Soba-Scans: Velvet Kiss Ch. 2: Compact 7 years ago


We have the next chapter of Velvet Kiss for everyone today!

Many people enjoyed the first chapter and looking forward in finding out just who this mysterious girl is that's worth more than 80 million yen of debt.

I enjoyed looking at all the comments guessing on what kind of personality and you'll all get a snippet of her personality in this chapter, so be sure to check this chapter out to see if anyone was close!

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Chocolate milk is superior to all other milk 7 years ago

Here are more C79 doujins, fresh out of the oven.

All of these are untranslated, sorry. But that doesn't mean that they aren't awesome to flip through. I really like the OreImo one by HYOCO ROAD, another favorite artist of mine.

I'm also excited to see GANTZ next week! Preorder your tickets and hopefully I'll see some of you there.

%5BHYOCO%20ROAD%5D%20Ore%20no%20Imouto%2 %5BTsunken%5D%20To%20LOVERu%20Darkness%2 %5BDROP%20DEAD%5D%20Ore%20no%20Imouto%20 %5BGirigiri%20Nijiiro%5D%20Hayate%20no%2 %5BKokonokiya%5D%20Fate%20Stay%20Night%2 %5BHeavens%20Gate%5D%20KON%20-%20Samui%2


Oppai no Ouja King of Tittys Vol.2 7 years ago

Forum Image:

DDL: [FAKKU]_Oppai_no_Ouja_-_Vol._2_[C2C7FC03].mkv

So it's been quite awhile since we released something. School, work and other projects took up most of my time so I wasn't able to work on it while keeping my sanity. I tried to give the script to other groups but they said they didn't have any free staff. So like 4months later here we are. I present to you Oppai no Ouja vol2.

What is unique about this release is that we were able to track down a bluray iso for the source so it looks alot cleaner than any other fakku release done to date. This meant though I had to retime alot of it to match up to the BD from the bad looking dvd rip but in the end it was worth it. Probably one of the more enjoyable releases we have done so far although from the looks of it I don't think Japan will be making a 3rd volume sadly. I guess we just have to find something else to pick up. Any suggestions?

As always we recommend CCCP for playback if you are on windows. I don't know what you would use on mac or Linux but if you are using those operating systems then you should already know what you are doing.

Happy fapping!

Translation - ACF
Timing - Kaimax
Editing/an8/QC - Sindalf
Encoding - __ar