naked from fucking Growlithe, I didn't have to get ready at all.

"So you're a real gym leader?" An off-camera male asked Candice. She nodded and held up her gym's badge to the camera to prove who she really was. "Nice! You're the first Ice-type trainer we've had around here! Now, please meet my friend …"

Not five minutes after the large Pokemon walked up behind her, Candice was stripped and on her hands and knees, getting fucked from behind. The camera gave a close-up of Abomasnow's huge, white cock pounding Candice's cunt with a lot of force. Her moaning was starting to get me really hot; it's a shame Growlithe was still asleep. I slid two fingers down, beginning to finger-fuck myself as I watched the large white cock slide in and out of Candice's pink hole. For some reason, my mind ignored the girl's screaming and replaced it with memories of my first time … With Houndoom, anyway.

After I watched one of the DVDs with my sister ("Night with a Ninetales", I think,) I was soaking wet and very, very horny. Apparently my sister noticed this – the huge wet spot on my shorts didn't help matters, either. She whistled for Houndoom, who entered the room. He was still hard, and the second he got a whiff of my arousal, he pounced and knocked me to the floor. I looked up at my sister, who grinned and gave me a nod. Houndoom backed off of me, and the two of them watched as I pushed my shorts and soaked panties down, kicking them off to the floor. I went into the same position my sister had before, on my hands and knees. I gulped, giving my sister a look of "Is this really safe?" she smiled, nodding.

I didn't have time to think, because not even a minute after I saw that smile, Houndoom plunged his hard, warm cock into me. He was merciless; He moved as fast as he wanted, and as deep as he pleased, although I wasn't complaining – This huge, warm cock in me was one of the best things I've ever felt in my entire life. I knew right then that I didn't want it to be the last time. For the rest of the night, my sister and I made out while taking turns fucking Houndoom. We would both lick his cock clean every time he was finished with one of us.

"Oh God!"

My mind instantly went from that to focusing on my television after hearing Candice scream. I had my orgasm just as she was getting a facial from the giant white cock in front of her. I moaned rather loudly, but shoved a hand over my mouth to prevent making too much noise. I put my panties back on, smiling at the snoring fire dog. Growlithe would probably be asleep for a few more hours. I smirked as I left the room.

I never thought it would come to this.

Yup. Ignore typos, errors, etc.
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a neew one
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Jun 11, 2010 at 11:10 pm
Hey, this is Joe's writing partner and the other half of the team that brought you this and some of his other stuff. The chapter he posted up there was a solo one from him, and here's the solo chapter I wrote that he forgot to post.
I waited until mum was asleep. That was my best bet for solitude. Privacy in my house was near-impossible until she was out like a light, luckily a heavy enough sleeper that I could actually live at night and not wake her up. Don't get me wrong, I love her to death, but she can be so restrictive sometimes. I wonder what would happen if she found out I blew so much of my allowance on things she would never approve of. Sure, she saw all the books, comics, video games, movies, and plushes that lined my bookshelves and racks and, in the case of the latter, my bed. But my allowance was more than it probably should have been to keep me up to date on this stuff, so I always had a fair amount of excess. That's where my other stuff came in.

The rest of my allowance went to funding that little nighttime hobby I had started a while back. It wasn't one I admitted liking to a whole lot of people, except some very open-minded friends, and even then I didn't find any who shared in my fetish. My money went to Pokemon-themed sex toys and DVDs featuring trainers--gym leaders, usually--being absolute sluts to anything that could fit in a Pokeball. I had some of the hard to find ones, too. Like the one featuring former Hoenn League champion May, the extended, uncut footage of Cynthia having sex with all 107 Sinnoh-native Pokemon, and the not Pokephilia but incredibly sexy nonetheless Candice/Maylene box set. The last one actually gave me a lot of questions about myself; somehow four full discs of two girls having sex with each other in every conceivable way, using toys I didn't think even possible, was probably my most played of everything I had, even more than "Jasmine and Flannery Star in: Through the Electivire and the Flames", which was nothing short of a work of art. Says something about my sexuality, I guess, though it's never really been an issue.

As much as my mum may be a giant prude, I'm fairly open about sex. Maybe that's why my mum sheltering me so much sent me straight to the back room of the seedy video store, and then the back room of the back room, where they kept the very illegal Pokeality stuff. Even with the Pokemon League seal of approval on the gym leader DVDs, it was still underground stuff, given the laws around it, but it was depressingly easy to find once you had the right connections. By that point, I didn't even need the video store. I found a very legit online site selling the usual nerdy stuff I always buy, but if you know the right page sequence, you can hit the mother lode on DVDs, and when they come with the mountains of comics and stuff I buy anyway, there's no way for mum to every suspect anything. It was the high life, for sure.

