Soba-scans: Ring x Mama Round 10 7 years ago

Hey everybody, remember Ring x Mama? If you haven't had a chance to read this great series yet, you can check out the first volume collected here on Fakku. Now it's time to start Volume 2!

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I bet this busy May holiday season has had you hankering for some Santa-on-reindeer action, right? Or maybe it's just my discount calendar here. In any case, Chapter 10 starts off Volume 2 festively before moving onto one of Japan's proudest naughty traditions, the nude apron. As per usual, this one was edited by Ziggy.

Make sure to check out our blog for the latest updates and bonus content. Where am I gonna find some Egg Nog...

Events! and hentai. 7 years ago

I just added all of the conventions we are currently scheduled to attend to my Facebook page. Check them out here, and if you are attending any leave a comment, I will update them with our booth locations and panel info.


And here's some hentai.

%5BDigital%20Lover%5D%20To%20Aru%20Majut %5BMidori%20no%20Ruupe%5D%20Original%20W %5B%20Midori%20no%20Ruupe%5D%20Original% %5BDigital%20Lover%5D%20The%20Melancholy %5BMTSP%5D%20Fate%20Stay%20Night%20-%20T %5BDigital%20Lover%5D%20The%20Melancholy

Enyoku Captivating Lust 01 7 years ago

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So like here you go. Rushed this cause I felt like bumping raze's post off the front page. There is like 45seconds of piss related hentai in this. Nothing major I kind of actually lol'd at the animation they used for it.

Kudos to ACF for QCing at 3am in the morning.

Sindalf - Timing/typsetting
ACF - Translation
Nikon - Muxing

Torrent: [FAKKU]_Enyoku_-_Captivating_Lust_01_[DivX]_[873BA9EB].mkv

Short front page post because finals just ended and I wanna go play some video games.

ETA till Jacob gives me Fakku translations section access so I don't need a mod to move my thread every single time.

I Come With Awesome. 7 years ago

Sup Fakkers. How many of you still remember me?

I have a treat for all of you hentai lovers out there. On behalf of Unlimited Fap Works, UTW's hentai division, I present to you a new subtitled anime release: the first episode of Lucky Draw Triangle ~Miharu After~!


This release was translated by yours truly, so you know what to expect. Nikon, who is pretty much my right arm in all this translating business, also helped out a little too. I also had one of my group buddies time and encode the episode. No translation notes because I'm too lazy to do them anymore.

You can download the release HERE via torrent. Also, don't forget to visit our site: it'll be the first place where we'll post our releases, so please drop by and let us know what you think.

With that, I will now hit the sack. I bid you all a long and fappy night.

By popular demand... and Jacob 7 years ago

Come visit my blog and leave a comment. It's getting pretty lonely over there...

Pretty sure a lot of you wanted this (including Jacob) and HERE IT IS.

Confession From Beyond the Mirror by Nagare Ippon

Convention Updates 7 years ago

With Fanime only two weeks away I figured I'd announce some new conventions we will be attending. We will be at A-Kon in Dallas, Texas instead of Collosalcon in Ohio (sorry Ohio) the weekend of June 3rd. We will also now be at Anime Next in Somerset, New Jersey June 18th, and we'll most likely do some panels there.

There is also the Conventions tab up top that lists all of the conventions we will be attending.

And just because I have nothing else to say, here is my Geddan video again.

Only flowers and sunshine today. 7 years ago

There's been a couple of new FAKKUable releases from us, so here they are. I'm omitting the rapey one this time because I'm honestly tired of seeing people complaining in the gallery comments. Selfish of me that may be, but it just makes my day that little bit worse every time I see something like that.

Firstly, by Yowatari Koujou this is Ami Plus. This seems to take place somewhere near the end of the Toradora anime storyline. Ryuuji is asking Ami if she could “teach him how to have sex” – too bad she takes it a bit too literally and they end up getting it on. He should have said so if he only wanted a manual, right?

Nothing much else to say here. 16 pages of full color Ami goodness – Toradora doujins rarely get any better than this. The Matsui Stick reference is pretty hilarious too. If you watch the OP again, you’ll know what he just shoved up Taiga’s pussy.

And also we have Rotten me! I have eyes only for my little sister…! by CASMANIA. I'm going to have to spoiler the description that Masamune wrote for this simply because of it's epic length and I don't want to take up the entire front page with it. Read it. It's fucking hilarious.

