Tomboys Need Love Too

When Kai's childhood friend and neighbor, Chris, stays over his house while her parents are out of town, he soon realizes that this sleepover isn't like the ones they had when they were kids. Tomboy or not, Chris is now an adult woman with a strong sex drive. She's planning to use their cohabitation as an excuse to show him sides of herself which Kai never knew existed. Just as Chris's advances begin to take effect, however, an obstacle appears: Sophie, Kai's most recent crush. She's a beautiful girl who radiates kindness, and naturally attracts people of both sexes towards her. Her only downfall appears to be that, for every nice word spoken about her, an equal number of heinous rumors drag her name through the mud... Will the advances of Sophie, the girl whom Kai has been pining over for months, manage to sway his heart? Or will Chris finally convince him that the perfect woman was by his side all along?
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1 year ago
I've been feeling rather miserable, lately. Usually, I don't buy much from Fakku, but the game had interesting designs and I let myself get tempted (thinking this kind of games could improve my mood).

I've had no previous experience of that kind of choice-based games and expected nothing. To my pleasure, I've been surprised more than once by this game; it is short, sweet (sometimes bitter-sweet) and packs some twists in its bag. I believe I'll be following the developer from now on.

Without revealing spoilers, I would say my favourite endings are the best one (as advertised in the title) and the 'fixing' one (as in, fixing a broken person). I hope this humble comment won't have spilled the beans and will have elicited the interest from prospective buyers. I whole-heartedly recommend it: I've found it's given me much happiness and, at times, emotions. It's well worth its price.
Feronen Vanilla Pope
1 year ago
Short, sweet, to the point. Five well-written endings. Visuals were decent. Had the potential to be longer.

Recent Comments
7 months ago
Great game but there are limited art assets to the visual novel. The main character is rather bland and timid but the girls are interesting.
"You're in luck. Sit down and I'll warm up some food your mom prepared."
"Oh, that's okay. I can operate the microwave."
"Sit down, Kai! I want to sit on your lap and spoon feed you rice!"
"Yes, ma'am."
1 year ago
Only unlocked one of the endings so far, but it felt like the story was taking a while to build up, only to just end abruptly. Maybe I just got unlucky and the first path I went down was the one the writer cared the least about. Overall I'd say it's worth the price of admission, the designs of the girls are cute and the writing is fine.
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