I snapped back to attention, afraid I had fallen asleep. I looked at the clock and, yes, I had missed about an hour. Oh well, it ensured mum was asleep. She was a very light sleeper up until you heard the snoring, at which point nothing could shake her, and I could hear the snoring real loud. I grinned as I snuck out of bed, rifling through the back row of my DVDs, where I kept all the good stuff. I was just in a flannel t-shirt, all but two buttons undone, and a pair of panties that had the raised, dripping behind of a Vulpix on the back--my mom was never allowed to see me in those.

"Come on, Jasmine, Light My Fire". The "fire" in the name meant for sure Flannery would be in there at some point. That girl wasn't just slutting it around with Pokemon. I had crossovers of her with every gym leader, and in each of them she managed to convince even reluctant, definitely heterosexual Roxanne into hot, steamy lesbian stuff mixed into the Pokemon sex. Sure, it was all an act and Roxanne loved pussy as much as the other gym leaders, but it was still a great piece.

I eagerly popped it in, decided to start on the first disc, Flannery-less, from what the back said, but I haven't seen this one yet, and I'd like to start fresh. I popped it in, then grabbed a box from under my bed. It wasn't well hidden at all, but my mom was restrictive and suffocating only so far as that she wanted me to be safe. She never checked my room or rifled through my things, so I knew this was safe as long as it wasn't in plain sight. I threw off the lid, and there sat my collection. Even though my friends may not have been into the stuff, they still marveled at my sex toys, because they were still incredible in their design and, in some cases, a lot better than the normal stuff. I decided to start big tonight, in contrast to going through the entire box set, with my Lucario dildo, perfectly shaped and contoured to replicate as accurately as possible with plastic a Lucario's penis.

I wasted no time positioning that sucker at my entrance once I had my panties bunched around my ankles, now dripping with anticipation as I awaited what my entire day had worked toward. I watched eagerly as it went through the usual crap; her name, where her gym is, her favorite type, how long she's been doing this, and some downright hilarious attempts at dirty talk from the camera guy that just sounded wrong. Then, once all the cheap stuff was out of the way, the shot jumped--much to my surprise--to what had to be the fastest transition not just to sex in one of these, but to full-on, heavy smut.

She was in the doggy style position, a Scizor pounding her ass furiously, a Lucario beneath her slamming into her pussy, and she slobbered over a Skarmory's long, hard cock like it was nobody's business. It was an abrupt jump right into the porn--quality gang bang porn at that--that was so rare nowadays. Of course, nobody wants to hear me be a Pokemon porn connoisseur.

As soon as the initial shock failed, I went right along, pumping the Lucario replica into my pussy, matching the rhythm of the movie's Lucario perfectly, and it was incredible, making me thrust against the dildo as I pounded myself with it. I only wished it were real, that an actual Lucario were beneath me, and that a Scizor would claim my ass and a Skarmory my mouth. I watched Jasmine whore herself all over the Pokemon cock and could think only envious thoughts, wishing I was there, that I could do anything to even one of those. Oh, the debauchery I could get into with just one Pokemon. I would have cum dripping from all my holes and still be screaming for more. I'd wear just one out between my libido and utter depravity.

Harder the Pokemon fucked the steel-type trainer, and harder I fucked myself. My spare hand unbuttoned my pajama shirt all the way, opening it and exposing my small breasts to the frigid air in my room; I liked it cold, and the feeling it had against my naked body was just a plus. I shrugged out of the shirt so that all I wore were my panties, bunched up around my ankle, watching the DVD earnestly as I thrust a fake, Lucario cock-shaped dildo into me and moaned out the name of a Pokemon who wasn't there.

Okay, yeah, I was kind of a lonely girl.

Apparently the jump cut was at the expense of actual scene length, because long before I was finished, Jasmine pulled away from the three Pokemon, who then got into position and, with a little help from her hands and mouth, unleashed massive loads that coated the gym leader in their sticky white cum. I hated when the money shot came while my end wasn't in sight. I sighed, continuing idly to slide the dildo into me. It adjusted well to my pussy, the contours providing an extra sensation, helped by the rather large girth of it.

The disc continued, but I seemed to be unsatisfied that night. I continued on, plunging that fake Lucario into me, screaming for release that never came. Jasmine got progressively more covered in cum, the goo getting into her hair and all over her breasts by the time the first disc was over. Disc two, hopefully, would fare a little better. For extra assurance, I also switched toys to something that usually got me out of spots like this. It was a long vibrator, even thicker than the Lucario, and shaped like a Gyarados. Not his penis, but like the Pokemon. And it had a vibrate feature on it that could put the real thing's Thrash move to shame. Hopefully, this would get me through.

