YQII: Week 8-11 7 years ago

The books that are updated are "Maid Bride" chapter 8-11, "Whenever You Touch Me" chapter 9 and "Mankai Otome" chapter 4. The Haruhi (1st) and Arcana Heart (5th) doujins contains futa. There's also an reedited version of Yamatogawa's "TayuTayu", a work safe K-On doujin and Two Chapters of Wanyanaguda's new book (obviously, it's loli). Visit my blog for these.

I made a new torrent, including my first 210 translations. Available here: Post with info.

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Soba-scans: Ring x Mama Round 7 and Library Love 7 years ago

Hope you had a good weekend, Fakku! Start the week off right with some Soba-scans!

First up, the latest chapter of Ring x Mama. For a series about women's wrestling, there's been remarkably little action on the mat thus far, but in this chapter you'll see our heroines throw down against the Americans.

Forum Image: https://www.fakku.net/image-404/images/110064-C7USC3C.jpg

I apologize for the delay in getting this one out. I ended up doing most of the editing myself, so sorry if it isn't up to our usual editing standards.

Next is a one-off by Nanboku, who you may remember from There's a Ninja in my House! This time around we take a visit to the library!

Forum Image: https://www.fakku.net/image-404/images/110065-PLEGKM8.jpg

This one was edited by penelopesays, who wears your scorn as a badge of honor.

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Starting a new tankoubon - Natural by Teri Terio
Chapter 1
Glasses, Shimapan, full color goodness.

BEASTIE GIRLS Chapter 10 - Mikuriya-san
Probably my favorite chapter from this tank. Not really focused on sex, but the scenario. ONE CHAPTER LEFT!!

1,000,000 Posts 7 years ago

Today is a big day. We just hit the 1,000,000 post on the forums! It's moments like this where I wish I charged $1 for every post people make. This would allow me to fulfill my lifelong dream of closing FAKKU and moving to Japan to open a maid cafe. I wouldn't allow other people to visit, it would just be a cafe full of maids and myself.

So today I learned that I should charge money to use the forums in order make my dreams come true. If you haven't already go check out the Forums and help make them a reality, especially the Special Interest ones.

Anyway congratulations, lets see how quickly we can get to 2,000,000.

Fluffy bunnies and toasters. 7 years ago

First, a quick request. I'm looking for new jobs and I'd like to be able to showcase my translations, but pointing your potential employer towards a large stack of violent pornography is tactically poor. So, I'm looking for something non-H to translate. I'm not well familiar with the non-H scene so I'm coming to FAKKU for advice. I'll consider any suggestions, but bonus points if your suggestions are:
- relatively short, no Golgo 13 length stuff please. :D
- unlicensed.
- I prefer action/comedy/drama over romance.
Please leave suggestions in this thread, and I'll keep checking back regularly.

Anyway, on to the goodies. Plenty of stuff today. First up is A Dangerous Game by JUNNY. A girl goes to mens lavatories at night and rubs one off while fantasizing about being discovered and raped. And then, lo and behold….
Quite interesting I thought, and given that no actual intercourse takes place it’s quite different to our normal fare.

Next, the third and final part of Collapse Knight by Mizuho Nanase. Shifon’s little brother has been watching, and now they have her masturbate in front of him and then make the two of them fuck. He’s a virgin and she’s controlled by the insect thingy from last time so they go at it hard. After they fuck for a week or so she gets pregnant…and then who knows what might happen.

Forum Image: https://www.fakku.net/image-404/images/107770-X4FNQTK.pngForum Image: https://www.fakku.net/image-404/images/107773-QRA2HHD.jpg

Yay, more Evangelion! I do love me some Asuka action. This is Poyopacho Z by Poyopacho. Asuka catches Shinji and Mari at it and rubs one off. Then Mari catches her, and she gets all pissy at Shinji until he staggeringly grows a pair and fucks her. Good artwork all through and no nasty surprises, just a pleasant read. Enjoy!

Forum Image: https://www.fakku.net/image-404/images/107772-GRWLS56.jpg

That's all for FAKKU material this week. Stop reading here if you want to keep your innocence. :D For the more adventurous, continue on...

Only one hardcore book this week, but it's a goody.

1. [Kawady MAX] Gang Rape Training (Preview) - Leave it to Kawady MAX to take an idea to the edge of absurdity and beyond. A high school girl goes to a sumo training session because she’s a huge sumo fan. The sumo wrestlers ask her to “train” with them. No points for guessing what that means. But after they’re done, they invite all their international friends as well, and then beat her up and sign her body. It’s pretty rough, so don’t read it if you’re looking for a happy ending.

Hope you enjoy the books. Stop by and say hi to us at our BLOG. :D

TITTY MONSTER! 7 years ago

So we just got a new shirt that we will have with us at Anime Boston. And, it might look familiar.

Click the spoiler to check it out.





MOAR stuff 7 years ago

All of this stuff and more can be found on my blog @ http://ryuunotamashii.blogspot.com. Also, become a fan on facebook! I will be giving out another 2 week DepositFile key when it hits 300!

In the Knee-Socks Girl ooo Ch.9
More WINcest and Knee socks.

Dream Color (Dream C Club)
Completely full color. gangbang and DP
Thanks very much to Viperz for commissioning this work.

And in case you missed it:
Futabu? aka Futa club 5 by Askray (Cover)(Preview)
WARNING: Contains huge dick futanari, loli, belly inflation.

This is the next installment of Askray's Futa club and follows the chairman and Sumika-san after the other two in Futa club 4 leave the school.

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