Renai Sample... samples! 3 years ago

I'll be doing a much more in-depth post about Renai Sample and FAKKU books later this week, but now that pre-orders have started I wanted to share some samples from the book. All week long we will be posting sample images on the FAKKU Twitter and in the FAKKU Books forum, so make sure you follow them if you'd like to see more! Did I mention our books are uncensored?

Renai Sample Chapter 5


Renai Sample Chapter 3


Renai Sample Chapter 2


FREE SCRIPTS - August Edition - Statistically NP 3 years ago

I've added a fair few scripts to the pile since I last posted here, there's a little something for everyone!

It would appear that I'm building these up faster than I can get rid of them. If anyone wants to help, don't be shy. If you want advice on how to get started, ask here or PM me and I can at least point you in the right direction. If you just want to go nuts, please do!

Don't be shy about the quality or otherwise of your work. I started off as a terrible translator and have only (debatably) improved through fucking up a lot. Get in there and start getting the fuck ups out of your system! It's fun. :)

[size=14]1. [Eromazun] St. Helena Academy (Code Geass and friends)[/h]

Forum Image:

Nunnally is at a special school, because she’s special. Her and her motley collection of characters from various shows are doing just fine, until the school is invaded by terrorists.

Oh noes!

Kyouko gets all badass, as she does, and gets raped. The rape then proceeds to the other girls as well.

Excellent. /Burns voice

[size=14]2. [Nikudango Koubou] I Gave it my All 01 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)[/h]

Forum Image:

Not much text, and text free images to boot. A very simple edit.

Not even really a story as such, just a few two to four images mini-story sets. Cool artwork though, I really like the style.

[size=14]3. [Inue Shinsuke] Caged Hawk[/h]

Forum Image:

It sure would be nice to be the daughter of a rich family, with servants at your beck and call and almost total power over all those around you.

Then again, it would probably be a good idea not to be a total bitch to everyone, just in case your family goes bankrupt and you’re sold into prostitution. You may find that all those servants you’ve mistreated are just gagging to get together and gang rape you. Which may not be an entirely pleasureable experience, even by prostitution standards.

[size=14]4. [Arai Kei] Caged Bird[/h]

Forum Image:

Did you know that having sex with bluebirds brings happiness? Neither did I. Somehow, I’m not really that excited to try. For starters, they seem rather small and aggressive to be putting anywhere near my pecker, and I have no desire to be beaten up by the Yakuza and have my bluebird stolen and raped.

P.S. Arai Kei + busty women = fuck yeah.

[size=14]5. [Inomaru] Naval Rape Journal (Space Battleship Yamato 2199)[/h]

Forum Image:

Morale aboard a ship on a long voyage is a big problem. I can only imagine that a bit of this goes on from time to time, although it could get a bit icky if you know that a woman is banging every other man on board.

But this is porn, not real life! Ickyness need not apply. Gang bangs ahoy! She can walk MY plank, and other nautical punnery!

[size=14]6. [St. Rio] Hi Energy 2 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)[/h]

Forum Image:

Many moons ago, I translated Hi Energy 9 and 10. Mostly because they were done by Kimigabuchi, and were thus awesome.

St Rio’s art is…shall we be kind and say average? Not awful, but hardly spectacular. However, the story of Asuka and Nadia getting kidnapped and gang raped is totally hot enough to make up for that.

Asuka and Nadia are cosplayers, who are very dismissive of their fans. Downright negative, even. One wonders why they’re cosplaying at all. So some of their “fans” kidnap them and show them what cosplaying is really for.

Even better, this is to be continued.

Before someone asks, this is the first story in the series. Hi Energy was a sort of compilation of stories from group members. The Asuka/Nadia gang-raping stories didn’t turn up until Volume 2. They continued in every volume thereafter though, and I think later on they became the only story in it.

P.S. And I didn’t do the other stories in this volume, because they sucked. :)

[size=14]7. [Archives] Even People with Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur will not be Beaten! (Chuunibyou)[/h]

Forum Image:

Problems with Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur? Worry not, for our patented gang rape technique will cure you of your ills! Just one easy day of being fucked like a dog by all and sundry, and you’ll feel like a new woman!

Disclaimer: May not actually work.