Disc two started up and didn't even bother with pretense. In fact, it didn't bother with anything. As soon as the menu left, I was greeted by Jasmine being held by a Charizard, struggling about as convincingly as someone could in a porno, while Flannery straddled her thigh and groped her.

"The little steel-type slut's wondering about just how good fire Pokemon can be, Charizard? Well, little girl, I'll have you screaming for more of my Pokemons' steaming hot cocks by the end of the night." As she spoke, her hands kneaded Jasmine's small breasts and she even provocatively grinded her pussy against her milky thigh. "But I'm not only going to have you screaming for cock by the end." She licked up the girl's face before Charizard slammed the brunette onto his cock.

Usually, such insane lesbian overtones were enough, but as I watched, the low hum of the raging Gyarados in my pussy little distraction from the TV, I still found myself unsatisfied. I continued watching, and it was some of the hottest stuff I'd ever seen. The Flannery crossovers were always primo material, with huge Pokemon and huge cocks making girls scream for more cum while Flannery does depraved lesbians acts on them. It's beautiful stuff, and yet as I lay there, letting the vibrator go as I tended to my clitoris with one hand my breasts with another, I seemed frozen in a state where I was feeling pleasure, but not the great release I knew I should have been, and that disappointed me greatly.

I pushed the vibrator further in, leaning back against my plush Snorlax, which was almost as big as me, and watched eagerly the movie, the Gyarados almost bottoming out inside me, and yet doing absolutely nothing to make me feel any closer to my orgasm. I knew something big was brewing, I just couldn't coax the explosion out.

Focusing on the movie, I tried to put all thoughts of that out of my mind. Jasmine was still being reamed by Charizard, her pussy dripping with his first load of steamy cum, but now she was leaned forward, Flannery holding a handful of her hair as she forced the girl's mouth to her pussy and demanded she eat her out. Jasmine had no choice but to comply, but Flannery's words weren't encouragement. They were generally just calling her a slut, rhetorical questions about loving flaming cock and how she was being trained to love pussy now. It was all part of the show, all rather entertaining--and much better than anything the camera guy could say--but it wasn't enough, frustratingly.

I screamed as I look frantically in my box, Gyarados thrashing about inside me, for something that could work better. Maybe I needed to satisfy some kink. Anal stimulation? Maybe. Something to suck on? No, generally that didn't do it for me. I needed something new, something fresh.

And there, on the top, seeming to radiate golden light, was a strap on. It wasn't just any strap on though. I bought it when a friend of mine thought about experimenting and bought a bunch of toys. She ended up getting a boyfriend before we could have any fun with the stuff, though, so she gave it to me as a consolation. It was even bigger than Gyarados, and a perfect replica of a Snorlax's cock.

I pulled Gyarados out of my pussy, giving him a kiss and thanking him for trying before pulling the monster strap on out and turning around. It was a hard fit, but in no time at all it was around my stuffed Snorlax, who was now equipped with a cock, and far more than a pillow.

As I lay him down and straddled my plush Pokemon, I knew instantly this was precisely the kind of insane kinky I needed. I moaned and shuddered as slowly the cock slid into me, each inch making me moan louder. I wasn't afraid of waking mum, though, and went wild.

Finally, all of the plastic cock was buried inside me, and I felt so dirty. "Oh, Snorlax," I moaned, and with those words, everything seemed strangely right. I raised my pelvis up a little and brought it back down, moaning as slowly I effectively fucked the Pokemon. I made my own sex doll, and I was treating it like a real Pokemon.

I may have felt lonely, but I also felt dirty and horny and all those wonderful little feelings that make it right anyway.

I no longer payed any attention to the screen, even if it was a sloppy double blow job on a Magmortar where the girls were kissing each other more than they were the cock, because I was in a new kind of heaven. I moved faster and harder, moaning the whole time.

"Fuck me, Snorlax!" The words spilled out of my mouth on instinct, but I didn't regret them. It was nerdy, it was sad, it was all those things. But a skinny girl in glasses fucking a plush Snorlax was, above all else, incredibly hot, and every bone in my bisexual body would have loved to see it. I was just lucky enough to live it.

More dirty talk fell on the plush's deaf ears, but just saying the words seemed like release, regardless of whether anything listened or not. I pressed my hands on his belly for leverage as now I fucked him as hard as I could. It wasn't anywhere as fast as the gym leaders in the DVDs could muster, but they were pros. This was my first time thrusting against something that stayed still. The cock filled me up wonderfully, the strange, ribbed texture of it providing unique sensations that changed when I began to buck against it differently, but each time the result was the same; impassioned moaning.

