Me? An update?? 7 years ago

posted by Ershin
Alright Raze, I'll do it. But only since you and Nikon so kindly offered.

Heya, FAKKU! If my brief and scattered forays into our IRC channel are any indication, most of you have no idea who I am. Well I guess this is my chance to change that. ^_^

I joined the translation team not long after its original inception. At the time the team was just poor old Raze and Nikon, slaving away all by themselves. I'd been coming to FAKKU more and more regularly in those days, and when Raze made a news post saying that he was auditioning additions to the team, I figured it was a good chance for me to give something back to the site from which I had leeched so very very much.

I've been with the team ever since, although I just kinda... well... do stuff when they ask me to >_>. When I do get a project though, I give it 100%, so I hope that effort shines through in the releases I work on. After all, each and every one of us is doing it for you, the users. I'll admit that I really appreciate it when I see someone actually mention me by name, but at the end of the day, I don't really mind working behind the curtains. I just hope that the work we all put in helps you guys think of Fakku releases as something beyond the ordinary.

So, why am I picking today to introduce myself after nearly two years? Because not only am I working on manga releases, but I am now doing anime as well! And we're kicking things off with a bang... followed by some blowjobs and a 4-way. That's right, it's episode two of Cafe Junkies!


Translator: Ershin
Raw Provider/Editor/QC: Raze
Timing: VGuy
Typesetting/Encoding: Bob64

As usual, you can find download links and some release notes by clicking on the image.

I hope you guys enjoy this, because while you're "enjoying the rich plot", you might not realize how much Raze and I had to agonize over some of the lines in this. Specifically the ones where they sound like their mouths are filled with walnuts. It was a great first project to work on, so get to downloading!

Otakon Wrapup 7 years ago

posted by Jacob
Otakon was an awesome time. On Saturday a group of about 20 of us met up and had dinner, drank beers / coffee, and had a lot of fun goofing around. It was a pleasure meeting everyone who showed up for the dinner, I hope to see you all again at Otakon next year! Nikon has made a thread to discuss your Otakon and meetup experiences, as well as to post pictures you've taken. Check it out here.


Click the image to see a bunch of pictures from the convention on our Facebook page. I did not personally take any of the pictures, they are all from the Otakon forum topic, so credit goes to those who posted them. And if you have a Facebook profile JOIN THE FAKKU GROUP!

Updates and Sadness 7 years ago

posted by Shadow
Hi everyone! It been some time since our last update because of the server change. However, we are back today with three release (1 old, 2 new). Also scroll down and check out Raze's awesome update!

I would like to start off by pointing out that GARFEST contest is still going on. We made our 8th release specifically to promote the contest and to help Char win. It saddens us to see him go in the first round, since he is a true badass! However, we highly suggest you go and join the fun since it's an awesome contest.

As usual, we would appreciate any comments/feedback anyone may have. Our email is, and you can visit our blog at redCoMet Translation. As well, you can follow us on twitter at:

Thanks for all your support guys!

The releases are as follows:
Release No.8: Remodeling Brother(Original) By: Ei Itou

Release No.9: CL-ic#1(Kimiaru) By: etcycle

Release No.10: Zange Kakeru Nagi(Kannagi) By: Ningen Modoki

P.S. I am a huge Kannagi fan, so please go join Nagi-sama's English fan club(it take 2 seconds): Click Here to Join

It's been forever. 7 years ago

posted by Raze
Or , at least, it sure feels like it. I've been enjoying myself these past few weeks and pretty much emptied my wallet out. Not to mention what remnants of my spare time (and even some of my sleep) have been taken up by the awesome that is Sengoku Rance. [color=white]I am also proud for dragging so many of you down into the gutter with me from the shadows.[/color]

That being said, I'm here to release something that should've been released last week, before Otakon. I'm proud to announce our translation team's second tankoubon project, Lucky Day by popular h-artist Inu!


We'll release just the first two chapters for now. The third is already done, the fourth one is in the works, and the fifth and sixth chapters I hope to get translated today before dinner, so you can expect them sometime soon. Or maybe not, since I actually have something pretty darn awesome to release within this week...