So you know the story. The nameless main character wakes up in some town or some church, and it’s always that quiet backwater town that happens to be situated on the total opposite side of the world from wherever the big bad is. Anyway, the main character wakes up and he has no memory. There’s always a kind villager who, lacking a family of his/her own, takes in said nameless, amnesiac, bound-by-fate-to-save-the-world, sword wielding main character. Maybe there’s a time-skip and we hear how kind-hearted, sometimes mute, usually spiky haired main character has grown on the people of the town, and especially the person who took him in. But, well, the world needs to be saved, and the hero’s newfound family member isn’t going to leave the god forsaken sticks (or, worse, IS, and is going to tag along being annoying as fuck). So there’s that bit about “you’re a true member of the family”. And it’s always such a big, rubbery one, a complete and utter waste of melodrama that’s about as bearable as watching the shoe-horned love scene in a George Lucas film.

And, just sometimes, that kind caretaker is a nice young girl, and she insists on calling our hero “Brother”. Or the sickeningly cute Japanese “Onii-chan”. That’s OH KNEE CHAN. That’s right, anime folks, you know that word. Chances are you’ve heard it about a million times in every big-eyed product out of the Land of the Rising Sun. “Onii-chan, this” “Onii-chan, that” and, often, just a grating “ONIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICHAAAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!”

You know the story. You’ve watched / played / read it about a million times, because, for some reason, the Japanese are obsessed with the idea of “outsider with amnesia becomes one of the family”. It’s absurdly popular in all forms of media and is always delivered with all the ham and cheese a farmer could squeeze, full of sap, morality, yearning sincerity, and complete and utter bullshit.

We are talking about the Japanese, folks. These are the people who, for hundreds of years, spat on and killed anyone who came to their land from the outside. These are the people who think they, and they alone, are descended from some ancient Sun God Emperor, and that everything outside of their rice-laden mountains is an insane, pitiable, barbaric (sometimes amusingly so) savage land. These are the people who are the least racist people in the world simply because they look down on all other races as equally non-Japanese. Pearl Harbor slant eyed Mister Miyagi.

Has there ever been a case of an outsider (and that’s literally what they call all foreigners) TRULY being welcomed into Japanese society? Not to even speak of into a family? I’ve heard so many stories about daughters who were disowned for trying to make such a thing happen. Foreigners couldn’t even be put in the same cemetery as Japanese for thousands of years. Name a single prominent foreigner in Japanese business or politics.

So, I present to you, in far more words, and carrying infinitely more thought and care, than in above doujin, this conjecture. Next time you unwrap your new game or load up your most recently pirated episode and you see that outsider being adored, fawned on, loved and called as one of a family, that next time, just think about if someone in Japan isn’t having the most heinous laugh in all the world about this great big farce.

Forum Image: Image:

Also, I'd like to point out (very proudly) that we've had releases EVERY DAY for the last month. There's been a grand total of 8 of those uploaded to FAKKU, so if you're not visiting our blog that I can't direct you to then you're missing out. By way of demonstration, here are the titles of everything NOT uploaded to FAKKU since the start of April. Check out the translating powerhouse that is Torwyn. :D

[Maka Fushigi] Automatic Porno ch.1 (ENG) =Masamune+Tecnproy=
[Maka Fushigi] Automatic Porno ch.2 (ENG) =Masamune+Mor=
[Oyster] Retribution (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Ippei Ikoma] Old Man Counterattack! (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Itou] Fairy Tale (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Kawady MAX] Rape Memories (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Kawady MAX] Girl Prison 1 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Kawady MAX] Girl Prison 2 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Kawady MAX] Girl Prison 3 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Kawady MAX] Girl Prison 4 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Oyster] What Trickles from those Scars 1 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Oyster] What Trickles from those Scars 2 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Oyster] What Trickles from those Scars 3 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Oyster] What Trickles from those Scars 4 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Oyster] What Trickles from those Scars 5 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Oyster] What Trickles from those Scars 6 (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Ukishima Toubu] Girls’ school Legend: Shit Yuri (ENG) =Nashrakh=
[HellDevice] Proper, Clean, and Smells Good (ENG) =Masamune+Torn=
[J.O.C. Ego] Dorori Noukou Sunopi Aji (ENG) =Masamune+Torn=
[Hyper Pinch] Double Twin-tails Tails (ENG) =Masamune=
[UNKNOWN] Imprisoned Lady Noble (ENG) =Wrathkal+MnD=
[Kawady MAX] The Princess and the Slave Girl (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Archives] Ura K-On 1 (ENG) =Imari+Pyretimeth=
[Hakaba] Teacher’s Hell (ENG) =Torwyn=
[Noukyuu] Fuck Factory (ENG) =Torwyn=

Plus a bunch of Comic 1*4 scans that we're still in the process of releasing. We've got stuff lined up for at least the next couple of weeks, so don't be shy.