"Harder! More! Make me cum, Snorlax! I'm your whore!" I was louder than anyone had any right to be while fucking a stuffed animal. But there's where the beauty of it was; I didn't care one bit. Even if my mom woke up and caught me in this act of debauchery, I had come too far to stop, too far to care. I was going to role play with the damn thing, and I was out to have fun.

Finally, with everything swirling around in my head and the cock hammering my pussy hard, I felt the orgasm hit me like a ton of bricks. I didn't see it coming, but all at once, I felt the powerful sensations wash over my body. I screamed out something--I'm not even sure what it was anymore--that I was amazed didn't even faze my mom, her snoring continuing through the whole thing, actually. My juices came out rather hard, the wettest orgasm I ever had, and it soaked the entire crotch area and thighs of the plush. He was soaked in my juices, but dammit he earned them.

I lay down on the Snorlax, the cock still buried in me, and I kissed him on the mouth. It was sort of funny; when I pulled the blankets over me, still cuddling the stuffed animal, it looked totally innocent. I mean, I wasn't wearing anything, and there was clearly some plastic sticking out of the stuffed animal that I had lodged in my vagina, but with the blanket on me, it would look just fine.

As I lay there, already beginning to nod off, all I could wonder was if the Charizard cock, which could even fire off heated, fake semen, was mountable.

One thing was certain. I would need a lot more plushes.
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Jun 11, 2010 at 11:18 pm
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lol cool, hope to see chapter 10 :P
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Jun 14, 2010 at 2:08 pm
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when she strapped the strap-on on to the snorlax it reminded me of a porn i once watched, loved every minute of it.
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wow this is a really interesting story
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megadeth425 wrote...
Hey, this is Joe's writing partner and the other half of the team that brought you this and some of his other stuff.

Wow, I just got on to post that and I see you already did it. Thanks.

Coulda let me know, though. :p
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Back with another chapter! This one took forever because we were both busy with other stuff.

Chapter 12 - Back On Patrol!

"Fuck me, Zaps! Harder! Oh fuck, yeah!"

"Pika-CHU! Pika Pika!"

After the previous night of full-on lesbian sex, I decided that I would get back to what I really joined the Pokemon Rangers for; namely, this Pikachu's electricity-surged cock. Zaps and I had been going at it for over an hour now - It's amazing what an energetic Pokemon can do if you deprive him of pussy for more than a day.

His shocks were beginning to pick up in power; they were beginning to hit my clit and it nearly drove me over the edge. My hips kept bucking and my moaning didn't cease as my little yellow partner continued to pound away at me, his red cheeks sparking violently as usual.

"Pika! Pikachu!" Zaps moaned his species' name, thrusting into me as fast as he could. He was close, but apparently didn't want this to end so fast. Maybe going without me for a night showed him how much he needed me.

"Harder," I moaned, barely louder than a whisper, my chest rising as his tail twitched, tickling my leg in the process. My hands went to my breasts, catching them as I hit my highest point, my body rocking hard against his, the fur rubbing against my thighs, his penis still throbbing inside me. I could feel it building up so intensely, granting me sensations I had come to miss.

"Chuu!" he half-groaned as he ravaged me, intent on proving himself better than the girls, hoping I would forget all that silliness and be unconditionally his. We both knew that was impossible, but if jealousy made him this determined, I'd certainly never leave him alone for a few days, because this was probably the best fuck we'd had yet.

"Oh yeah! Fuck me harder!" I moaned much louder now, throwing my head back in pure bliss and not giving a damn if anyone heard us. His sparks were turning into full-on shocks; my cunt squeezing his cock didn't help to calm them, either. Not that I was complaining. At my moaned request, my Pikachu began to slam into me as forcefully as he could, groaning various parts of his species name, being drowned out by my own yells. "Oh fuck, Zaps! God yes!"

"Pika!" he screamed, throwing his head back as his cheeks surged one last time, continuous as I seized his cock tightly, pressed upward against him as his warm seed spread in me quickly, my pussy constricting and my body convulsing. The electricity followed, sending me to an orgasm, everything spinning around fast, faster than I thought safe or possible.

The waves of pleasure caught me and tossed me violently around my head, unable to do anything, aware of very little beyond Zaps still fucking me hard, still persevering, as though he was far from finished with me. It was all too much, too hard. My body wouldn't let up, wouldn't release me from the physical release that threatened to tear me apart.

Then, everything was black. I couldn't hear or see anything, but the pleasure was still there. The intensity retreated, becoming bearable now, but my main two senses were dulled. I wasn't even sure if it was Zaps anymore, as the electricity had stopped, the tickling fur gone. What was going on?

