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FAKKU Store Update 1 week ago

As of August 31st, 2021, FAKKU is unable to accept orders for digital or physical goods (doujin, games, books, apparel, etc) from our store, which was hosted by a 3rd party service. This does not impact FAKKU Unlimited subscriptions. Pre-orders placed before August 31st, 2021 will be shipped to customers on-time and without issue, barring any unforeseen unrelated circumstances. We are actively working to create an order status page for these orders that will provide tracking and additional information.

All new non-subscription releases are currently delayed. FAKKU is actively working on getting a new storefront in place for order fulfillment and we will be posting more updates soon.

In addition to this forum thread, we will continue to provide updates on the FAKKU official twitter account (twitter.com/fakku) and we continue responding to customer inquiries via support@fakku.net. In the meantime, customers should be able to purchase many of our physical books at our retail partners - Right Stuf, Powell’s, Archonia, and Amazon. We'll provide a list of FAQ's in the next reply.

Thank you for all of your support 🙏 our store will be back online soon.