Goodies 7 years ago

posted by Jacob
This is a quick update so I wasn't able to add as much as I wanted. In addition to what you see below we added Brass Restoration in the Visual Novels section. It was translated a while ago but it's a short and fun game if you're looking to waste some time.

19%20-%20Ban%20-%20Page%200001%20(Thumbn 192%20-%20Green%20Day%20-%20Page%200001% 364%20-%20Holiday%20Girlfriends%20-%20Pa 364%20-%20Maruimo%20-%20Page%200001%20(T 236%20-%20OshiRiTo%20-%20Page%200001%20( 338%20-%20Secret%20Lover%20-%20Page%2000

6 New Releases

[spacer=4]Ban contains Bleach Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Green Day contains Sailor Moon Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Holiday Girlfriends by Bosshi [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Maruimo by Sena Youtarou [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]OshiRiTo contains To Love-Ru Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Secret Lover contains Persona 4 Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]


Anime Boston 2009 Wrap Up 7 years ago

posted by Jacob
So Anime Boston was a lot of fun this year, probably the most fun I have had at this convention over the past 3 years. This was mainly due to the large group of us that got together throughout the weekend. It was mainly Myself, Mike, Bio, Nikon, and two of my close friends. Though at times there were 14-15 people in our group as we walked around. A bunch of users came up to us to say hello and we rewarded them with hentai manga and buttons. It was really cool meeting users from the site and hearing what they thought of it. And it was even more cool to see people walking around in the Hen-Tie shirts that we sold out of a few weeks ago.

Kalafina performed and they were phenomenal. Nothing beats adorable Asian girls singing and dancing on stage. We later went to the "Kalafina and The Garden of Sinners" panel which had the members of Kalafina, their producer, and the producer of The Garden of Sinners answering questions. It was a lot of fun and really interesting. Mike asked them what their favorite music was and got a free book for doing so (I think the answers were Pink, Beyonce, and Radiohead). As Nikon mentioned a bunch of us went out to eat at the Cheesecake Factory later that night. Delicious food and good beer was had.

Another good story, we went to the last 15 minutes of the "What? Why? Hentai!" panel and walked in just in time to see a man getting corn on the cob shoved up his ass. (some of you might know what that is from) This was followed by an AMV to the "The Internet is for Porn" song showing a ton of loli hentai. What made this even better was that there were two Boston police standing in the back of the room. They were laughing at the corn on the cob but for some reason they left during the loli music video.. I can't imagine why..

We spent some time in the Karaoke room where Bio got up and sang the Mushishi OP. And from what I heard he did an awesome job with it. There might be a video of it posted somewhere in this thread. And of course we bought a bunch of figures and wall scrolls and whatnot throughout the weekend.

There is a bunch more I could write about but I don't really have time so I'll have to wrap this story up. I will make another post in this thread with some pictures right after this one. And if anyone went to the convention feel free to post your pictures.

And I never mentioned it on the site, but FAKKU! does have a Facebook page dedicated to the site. You can find the FAKKU! Facebook page here. I only mention it because I just added a bunch of photos from this convention and a few others that we have attended. So those are available to look at if you're interested.

Fun times at Anime Boston 7 years ago

posted by Nikon
I'm sitting here with 15 people at Cheesecake Factory and I just told the waiter to order me his favorite dish. If you're attending, I'd like you all to find the guys in the FAKKU shirts and say hi. If you do, I'll give you a free hentai manga curtosy of Icarus Comics! Be sure you're on your game because supplies are limited. Also, don't forget the photo ops with some of your favorite FAKKU staff. See you there!

Wolves and Japan. 7 years ago

posted by Raze
So guys, you will wait no longer! But before I give you guys the release I want to say a few words.

What's happening is that I'm gonna go to Japan for a holiday; I'm actually gonna catch a plane that leaves in about five hours from now. You guys may (or may not T_T) have noticed I wasn't going to Anime Boston; the reason is I'm going to the holy land itself. Naturally, I will take lots of pictures, eat lots of good food, buy lots of merchandise, get laid with an amazing Japanese girl, and use this chance to exercise this massive body of sex vocabulary I have gained from working on doujin/manga/anime translations for you guys since 2007.