I'm not quite sure what, or who was with me right then, but whoever it is, they have an amazing cock. I've never felt sex this amazing before, and that's after the session I just had with Zaps. Whoever this person is, they're damn good at what they do. I wanted to scream for more, but as soon as I opened my mouth, I couldn't make a sound. I felt myself moaning and screaming, even moreso as this figure continued to fuck me, but not a sound would come out.

My legs were wrapped around what I assumed was this person's waist, squeezing as forcefully as I could, my body screaming for more of the cock that was shoved inside of me. My breasts were bouncing rapidly as my silent screaming continued. Even though I had just came with Zaps moments ago, I felt an orgasm coming - And coming hard. The mystery cock inside gave me one last, hard slam, and at that moment I felt my climax hit.

Unfortunately, that's when I woke up.

"You look like hell warmed over," Julia remarked as I made my way to the breakfast table that morning. Does it count as sleep when it's two hours dreaming of sex? My body was far from rested, and as predicted, Julia was keeping up appearances. She sort of had to, or else things would look suspicious.

"Which is an improvement over being colder than the ninth circle," Tabitha shot back. She wore a mock-up band shirt that morning that said "Sgt. Pelliper's Lonely Ralts Club Band". She wore her hair long that morning with a Gardevoir clip. The masquerade was Tabby's idea, actually, to avoid suspicion from our housemates. She followed it up with an aside wink and quickly hid her smile by stuffing her mouth with toast.

"One morning without you arguing, that's all I ask," Brittany said as she put a prepared plate in front of my place. "Or else I'll hit both of you with double patrol shifts. Together."

As I sat down, I wondered if threatening them with being together, in the wild, for several hours, was really the best punishment she could throw at them. Not that I'd mind; more time with Zaps while they had their own fun.

After that, we ate our breakfast in relative silence. It was just one of those mornings, I guess, which was good; I was too tired for conversation. Breakfast provided little energy, and before I knew it, I was upstairs, getting into uniform. Zaps refused to wake up, and I wondered if it was smart to really disturb him. Oh well, I could finally work out the capture styler without my partner around, and hopefully avoid any real trouble.

"Okay, now you girls be careful. Come back in a few hours for lunch and reporting, then we'll plan from there. Head out, Rangers!" Brittany gave us her usual cheerful orders, all of us leaving soon after. I watched the other girls leave with their Pokemon, sighing as I continued down my own path. Zaps needed sleep, but it was also pretty lonely without him around. Well, at least now I can figure out how the styler works. Now to find a suitable target ...

"This sucks." I complained to no one in particular, walking down this dirt road that led into the forest. "It would at least be nice to have Zaps around to fuck later ..." Don't ask me why I was talking to myself, I just was. No real reason behind it. I looked at the styler on my wrist, studying it; no matter which way I looked, it was just a watch-like thing. I should've read the instructions last night, but when you have the choices of getting fucked by a Pokemon or reading, which would you choose?

The forest was getting thicker the deeper I went in, surrounded by pine trees and various dropped nuts and berries all over the ground. Not even a Pidgey was in the area today. Was everyone still asleep this early?

"Hera ... Cross Hera." I heard a voice coming from deeper into the forest, instantly recognizing it; A Heracross. Well, considering it said its name, anyone would recognize it, but whatever. I grinned, dashing into the forest to follow the sound of the voice. The Pokemon continued to speak its name, becoming louder as I went past the trees.

"Finally ...!" I muttered, seeing the large bug Pokemon attached to a pine tree, sucking the sap out of a hole it made. It ignored me, continuing to eat. I looked down at my styler, then back at the Pokemon; it's now or never, I guess. I walked closer, accidentally stepping on a rather loud twig. Heracross instantly turned, jumping from the tree and landing it front of me with an unhappy look on its face - I guess he didn't like being interrupted during a meal.

"Heracross." It said, walking closer to me. Why would a Heracross, of all Pokemon, get pissed when I came near it? I looked at the styler once again, pressing the only button I could find. Out of nowhere, a top slid from it and hit the ground, homing in towards the Pokemon. An antenna came out of the watch's top, turning into some kind of remote. So this an RC top?

I took a deep breath, moving the remote around and watching as the top awkwardly moved in a small circle, leaving a line of blue light in it's path. Heracross watched in confusion, looking even more stumped when I got the top to finally spin around it, surrounding it in the blue light. The Pokemon shrugged, simply walking through the light and causing it to disappear.

"What the hell?" I exclaimed, wondering what in the world went wrong. I thought this was supposed to tame it! Maybe it isn't supposed to touch the Pokemon or something? I didn't have much time to think - Heracross was getting closer. Slowly stepping back, I tried my best to regain control of the top and furiously spin it all around the big Pokemon. The light was getting a lot brighter around it, with Heracross beginning to look nervous as the light surrounded it entirely.