Visit LITTLE PINK BUTTERFLIES for the vanilla stuff, and if you're looking for something more I'm sure there would be some way for you to navigate from there to where you want to be. :D

YQII: Week 17-18 7 years ago

New stuff from these last two weeks. The first two, and the 5th are doujins, but the rest are new book chapters. All of these books are newly started, so there aren't that many chapters available for each book at the moment. In the meantime you can check out some of my old, fully translated projects here. Just download them directly from there, or follow the "FU" link to the Fakku forum post (When available. There aren't a Fakku post for every book).

In case you've missed some of the older batches of releases from this year, here they are again:
Week: 01-04 | 05-07 | 08-11 | 12 | 13-14 | 15-16

%5BGenocidou%5D%20Arcana%20Heart%20-%20A %5Bpinvise%5D%20Sora%20no%20Otoshimono%2 %5BDrP%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20Shinry %5BSameda%20Koban%5D%20Original%20Work%2
%5BHYOCO%20ROAD%5D%20Ore%20no%20Imouto%2 viewmanga.php?id=4177 %5BSameda%20Koban%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BTosh%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20Menku


Soba-Scans: Three new one's for ya~ 7 years ago

Hey guys, I'm here with some news and also some juicy material for you to enjoy!

First things first, we revamped our blog and made it look pretty nice: and big thanks to Argentine for creating the banner for us on our blog :) We have some announcements with things going on with our group, so please go ahead and check it out.

Oh, and don't forget to become a fan on Facebook, and follow us on Twitter

As for the releases:

LOVE Hiyori: Chapter 2
Forum Image:
Forum Image:

I apologize for the fact that it's been several months since we've released the second chapter for this, but I do promise it'll be worked on in a faster manner in the future!

In this chapter, you have a student named Yoshioka with her teacher after hours at school. It’s a light hearted oneshot between these two that I’m sure all of you will smile at. Okay, you might fap too.


If you haven't read the first chapter, you can check it out here

Winter Rain House Arrest
Forum Image:

This is a one-shot that caught my eye in Comic Hotmilk 2010-04, so I cleaned the pages all up and had LD translate it for me.

It's a pretty sweet short story about a guy who struggles to confess his feelings to his childhood friend. I would label this more as a light heart romance, so for all of you guys out there who enjoy that type of thing, this one is for you.


Le Beau Maitre 2
(Zero no Tsukaima)

Forum Image:

This little beauty was translated by LD, and edited by Tyaeth
Louise tells Saito to meet her to go clothing shopping, but when Louise is late 0 Saito runs into Princess Henrietta. Not wanting to be alone, her and Saito spend the day together and end up getting more intimate than at first expected.

If you're a fan of Zero no Tsukaima, check this one out for sure.


And that wraps this release up! Keep your eyes open for some time this week when we release the first chapter from the second volume of Ring x Mama!

Let us hear your feedback!

moving, busy, moving, busy 7 years ago

That's how it's been so far, so only 2 for you guys today. You can grab it here or on my blog,

Carefree Daycare by Bosshi

Childhood Friend Bomb by Kensoh Ogawa

VN Doujins and GARfest 7 years ago

Today's manga update by Team Vanilla is a little treat for VN enthusiasts.

Forum Image: Forum Image:

First is Sharin no Kuni - The bonded girl by Akabei Soft.

Wrathkal, the translator, wrote about this:

Wrathkal wrote...
This C69 doujin is based off an eroge by Akabeisoft2, “Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo”. All I’ll say about the game is that it has an excellent story which can hold you for a long time, with strong emotions mixed in, and that you should DEFINITELY play it. For those who haven’t played the game, this is a simple doujin about how the male protagonist has sex with the three heroines of the game. Separately, however, so those of you hoping for HAREM END, sorry. Plus an ending that should make those who have played the game grin.

The second one is Wife Series – Senior’s Collection by Yorimichi.

It's a "Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!" doujin, yet another VN. This one is also in full color!

Here are the links to both aforementioned VNs uploaded on Fakku:

Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujo
Maji de Watashi ni Koi Shinasai!!

And here are some big news - GARfest is about start soon later this year and the nomination round already began.

Forum Image:

For those who don't know what GARfest is, here's a word from TMS:

TMS wrote...
So bros, this is your friendly neighbourhood TehMikuruSlave, telling you to drop by your local GARfest. This is basically a competition between the manliest men from video games, manga, anime and cartoons, so this shit is real. Nominations are going on now, so drop by and say who you want to see make an appearance.