Mutiny!! is set in a world of fantasy, and adventure. A realm where airships can sail among the clouds as well as the sea, entering the flogiston to journey to other planes. There’s treasure spread out over many planes if you’re brave or curious enough to find it!
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blackswordsman +1 points Eternal Struggler
August 02, 2018 at 11:22 pm
My forum post is being ignored, so I'll ask here. How do I install the DLC?

Edit: I figured it out, though the solution was kind of awkward. The way to get the DLC to work is by individually dropping one of the DLC's files into the "Mutiny > game" folder, playing through that route, then doing the same again for another DLC. Seems to work, then, though the DLC downloads will not show anything different on the main menu (that option will still be grayed out).
blackswordsman +1 points Eternal Struggler
August 08, 2018 at 12:23 am
Review part 1/4
And since I've just recently finished the game and all of the major endings (except for a few failure ending states), I'll also review it.

I will preface this review by stating that I have also played Lupiesoft's other titles "The Stargazers" and "The Menagerie", so I'll be comparing this work heavily to those two. I will also avoid spoilers, so don't worry.

This game is a marked improvement over the aforementioned other titles Lupiesoft has made. It's clearly a more recent addition to their repertoire, and it shows valuable lessons they've clearly learned from the shortcomings of their other works. Namely, in the categories of character development, music, storytelling, and variety (I will elaborate on this last point later in this review). It also has some flaws that hold it back from being really great, though the good writing salvages the game from the worst of it.
blackswordsman +1 points Eternal Struggler
August 08, 2018 at 12:27 am
Review part 2/4
Character development was not lacking, per se, in their other titles but Stargazers and The Menagerie were both somewhat short and didn't have very many characters. Most noticeable was the main character, Grace's development. Without spoiling anything, her character changes in very different way depending on what route you take, which was a very pleasant surprise. Whoever did the lion's share of the writing for Grace, they should congratulate themselves on writing a good character in the last place I expected to find such a thing.

The music is also a massive improvement over Lupiesoft's earlier works. Not only is there a lot more music, it no longer suffers from the empty swathes of silence that Stargazers possessed, and because of the larger number of tracks, the music does not repeat as often as in The Menagerie. It also helps that the music is good, as well.
blackswordsman +1 points Eternal Struggler
August 08, 2018 at 12:29 am
Review part 3/4
In terms of storytelling, there are several elements that are good here, a few that aren't. Good storytelling was the fact that each route had different possible outcomes in the relationship between Grace and her chosen partner(s). Each route had 3 potential endings: Good, Neutral, and Bad (i.e. a Mutinous End state, where the crew rebels). Considering that there were 5 available routes at the time of this review, that's 15 possible endings. Not bad... not bad at all. A huge improvement over the Stargazers' 2-3 endings and the Menagerie's 3-4. There are also very few jarring transitions, where the story gets disjointed and the reader is disoriented by a sudden change in time and space without any explanation.

The variety is much better as well. While the two main puzzles were honestly not great and the ship combat puzzles were an infuriating trial-and-error affair (without using an online guide), the larger cast, additional routes, and variations of success and failure states added a lot of replay-ability to this game than Lupiesoft's other works offered.
blackswordsman +1 points Eternal Struggler
August 08, 2018 at 12:31 am
Review part 4/4
Major flaws mostly involve the puzzles. They’re honestly not very good. The ship battles are arbitrary guessing games if you’re not using a guide, and the other two puzzle types are so easy I could do them while asleep. Not a huge deal, but having to save scum to succeed in the ship battles for late game breaks the pacing of the game, and feels unfairly punishing.

A note on artwork: Opinion on art is inherently subjective, but I personally adore Taosym's art style. It's got both western and eastern influences, and it's an utterly unique style that makes me think it reminds me of something but I can never quite figure out exactly what that something is. The H-scenes are also good, and contain some of the work's best writing, not only in overall entertainment value, but also in impressive diction. I can tell the writers put a lot of work into writing the script, and it shows.

Final Score and Thoughts: 8/10. Very good overall, with a few flaws (mostly in the puzzles and the weird way the DLC files worked) but nothing that makes it not enjoyable. I recommend this for anyone that likes Futanari, Monster Girls, or unique stories.

P.S. If anyone from Lupiesoft is reading this, get on that Bree route. I would really like to experience it. Pretty please with a bukkake on top.
le_beaubrun +1 points
April 16, 2019 at 3:07 pm
Story is bad, character art during conversation is good but the painting used for the actual sex scenes are very poor quality showing a lack of rendering and anatomy skills. None of the side characters have sex scenes and many of the main requires DLCs to finish their route. It is a cheap product compared to similar games in the genre.
Faheelee +1 points
December 06, 2018 at 11:36 am
This game has way too much dialogue for the little scenes it has. Highly recommend getting something else unless you're really desperate.
patrick0x0 +1 points
August 14, 2018 at 7:03 pm
i recently purchased this game and its saying the my files are corrupt is there anyway to fix this?
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