Just like that, the top retracted into the watch, with the antenna going back inside. Did I break it? I hope these things don't cost too much to replace!


Oh shit, I forgot that I had a pissed-off bug coming for me. I closed my eyes, waiting for the mauling to begin ... But I felt nothing. I slowly opened an eye, seeing the Pokemon standing in front of me with a smile on its face. Did I tame it?

"Are we friends now, Heracross?" I asked it, still breathing a bit heavily in fear. The Pokemon simply nodded, as if we had been friends for years and my fear was weird to it. I sighed in relief, hugging the creature. Heracross paused for a moment, hugging me back. The Pokemon obviously had no idea what I was doing.

Seeing he had calmed down, it was time to get what I came here for and test how much control I had over him. "Fuck me."

His response was immediate, pulling my shorts down, then bringing me to the ground. In seconds, I was bottomless and on all fours as he stood behind me, holding onto my hips tightly and prodding my wet entrance with his tip. I shuddered a little as he did it again, and then a third. On the fourth, he plunged his long cock, with its strange surface texture that stimulated the walls of my pussy, all the way inside me at once.

I pushed forward and cried out as he wasted no time plunging frantically in and out of my dripping hole. I kept pushing back against him to meet his thrusts, eager to get more of his penis and its odd feeling inside me, never wanting to be empty.

My hands dug into the grass to help keep myself steady as my first time with a bug Pokemon proved incredible. "Harder," I moaned, wanting to feel his cock harder and deeper inside me, to make me scream as I knelt down and raised my ass in the middle of a forest and let some strange animal fuck me into oblivion.

As if my command had to be obeyed no matter what, he obliged, fucking me harder, groaning his name again and again while his claws held onto my hips and refused to let go. Faster he pounded as the sound of flesh colliding with...flesh? I'm not sure what to call it. But the sound grew louder, echoing through the forest along with our cries of pleasure.

It was a great feeling, one I would have loved to cherish and enjoy for as long as possible. And most likely, I would have. Until, that was, I heard Brittany's voice.

"Girls, get back here this instant. We have a problem on our hands."

Her voice came from the walkie-talkie in my pocket, and I knew there was a problem. "Get off, Heracross." I commanded.

He reluctantly obeyed, looking at me rather confused. His cock was still long and hard, glistening with my juices.

"I'm sorry, but I have to go. I'll let you out of my control now, and I promise that when I can, I'll come pay you a visit, okay?"

"Cross," he said, seeming to understand. I was going to make good on my promise, I just had to actually do my job for a moment. I waved at the Pokemon as I slowly walked off, breaking into a run soon after.

Whatever interrupted this had better be really, really important.


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grah! and yay!! xD
cliffhanger and ur return! what a comeback
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Chapter 13 - Nidoking Attack!

I was rather pissed while running back towards the Ranger Base, wondering what the hell was so important that it had to interrupt my time with a Heracross cock. Whatever Brittany needs, it must have been pretty damn important to call every one of us back. I could begin to see the top of the building as my pace picked up, trying my best to get there, solve this problem, and get back to Heracross.

" ... Holy shit." I muttered, freezing in place. The Ranger HQ looked about the same ... In various pieces. The building was still intact, but it looked like someone had been hitting it with a wrecking ball. What the fuck happened? I looked around, seeing Brittany standing nearby. I quickly ran up to her, pausing to catch my breath. She turned, seeing me.

"It's awful, Nicky! These Nidoking showed up outta nowhere and just started breaking everything! I can't figure out why!" She said, sounding more upset than I'd ever heard her before. Wait ... These Nidoking? I looked at the HQ, seeing a group of large purple Pokemon stomping around and roaring. Wouldn't you know it - One looked back at me.

Guess which one.

"Tabitha's up there with her Infernape, fighting them off. None of our Pokemon are strong enough to want to fight them, so we're seeing if there's anything in the forest that can-"

Brittany's attempts to explain the situation further were seriously impeded by me running for it. My legs carried me so quickly to the building I could barely believe it. One moment, I was standing with Brittany and Jess, Julia running off to find some backup, and the next thing I knew, a Nidoking bore down on me, only to be repelled with a well-placed kick from Infernape. In response, he went tumbling to the side, quickly regaining his footing and roaring, letting us know he meant business.

"What are you doing?" Tabby yelled.

"I think these Nidoking are here for me."

Tabitha looked at me in awe for a moment before sighing. "Did you really fuck one of them on patrol?"

"Well, look at them. They're huge. I think you can put two and two together."

She didn't have to. As soon as the Nidoking saw me and realized just who I was, they had a collective reaction that answered all of Tabby's concerns; all three large Pokemon simultaneously grew hard and descended upon me.