Otakon Day One + Releases 7 years ago

posted by Mike
What's up everyone? Mike here, it's 11:48 am and Nikon and I paid $5 to do this update from Otakon. Otakon day one was awesome. So much happened, I think the most fun was the Mell concert though. I wasn't a fan of the music too much, but it was awesome. There was this one guy in the band, he was fabulous. He had a ruffled shirt and had some serious moves. If you were there you know what I'm talking about. After they played I decided to start up a couple encore chants. I went all out, I hope some of you heard me. It was an all around great time, and I hope to have more fun today. I'll let Nikon say a few things now!

Nikon here. Don't listen to anything Mike says about that Mell concert because it was AWESOME. I lost my voice in the process. The band was one of the most talented group of musicians I've seen live. We're all working on finding some nice swag and we're really psyched seeing so many users. Some of them are even scoring pics! I'm looking forward to seeing more of you today, and giving away more hentai manga! I still have three volumes of Blue Eyes to give away, along with some other ones. If you see us, please stop us and say hi!

Since we're awesome, and you all are just as awesome, we decided to do a SURPRISE DOUBLE RELEASE release here from the con!

After seeing all the birthday wishes you all left me, I decided to go and do Shiwasu no Okina's Triple H chapter 2, and Nikon has Starfish for Girls based off of CLANNAD!

It really meant a lot to me seeing those wishes so I hope you guys enjoy these! Click the image below to go to the release thread!



Enjoy! Time to get back to the con!

YQII: Week 29 7 years ago

posted by YQII
Haven't been much hentai related updates during this week, let's change that.
As you might know, the uploading form on Fakku doesn't work, so I linked these to my blog instead.
You can find the usual RS/MU links there.

[spacer=4][Charlie Nishinaka] Choice Vol.02 Ch.03
[spacer=4][Onizuki Aruchu] Maid Bride 05
[spacer=4][Dr.P] Whenever You Touch Me Ch.01

046thumb.jpg 085thumb.jpg anataga_005thumb.jpg

[color=red]Edit:[/color] Uploaded to Fakku now.


Comiket 76 Meet Up Postponed... Perhaps to Comiket 77 7 years ago

posted by Gambler
Some of you may remember my "Project Rendezvous @ Comiket 76" thread which I started a while back. With the event less than a month away and no updates from myself, most of you may have realized that the project has fallen through.

I, too, am disappointed at letting the opportunity of attending my very first Summer Comiket slip through my hands. That and not being able to meet up with some members of the Fakku community. Work commitment and the outbreak of the H1N1 virus were some of the reasons as to why the project was cancelled.

[font=Arial Black][color=blue]However, I am not going to give up my dreams of attending Comiket nor meeting up with members of the Fakku community. At the moment, I am considering postponing the entire project to Comiket 77, which should take place in December. Although it will be much colder due to the winter season in Japan, more people may be able to make the trip since it is vacation time for the various colleges and universities.[/color][/font]

[color=red]Wish me luck and do keep a lookout for more updates from myself.[/color]

Otakon + Maintenance 7 years ago

posted by Jacob
Still doing a lot of work on the server, you will notice continued errors when browsing the site (this is normal). I am hoping to have it 100% finished by the time I leave for Otakon on Friday morning. OTAKON IS FRIDAY! If you are going, keep an eye out for people in FAKKU shirts. Unfortunately during this maintenance period no one will be able to upload new content to the site, so I am trying to get it finished as soon as possible.

In my off time I have become hopelessly addicted to Sengoku Rance, which is now partially responsible for how long this work is taking. But seriously if you have some free time, play the game. It is incredible.

Now I am off to go fix the site / more [color=white]play Sengoku Rance[/color].

Happy Birthday Mike! 7 years ago

posted by Jacob
Everyone should wish Mike a happy 21st birthday today. He has spent countless hours slaving over his computer editing our translations all so that you could spend a few minutes fapping to some of the best hentai possible. I'll be sure to do my part and get him drunk at Otakon this weekend.

Also lets admire my impressive Photoshop skills.

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