Anyway, without further ado, here's the release:


Release #52: Ookami to Mitsu Ringo
Translator/Editor/One-man Team: Raze

Yep, I initiated, translated, edited, and QCed this release, all by myself, for a combined total of approximately 5 hours of work. Nikon also did a quick look-over as well. To find translation notes, discussion, and download links, head over to the release thread here.

Those of you who are going to Anime Boston, have a kickass weekend, and I'll see all of you later!

Anime Boston 2009 7 years ago

posted by Jacob
So a bunch of us will be at Anime Boston this year (which starts tomorrow). This includes myself, Nikon, Mike, Bio, the artist who did the image on our about page, the artist who did the Hen-Tie shirts, and some other random people.

And we might be wearing these:

So if you see someone in a FAKKU! shirt, stop and say hello.

For the rest of you, this means that updates will be scarce over the next few days. You should take the time to get familiar with the User Uploads section, which has over 28,057 posts. Here are some links inside:

Manga and Doujinshi
Visual Novels, Doujin Soft, and Eroge
Music and Soundtracks

New Hentai Short 7 years ago

posted by Jacob
Just a quick note, we have added another video in the hentai shorts category. This one is called [color=#9D0A0A]Drape the Animation[/color] and it is based on I''s.


What will Japan come up with next? 7 years ago

posted by Nikon
THIS, apparently. I don't know what to think other than the fact that having an anime of this will produce a plethora of new doujinshi.


Taken from

There'll be a new anime airing on Japanese TV shortly, titled Qwaser of Stigmata, based on a manga (and yes, it's possible it should be "quasar" instead of "qwaser," but this isn't the important bit). In it, the Qwasers -- part of an Eastern Orthodox school called Saint Mihailov Academy -- a group of powerful people called adepts. It would be your standard dark fantasy series, except that the Qwasers gain their powers through... er, breast milk. Which means they have to nurse. A lot.

...yeah. Now understand that this is an utterly serious fantasy tale, and one that will be airing on TV at that, so it's not just pervert material, although it should go without saying that the mystical ladies who nurse the heroes gain seemingly sexual pleasure from the Quasars' suckling. I would find this horrendously disturbing if it were just some hentai series, but the fact that it's intended for mass audiences makes me want to drink scotch in bed until I black out.

Although when I first saw AnimeVice's headline of "Breast-feeding Manga Gets Anime," I was fairly certain that it was going to be a sports-type series about a girl determined to become the best breast-feeder in Japan. If anyone made it, I'm sure it'll run for at least 42 volumes.


MASSIVE UPDATE 7 years ago

posted by Jacob
Why is this update massive? Because when combined, there are 754 pages. There are two especially large manga in the update, the complete Soushisouai Note by Kensoh Ogawa and the complete Accelerando by Yuki Seto. And you may recognize Accelerando because we translated part of the anime.

332%20-%20UFO%202000%20-%20Page%200001%2 307%20-%20Tora-Chee%20-%20Page%200001%20 364%20-%20Tokimeki!!%20Monzetsu%20Balkan 364%20-%20Soushisouai%20Note%20-%20Page% 170%20-%20PM%20Gals!%20-%20Page%200001%2 364%20-%20Ojousama%20wa%20H-ga%20Osuki%2
364%20-%20Nure-Nure%20Miko-san%20-%20Pag 264%20-%20Natukaze!%203%20-%20Page%20000 364%20-%20Koibito%20Doushi%20-%20Page%20 To%20Aru%20Majutsu%20no%20Index%20-%20D. Final%20Fantasy%20Tactics%20-%20Agrias%2 364%20-%20Accelerando%20-%20Page%200001%

12 New Releases

[spacer=4]UFO 2000 contains Gunbuster Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Tora-Chee contains Toradora! Hentai
[spacer=4]Tokimeki!! Monzetsu Balkan by John K Pe-Ta [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Soushisouai Note by Kensoh Ogawa [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]PM Gals! contains Pokemon Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Ojousama wa H-ga Osuki 7-8 by Bosshi [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Nure-Nure Miko-san by Kuroiwa Menou [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Natukaze! 3 contains YOTSUBA&! Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Koibito Doushi by Rico [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]D.L. Action 45 contains To Aru Majutsu no Index Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Agrias san to love love lesson contains Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Accelerando by Yuki Seto [color=green](English)[/color]


Teasers, because I'm a sadistic little man. 7 years ago

posted by Raze
No, really, I'm not. I'm... not...