"I think all we need to do to get them out is give them a good time," I smiled, working my clothes off and throwing them carelessly onto the ground. I guess one way to make up for lack of Hera-cock-yeah, I went there, and I bet Tabby would appreciate the pun when I told her later-was three Nidoking. After all, there were only two of us girls there. One of us would have to be shared.

"You're not going without me." Tabby said. I looked over, seeing she was already nude - Damn, this girl is fast; another reason why I love her. I grinned, giving her a nod. "Let's go have some fun ... Oh, and save the base, I guess." I giggled at this for some reason, nodding. The two of us, completely nude, waited for the approaching Pokemon. I looked over, seeing that Infernape was either ignoring us, or wasn't paying attention; he was still in a fighting stance. However, the Nidoking weren't interested in fighting anymore - When they walked past the ape Pokemon, one of the Nidoking placed a palm over his face and shoved, sending Infernape flying into a tree and falling hard to the ground. Tabby looked horrified, and started to run towards her partner - I grabbed her by the wrist.

"He'll be fine, trust me." I said, smiling. "We have some work to do, remember?" Tabby's look of sadness slowly changed back to her usual grin - Sure, maybe she shouldn't have been so easy to ignore Infernape, but she knew he'd be fine. Infernape had taken much more than this before.

Tabby was still fairly amateurish about sex with Pokemon, so I pulled two of them in with me before they could take her a little more roughly than she should have been. One Nidoking was good, at least for now.

Besides, it had been quite a while since I last had two Pokemon tending to me at once, and neither of them were packing as much heat at these boys.

I didn't even bother doing anything as their hands grabbed me and moved me into position, his powerful arms handling me with total ease. He pierced me, pulling me onto his cock in one motion, a scream escaping my lips as he then pushed my face forward and my mouth onto the cock of his partner. Neither were the one I fucked, and both seemed eager to find out if what the first Nidoking told them was true.

From the corner of my eye, I could just barely spot Tabitha lying face-up on the ground, her pelvis raised to meet Nidoking's as he quickly took to savaging the slender nerdy girl of my dreams. Thoughts of Infernape's injury seemed to have melted away as she gave in to the rough fucking.

I would have loved to watch her get reamed some more, but my attention was pulled back to the Nidokings. They held me in place, my legs against the hips of the one behind me, as they spit-roasted me on their large cocks. I really just had to remain there motionless and they probably could have handled it, but what would have been the fun in that? Without having to pay any mind to keeping myself steady, my hands fell into position as I worked to give him the best damn blowjob I could muster. I stroked what wasn't in my mouth, getting a growl from him - I assume that was like a moan. I hope.

I wanted to scream for the other one to fuck me harder, but the throbbing purple dick in my mouth made any sounds impossible. I kept sucking hard, my tongue swirling as much as I could manage, all while tightening my pussy around the cock slamming into it. The sounds of Tabby's screams of pleasure only made me wetter and tighten up even more for the Nidoking, causing him to become a bit more rough; heaven. The most I could do was make loud, muffled moans as the two Poison Pokemon continued to use me as much as they damn well wanted.

And there it was. All the proof I ever needed as to why this whole "ranger" thing was a good idea. Everything was great, I had not one but two girlfriends, a Pokemon lover on the side, and here I was, being made a total slut of by two large Pokemon who came by simply because another Pokemon recommended me. Does this mean I made it? Was I full-on PokeSlut now?

I'd have to celebrate with Zaps tonight.

Tabby's screams rang out, bare orgasmic bliss over her angelic voice as Nidoking sent her over the edge. As though it was an aphrodisiac, the Nidokings all collectively blew their loads.

... They can't be done already, right? I'm not even close to orgasm yet.

No, they were nowhere near done - They were just trading. The two Nidoking holding me suddenly dropped me; I was still swallowing cum and leaking it from my cunt. The Nidoking fucking Tabby also unloaded into her, most of it falling to the grass as he walked away, heading towards me - Oh, this one was the one I had fucked before. Maybe he remembered me?

His huge erection made that a big "yes."

I found myself pulled to my knees, almost as if he wanted me to bow before his cock as I took the head into my mouth, focused on making this one count, giving him every inch of my love. After all, he not only came back for more, which said a lot about my skill, but he brought friends with him. I wondered if I should bring Tabby and Julia over to their lair some time; there had to be more than three of them, and I'm sure the girls would love it.

Speaking of Tabby, with my vision a whole lot more open, I looked over to see Tabby getting the second part of her new experiences, and loving every second of it. I could barely make her out as the two Nidokings sandwiched her, providing her first run-in with double penetration, and by the sounds she was making, loved every second of it.

