Introducing: Collections 3 years ago

Hey everyone! First off, I apologize for interrupting your fapping with the earlier downtime. My name is Kisuka and I'm a new web developer here at FAKKU. I've been hired on to assist Jacob in the continued development of the website (and making sure this place stays awesome). I've been making my way through the enormous backlog of tasks and features, fixing bugs, and coming up with some new ideas. Today's update is my first big project, I really hope you all like it!

Today we are introducing a new feature called Collections! During our time at Anime Los Angeles, we had a fan mention how they were new to the whole doujinshi scene. They told us they found it hard to follow a manga or doujinshi that spanned across multiple uploads, “continuations” of a particular title. So we set out to make this easier for everyone.

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At first the plan was to fulfill the objective of displaying a collection on the content information page, linking to each piece of related content. But then we decided to take it a step further… by allowing users to create their own collections!

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With Collections, you are able to add various doujinshi / manga / books into a collection you create. These collections appear on your profile and can be either public or private. You can name them whatever you want... Futanari Friday? At the moment there is a limit of ten collections per users.

Creating a Collection

You can create a collection by either visiting your collections page on your profile, or via the “Create Collection” button on your collection list after clicking the “Add To” button on a piece of content.

Editing a Collection

You can edit your collection by visiting your collection's page on your profile, once there, click on the 'Edit' button in the top right.

Deleting a Collection[/b]

You can delete a collection by clicking the ‘Delete’ button while editing a collection.

Adding to a Collection

You can add content to a collection by clicking the ‘Add To’ button while viewing the information of a piece of content. You will be presented with a list of your collections, you can then select which one you want that piece of content added to.

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Let us know if you have any issues or suggestions regarding the new Collections feature.

Other Changes

- Messages are now condensed into conversations, rather than a new line for each reply.

- Improved /manga and /doujinshi landing pages to include cover images for "Popular" and "Controversial" lists

- You can now edit comments and include basic BBCode in them (bold, italic, underline, spoiler)

24 Hour Valentine's Day Sale! 3 years ago

UPDATE: We sold out of paperback copies of Renai Sample! Amazon has some left, but not a lot. Nevermind those sold out too, all that's left is J-List and Rightstuf.

Today is the first annual FAKKU Valentine's Day sale! We polled the community on which titles should go on sale (unfortunately we can't do all of them), and this is what we came up with. We chose some of the most romantic titles (with some exceptions) to celebrate the holiday

Renai Sample - Paperback and Digital

For the next 24 hours the digital edition of Renai Sample is $4.95 and the paperback edition is $14.95! If you order the paperback it will ship out on Monday. And don't worry, if you hate FAKKU but still want to fap you can buy Renai Sample on Amazon, J-List, or Rightstuf (but we love you know matter what).

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PuniKano - Digital Edition

The digital edition edition of PuniKano by pyon-Kti is $4.95 for the next 24 hours.! The paperback ships out next month, so don't forget to buy your copy before it sells out.

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Alluring Woman - Digital Edition

The digital edition edition of Alluring Woman by Cuvie is $4.95 for the next 24 hours. Cuvie is a legendary female hentai artist and author, enjoy her book!

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Peachy-Butt Girls - Digital Edition

And the book with the most votes in our Valentine's Day poll was none other than Peachy-Butt Girls by Bosshi! This book is our best selling release yet, and has sold more copies than any other book we have published. For the next 24 hours you can get the digital edition for $4.95, enjoy those peachy butts!

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[color=#9D0A0A]Happy Valentine's Day![/color]