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Front Page News
Posts from the main page.
Jun 27, 5:06 am
What type of content would ...
Feedback, Suggestions, and Support
Suggestions? Problems with the site? Ideas to make it better?
Jun 27, 8:44 am
Commenting more than 3x dee...
Discuss FAKKU books, announcements, and learn about our team.
Jun 27, 2:22 pm
[Kojima Miu] The Double Sec...
Discuss FAKKU merchandise, new projects, and upcoming releases.
Jun 23, 10:04 pm
What kind of merchandise do...
Discuss FAKKU subscriptions, features, and upcoming releases.
Jun 27, 8:58 am
Magazine Previews July 2017


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If a topic does not have a more appropriate category it belongs in here.
Jun 27, 2:08 am
One insignificant thing you...
Incoherent Babbling
Posts lacking intelligence go in here.
Chat Topics and Forum Games
Jun 27, 1:07 pm
Is it just me or does movie...
Serious Discussion
Intelligent answers to intelligent questions.
Jun 07, 2:07 am
What skills does FAKKU look...
Meet and Greet
Introduce yourself to the community.
Jun 27, 12:30 am

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Anime and Manga
Anything anime or manga related.
Jun 20, 9:38 pm
Am I the only who thinks Ev...
Art and Digital Graphics
Show off your artistic skills! Includes both drawn and digital work.
Jun 23, 3:33 pm
Bear Festival's... Festivit...
Computers and Technology
Pretty much anything having to do with technology.
Jun 14, 12:34 am
For those who speak compute...
Cosplay and Conventions
Going to a convention? Cosplay discussion?
Jun 27, 2:22 pm
Anime Expo 2017
Entertainment and Television
Comics, Graphic Novels, Movies, Television, etc.
May 08, 8:29 pm
please identify this milf i...
Figures, Mecha, and Toys
Giant robots, figures, dolls, toys, and mecha. All in one.
Jun 21, 10:46 pm
Cleaning tips?
Hentai Discussion
Discuss hentai manga, anime, and doujinshi.
Jun 27, 9:13 am
Your Doujinshi/Hentai Manga...
Love, Romance, and Relationships
Both 2D and 3D love apply.
May 30, 8:30 pm
Pet peeves about being in a...
Metal, J-Pop, Rock, Indie, etc.
Jun 03, 9:07 pm
rap music on fakku
Video Games
Console, PC, RPG, FPS... everything!
Jun 26, 8:56 pm
Fate/Grand Order( Android ,...
Visual Novels and Eroge
Discuss visual novels and eroge!
Jun 21, 12:42 am
What VN are you playing? Wh...
Writing and Fanfiction
The pen is mightier than the sword!
Jun 27, 1:03 pm
Greatest Hate of All (Parod...
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