My tongue ran up Nidoking's shaft, circling slowly around his swollen tip, before my mouth descended, taking it into my mouth. One hand moved quickly along his base while the other I found indulging myself-I was too turned on not to. I could taste Tabby on it in addition to his sperm, providing a strange taste that drove me to take it deeper into my mouth. My fingers followed suit, also dripping a mix of mine and a Nidoking's fluids, drawing deeper into me, thrusting quickly and unceremoniously. While I gave Nidoking my best, I found no point in not just going full blast on myself; no technique, just raw fingerfucking.

"Nido!" he bellowed, placing his hand on my head, his clawed fingers running through my blonde hair, getting firmly rooted in there as they spread out, holding onto my head, taking the reigns from me. From that point on, he was in control, and I could do nothing to stop it. I merely went along for the ride, letting him fuck my mouth as hard and fast as he wanted, doing my best to adapt while my fingers worked deep into my pussy frantically now.

Everyone around me was getting ready for another release, and I was worried I'd be the only one not to have an orgasm, let alone two. Frantically my sandwiched little angel screamed while the Nidokings pounded her tight ass and pussy mercilessly, nailing her in perfect synchronization. She squirmed around between them, her body surging with untold pleasures.

Again, as if connected to some hive consciousness, all four of them seemed to go simultaneously. Tabby erupted into a primal screaming fit as they shot off their loads into her at the same time, filling her holes up with their thick cum. The Nidoking before me pushed me away at the last moment, my face greeted with a blast of his cum.

I was pissed at the fact I hadn't gotten off yet, and was about to demand some attention from all four, but just my luck, Julia ran up the hill.

"Shit!" she screamed. "Guys, get dressed. Brittany and Jess are about five minutes away!"

This wasn't my day.


I almost inhaled my supper that night and rushed upstairs. When I arrived, Zaps was lying on the bed, relaxing. I took him totally by surprise as I dove onto the bed, the door closing behind me and my clothes leaving my body as I tore them off. I was going to fuck him, hard.

I grabbed him, rolling onto my back. My upper body was bare, and my shorts were down around my ankles as I just dropped him in the general vicinity of my pussy, knowing he'd figure things out. "Fuck me, Zaps."

There was no way he'd turn down the offer. Within seconds, he was pounding into me as hard and fast as he could muster, moans escaping my lips as my pussy, constantly denied release, ached and throbbed, desperate to get off. My body was screaming for orgasm, almost as though it was my fault I didn't get off with Heracross or the Nidokings. I wanted to put the matter to rest, have some orgasms, and try to have a more pleasurable day tomorrow.

With my Pikachu loyally reaming me, it seemed like I was well on the way to that. I moaned, rubbing my breasts as his electric dick sent little sparks off inside me. His hands grabbed onto my hips for leverage as he fucked me even harder. I moaned, closing my eyes and letting the pleasure soak in.

But then, just as I was really enjoying things, it went black again. Totally black. The kind of black not born from a lack of light or having my eyes closed. Emptiness. As though I couldn't see anything. As though my senses were gone.

Well, my sight, at least. For the second time in as many nights, I blanked out, but physical sensation exploded from my core. Something or someone was fucking me, sending my body reeling into a previously unfelt paradise. I could feel some sensation emitting from the mystery penis, not quite warmth or electricity or anything I could really describe. It was just raw pleasure tearing through.

Just what I needed.

It may well have been a dream, but I didn't care any more. I just moaned, wrapped my legs against this mystery partner who made me feel so good. I ached for an orgasm, and this may just be what I needed.

I didn't last long, but luckily, neither did he. Whoever this person was, he was as in as much need of it as I was. I screamed, but nothing came out, as his seed filled my quivering pussy, my body almost tearing itself apart in anticipation as pleasure ripped through me. I accepted his load graciously, my body finally meeting its long-awaited release.

As I lay there, my vision came back to me. It was just a moment, just long enough to make out a shadowed figure, almost purple-tinged against the darkness in my room-or at least I thought it was my room; it could have been anywhere. Just as quickly as I caught a glimpse of whoever had so charitably given me all I wanted that night, sleep hit me like a brick.

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nice... lolz, those nidokings really wanted some huh? and who is that mystery being that's doing Nicole when she's in that 'blanked out mode'? starting to get interested. all-in-all, awesum, keep the chapters rolling Joe-kun! xP
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Hm, I've read this on, and I read it again. Still awesome.
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Seishiro wrote...
Hm, I've read this on, and I read it again. Still awesome.

Yeah, we have it on there, AdultFanFiction, Fakku (duh,) and other sites. We like to branch out.

Also thank you, I'm glad you enjoyed it.