Kawaii in Hawaii Part 2 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    I am excited to announce that I will be a guest at Kawaii Kon this year! The convention runs from April 29th - May 1st in Honolulu, Hawaii. We'll have a booth in the dealers room and I will be giving several panels throughout the weekend, you can discuss it here.

    And for everyone else here are some new uploads.

    %5BShimanto%20Youta%5D%20Original%20Work %5BHomunculus%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%2 %5BIshigami%20Kazui%5D%20Original%20Work %5BUsagi%20no%20Tamago%5D%20Original%20W %5BPish%20Lover%5D%20Panty%20%20Stocking %5BRyuta%20Amazume%5D%20Original%20Work%

    6 New Releases

    [spacer=4]Gun Tribe - Chapter 5 - The Girl's Request and Tecumseh's Curse by [color=black]Shimanto Youta[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Pay By Love by [color=black]Homunculus[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Onee chan to Yonde! by [color=black]Ishigami Kazui[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Oneechan's Daily Routine by [color=black]Usagi no Tamago[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Delicious Milk contains [color=black]Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Bra Girl - Chapter 8 END by [color=black]Ryuta Amazume[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]


    To top you all off. 5 years ago

    posted by Waar
    Two new chapters of Sweet Lip drawn by Fujiya Honten (Thomas) and Ehrliche Liebe from another one of my favorite artists; Kima-Gray for all of my friends here on FAKKU. I hope everyone (except those of you I don't like) enjoy these as much as I do/will in the future (honk-honk).

    Edit: I wanted to add that there is now a mirror for all of the previous Sweet Lips/Summer Memories/Island chapters, some of the FAKKU servers have been acting up recently so I figured you'd appreciate it.

    %5BKima%20Gray%5D%20Original%20Work%20-% %5BFujiya%20Honten%20Thomas%5D%20Origina %5BFujiya%20Honten%20Thomas%5D%20Origina

    3 New Releases

    [spacer=4]Ehrliche Liebe by [color=black]Kima Gray[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Sweet Lip Ch. 11 by [color=black]Fujiya Honten (Thomas)[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Sweet Lip Ch. 10 by [color=black]Fujiya Honten (Thomas)[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]


    New Season 5 years ago

    posted by Mike
    What's up everyone? Spring has sprung (even though it just snowed here) and that means a new anime season. I'm surprised that it's already beginning, I feel like it was just yesterday I was excited to start watching Madoka and Kimi ni Todoke.

    I know I'm personally excited for the second season of Maria†Holic. Who doesn't love delicious traps? And more Kaiji is never a bad thing.

    What shows are you looking forward to this season?

    Here's an image of what's airing.

    Slightly Arousing Title 5 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    I hope everyone enjoyed the April Fool's joke the other day! We actually have a whole behind the scenes video of Mike and I during the photo shoot for the pillow fight, but I am a horrible video editor so it will probably never see the light of day.

    I really don't have anything interesting to say so here's a red panda.

    %5BGold%20Rush%5D%20To%20Aru%20Majutsu%2 %5BGold%20Rush%5D%20Saki%20-%20Tenpai%20 %5BGold%20Rush%5D%20One%20Piece%20-%20Lo %5BGold%20Rush%5D%20Bakemonogatari%20-%2 %5BGold%20Rush%5D%20KON%20-%20Jumping%20 %5BHidemaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20B %5BHidemaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20B %5BHidemaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20B %5BHidemaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20B %5BHidemaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20B

    10 New Releases

    [spacer=4]Touma x Misaka's Moe Doujinshi contains [color=black]To Aru Majutsu no Index Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Tenpai contains [color=black]Saki Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Love Love Hurricane 2 contains [color=black]One Piece Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Kougyaku Sekuhara No Katewo Mousou Suru contains [color=black]Bakemonogatari Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Jumping Now contains [color=black]K-ON! Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Boing Boing Teacher 1 - Chapter 9 by [color=black]Hidemaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Boing Boing Teacher 1 - Chapter 8 by [color=black]Hidemaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Boing Boing Teacher 1 - Chapter 7 by [color=black]Hidemaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Boing Boing Teacher 1 - Chapter 6 by [color=black]Hidemaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Boing Boing Teacher 1 - Chapter 5 by [color=black]Hidemaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]


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