Anime Expo Announcements 1 week ago

If you weren't able to attend our Anime Expo Industry panel, this compilation topic has you covered! We have over 20 new licenses and announcement for you, so scroll down and check out our new books, magazines, and games at your leisure!


First off, we're introducing four additional magazines to the subscription lineup. These are all newer magazines, allowing us to pick them up right from volume one! We'll start releasing chapters from some of them in just a couple of hours, but in the meantime, click the image below to find out more about these new magazines.

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FAKKU! Books

For books, we're unveiling most (but not all) of our upcoming titles for the year. This includes seven standard releases, and four gorgeous artbooks! Note that titles who are further down the pipeline don't have a description yet, but will later on.

ax-a_k-l.png ax-a_b-fm.png ax-a_ao-b.png ax-a_nc-o10.png ax-a_m-miw.png ax-a_h-hg.png ax-a_m-lb.png ax-a_kt-h.png ax-a_ar-kf.png ax-a_y-bt.png ax-a_y-btd.png

KUMA Books

Last week we first revealed our new LGBT imprint: KUMA! The first title was released along with the reveal, another debuted during Anime Expo, and two more were announced during the convention. Click the preview below to find out more about KUMA.

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And finally, for games, we have the horror RPG Abaddon: Princess of the Decay and the dating sim classic True Love!

ax-a_g1-title.png ax-a_g2-title.jpg