November Feature Updates 3 years ago

It's been two weeks since I last shared some of the new features I've added to FAKKU, and it's time for another update.

Chapter List / Per Chapter Tagging

One feature that has been frequently requested has been the ability to separate a manga into its individual chapters. This would allow you to automatically jump to the next chapter once you finish the one you are currently reading. This would also allow us tag each chapter individually so you know exactly what you're about to read. FAKKU Books gave me an excuse to finally work on this and I am proud to say it has officially launched!

Right now we've rigged up PuniKano, Renai Sample, and we will slowly be adding chapter listings to all content on FAKKU. This should help make sure you never stumble into some depressing netorare in the middle of your vanilla fap session. We could use help linking chapters, so send me an email if you want to help.


Subscription Highlight

Following up on my last post where we lifted the restrictions on subscriptions, we've just implemented a quality of life improvement suggested by biribiri. Now your subscriptions will be highlighted green on the front page if there is an attribute you are subscribed to. This should draw your attention to things you like. And I'm working on the opposite (an ignore list) that will warn you when something has a tag that you don't like. Plus once you subscribe to a tag it will automatically highlight that page. So if you haven't already, create an account and subscribe to your favorite tags!


One of our long-term goals with FAKKU Books is to start simulpublishing magazines. This means that we will release entire translated magazines onto FAKKU the same day they get published in Japan. This is one of our stretch goals and is heavily dependent on how well FAKKU Books does between now and the middle of next year, but things are looking good.

In preparation we are going to start tagging all manga on FAKKU with the appropriate magazine they were published in. That means you will able to browse by magazine title and even individual issue. You will even be able to subscribe to your favorite magazines and get notified when new chapters are uploaded. Once we start simulpublishing magazines we will release the entire back catalog in addition to the current issues, so down the road FAKKU will have the entire library available of these magazines available. To start browsing check out Comic Kairakuten and Comic Kairakuten BEAST