Soba-Scans: New releases! 7 years ago

Hey everyone, we have a handful of releases for you all that we've accumulated while Fakku was recovering!

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Koi wo Suru no ga Shigoto Desu Chapters 20 and 21 are now released. The plot thickens as Saiga seems to have come up with his own scheme to get Minori all to himself. Meanwhile Souma-san tries to make progress with her own desires as well with Ryou. Translated by LD and edited by 4dawgz


A new Kaichou wa Maid-sama: Ice and Bloomy Day doujinshi! I was so excited about this doujinshi, because it was so difficult to obtain. But Misa gets caught up in tons of student counsel paperwork - and Kano's curiosity gets the best of him when wanting to know Misaki's true feelings towards Usui.Translated by LD and edited by myself.


[align=left]Chapter 8 of Makunouchi Deluxe New doors open as Pai-yin knows who her true identity is, but makes Rei question on whether or not she knows her true identity. Is she Mew Cat, or is she Rei? It seems like the story just took a whole new turn here, and for the better! Translated by LD and edited by Kiss-Shot


Chapter 2 of The Secret Devil-chan! where you'll enter Kurosaki Sou's world of having a devil trying to steal his virginity. I'm really glad there was such a positive response to this manga, I was very hesitant about starting it, but it seems like my worries were for nothing. I swear the devil gets cuter and cuter every chapter, which is scary haha. Poor Sou. Translated by Raze and edited by myself.

I hope you all enjoy!

We're back! 7 years ago

We have officially recovered from the longest downtime in the history of FAKKU. I apologize for being gone so long. One thing failed after another partnered with myself and unpantsu flying around the country and being nowhere near a computer. Hopefully in our absence some of you ventured outside into the sun (just kidding there are bears out there stay inside).

But I need your help. We were gone for almost two weeks, and I'm sure the Internet has forgotten about us. So if you run a blog, POST A LINK TO FAKKU. If you use other forums, POST A LINK TO FAKKU. If you use the tweeterer and the tumblerblogerer and the facebooks, POST A LINK TO FAKKU. Tell everyone you know (including your grandparents) that FAKKU is back online and kicking more ass than ever before.

In return I will be announcing something very awesome in the next couple of days. And I assure you, you will not be disappointed. So get out there and promote our site.

And here is a picture from one of our panels at Manga NEXT (and the image behind us is from Wanko to Kurasou).