FAKKU Books: Printing Renai Sample! 3 years ago

Learning how to print manga has been a fun challenge for all of us at FAKKU. Early on we decided that we wanted our manga to be different; we wanted to stand out from the competition. Typically English manga is printed on low quality paper, with dust jackets removed, posters discarded, and sometimes even color pages converted to black/white. When you compare an English release to the original Japanese one it's no contest; the Japanese is significantly better. So the first thing we needed to do was find a printer that could help us realize our vision... and we did!

All of the books FAKKU releases will mirror their Japanese counterparts 1-to-1. We will be publishing in the traditional Japanese tankĊbon size (Renai Sample is roughly 8.3 x 6 x 1 inches), we will be including full color glossy jackets, full color glossy pages, posters inside the book, and even the black/white pages will be printed on high quality paper (140gsm+). We will never redraw the artists work to remove censorship (this is typically how decensoring happens), all of our material will be straight from the source. Our books will be different than anything you've seen in English before.

Renai Sample just passed our final round of internal approvals and the paperback has started printing! Pre-ordering gets you the digital edition for free (which is going to be released on September 26th). This bundle is only available for pre-orders and once the book is released the free digital will no longer be available. So if you haven't pre-ordered Renai Sample yet I encourage you to do so now. With the release date fast approaching I wanted to involve everyone in the process and share some pictures of the book in its early printing stages. Click the image below if you have pre-ordered to check out a topic in the FAKKU Books forum where we will be posting pictures and answering questions all week long!