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Uploads 7 years ago

Since the downtime we are still fixing things up around the site. One thing that is still broken is the manga upload system, this means that translators have been unable to upload their new releases. Hopefully it will be fixed very soon, but if you are anxious for new stuff go take a look in the User Uploads forum.

Cosplay Deviants Round Two! 7 years ago

During the downtime Cosplay Deviants finished their second FAKKU themed photoshoot. This time with model Miss Panda cosplaying Riza Hawkeye from Fullmetal Alchemist, wearing a black FAKKU shirt.

In addition to another photoshoot Cosplay Deviants is offering to do a limited cross promotion with us. If you pre-order either a red or a black FAKKU shirt you get to select one print from either the Lexicon - FAKKU photoshoot or the Miss Panda - Riza photoshoot. With your shirt you will receive the print you selected autographed by the model and a personal message of your choice!

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We're Back! 7 years ago

The recent downtime was due to a few different reasons but they have almost all been resolved. And it gave us an opportunity to work on the server a bit and fix a lot of problems that were lingering around in the code. That being said things should be working now and working better than ever. There still might be some errors that pop up, so if you notice anything wrong post in this thread.

Sorry we were gone for so long, I hope a few of you went outside and got some fresh air?

I have made some meetup topics for the conventions I mentioned on the downtime page. If you'll be attending any feel free to post in the topics; UCon @ UCONN, Katsucon, Anime Boston, and Kawaii-Kon. And we might end up going to Ohayocon as well, if we do I'll mention it on the front page. If enough people are going to one we could plan a larger meetup for dinner, much like we have done before.

I'd like to thank hark and everyone else who helped me out the past few days. And those of you that sent emails in offering your services, thank you. I can assure you all that FAKKU is not going anywhere and we will only continue to improve as time goes on. So make sure you stick around.

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