Anyway, I've been hard at work today cranking out another doujin project for you guys. And it's already finished, but I'm gonna let it sit for a day or two, for multiple reasons. And "being a sadistic little man" really, uh, isn't one of them.

So instead, I'm just gonna drop a couple of sample pages to work all of you up into a frenzy.

mitsu_s1.gif mitsu_s2.gif

If you can't wait and want the raw, you can download it here.

Community + Site Updates 7 years ago

posted by Jacob
So this update is entirely about changes across the site, if you are looking for hentai you will unfortunately not find any in this post.

First off I want to mention that we changed our default naming scheme on all manga being uploaded to the site. The new way is actually the correct way to name manga and doujin, we were just stuck in the old habit of doing it wrong. This is what it will look from now on:

[KABAYAKIYA] Gundam 00 - Daisuki Onii-Sama (English)
[Kisaragi Gunma] Original Work - Immoral Girl (English)

I have created a new forum attached to Incoherent Babbling named Nosebleed. It is for posting pictures that excite you (hence nosebleed) and want to show off or get a response from. Only image topics are allowed.

A lot of you took part in Waars 2d waifu thread on the forums, he is going to reset the thread and start over sometime soon. But he created a topic where you can reclaim your waifu in advance if interested.

The Who's Online list has been moved to the bottom of the Main and Forum pages. And if you click Who's Online you can see a list of logged in users.

There is a new poll to the right, if anyone is unfamiliar with the artists you can see Kisaragi Gunma here and Yamatogawa here.

The cookie problems should be entirely fixed, and auto login now works across all browsers.

And to finish things off I fixed some random bugs in Internet Explorer 6, but none of you should be using it to begin with.

Some guys get all the luck. 7 years ago

posted by Raze
UPDATE: Get the torrent here.

I can imagine most of you being in either one of these three groups.
Group 1 - Holy Crap FAKKU-Subs actually does anime?!
Group 2 - You guys actually still do anime?!
Group 3 - I knew you guys were working on Resort Boin III. I KNEW IT.

Regardless, allow me to present you with the awesomeness that is our tenth anime release, Resort Boin III!


Translator/Raw/Script Editor/QC: Raze
Timing/Typesetting/Encoding: Bob64

You can find information about the release, and download it and discuss it in the release thread. I'm expecting some, uh, rather big waves tonight.

As you can see, the subs department in our translations team is painfully understaffed. With this in mind, I'd like to put out a call for one anime timer/typesetter. I expect all applicants to be committed, be able to use AegisSub to time lines, as well as know how to typeset various signs into the video (ie. replacing Japanese writing in the movie with their English equivalent). If you are interested, please send an email to Your skills will be tested before you are assigned any projects.

And as if a subbed h-anime release were not enough, here's some more porn, courtesy of Jacob.

364%20-%20Under%20Ground%20-%20Page%2000 14%20-%20Tama%20chan%20to%20Date%20-%20P 364%20-%20Immoral%20Girl%20-%20Page%2000 264%20-%20Erobato%20Asagi%20-%20Page%200 93%20-%20Daisuki%20oOnii-Sama%20-%20Page 364%20-%20According%20to%20the%20Mood%20

6 New Releases

[spacer=4]Under Ground by Mogudan [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Tama chan to Date contains Bamboo Blade Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Immoral Girl by Kisaragi Gunma [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Erobato Asagi contains YOTSUBA&! Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]Daisuki oOnii-Sama contains Gundam 00 Hentai [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4]According to the Mood 2 by 2 Gou [color=green](English)[/color]

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