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    posted by Jacob
    First time I've seen a yandere/netorare hentai where the main antagonist is a female. Props to Anonygoo and Rabbit for finding and translating it. And below that you will wind a ton more uploads form the past few weeks, enjoy!


    [h2]16 New Uploads[/h]

    %5BInoue%20Kiyoshirou%5D%20Original%20Wo %5BNakata%20Modem%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BNarusawa%20Kei%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BMusashimaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-% %5BMusashimaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-% %5BMusashimaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-% %5BMusashimaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-% %5BMusashimaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-% %5BMusashimaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-% %5BMusashimaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-% %5BMakinosaka%20Shinichi%5D%20Original%2 %5BShimanto%20Youta%5D%20Original%20Work %5BHomunculus%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%2 %5BIshigami%20Kazui%5D%20Original%20Work %5BUsagi%20no%20Tamago%5D%20Original%20W %5BRyuta%20Amazume%5D%20Original%20Work%

    [spacer=4]Second Wife by [color=black]Inoue Kiyoshirou[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Sexual Trade Deal by [color=black]Nakata Modem[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Relationships Wanted by [color=black]Narusawa Kei[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Keep It A Secret - Chapter 2 by [color=black]Musashimaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Keep It A Secret - Chapter 3 by [color=black]Musashimaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Keep It A Secret - Chapter 4 by [color=black]Musashimaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Keep It A Secret - Chapter 5 by [color=black]Musashimaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Keep It A Secret - Chapter 6 by [color=black]Musashimaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Keep It A Secret - Chapter 7 by [color=black]Musashimaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Keep It A Secret - Chapter 1 by [color=black]Musashimaru[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Rosy Life by [color=black]Makinosaka Shinichi[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Gun Tribe - Chapter 5 - The Girl's Request and Tecumseh's Curse by [color=black]Shimanto Youta[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Pay By Love by [color=black]Homunculus[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Onee chan to Yonde! by [color=black]Ishigami Kazui[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Oneechan's Daily Routine by [color=black]Usagi no Tamago[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
    [spacer=4]Bra Girl - Chapter 8 END by [color=black]Ryuta Amazume[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]

    New Yuki Yanagi 5 years ago

    posted by CGrascal

    1 New Releases

    [spacer=4]Mayu-sensei ha H de komaru! Chapter 5 by [color=black]Yuki Yanagi[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]


    At the same time, my wordpress URL is locked. I had a backup blog on blogspot and I'm using it now.

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