So... tired.. 7 years ago

I can barely stay awake to type this update. Here is a quick post about Anime Boston next month.

And here is some hentai.

%5BKisaragi%20Gunma%5D%20Original%20Work %5BShimanto%20Youta%5D%20Original%20Work %5BShimanto%20Youta%5D%20Original%20Work %5BHidemaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20B %5BHidemaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20B %5BHidemaru%5D%20Original%20Work%20-%20B %5BClone%20Ningen%5D%20Original%20Work%2 %5BMusashino%20Sekai%5D%20Touhou%20-%20Y %5BShunjou%20Shuusuke%5D%20Original%20Wo


Manga tags have arrived. 7 years ago

I want to thank all of the users and admins who have helped out and continue to help tagging all of the manga on the site. Special thanks to gizgal, lazyasschillypepper, and neko-chan who have done a substantial amount of the work.

We will continue tagging manga over the next few weeks and probably add some more tags!

Giant Manga Package!!! 7 years ago

Hey everyone,

I have a lot of new releases for all of you, including 4 complete tankoubons! Enjoy them all!!!

Forum Image: Image: Image: Image:

Forum Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image: Image:

4 Complete Tankoubons

[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Shikatte! Futago Shimai[/color] by [color=black]Yuki Yanagi[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Hot Liquid[/color] by [color=black]Takaoka Motofumi[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]White Angel[/color] by [color=black]O.RI[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]The Manken Club, Like Whirlwind and Surge Waves!![/color] by [color=black]O.RI[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]

21 New Releases

[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]No Title[/color] by [color=black]Tsuya-Tsuya[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Otonari Extra![/color] contains [color=black]YOTSUBA&! Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Lips Classmate[/color] by [color=black]Fukudahda[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Pai Satsu![/color] by [color=black]Bosshi[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Paitan Soup[/color] by [color=black]Bosshi[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]She Sea Summer[/color] by [color=black]Bosshi[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Mama is Mine[/color] by [color=black]Nishikawa Kou[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Hamu-e 3[/color] contains [color=black]Naruto Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Shiro de Beachside[/color] by [color=black]Mizuyoukan[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Burn! Danpa-kun[/color] by [color=black]Hindenburg[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Marshmallow Fiancée Chapter 5[/color] by [color=black]Equal[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Manatsu no Hanazono #1[/color] by [color=black]Hiroyuki Kai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Senpai, Kuroneko desu.[/color] contains [color=black]Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Call Me Shiori Ojou-sama[/color] by [color=black]Shinbayagi[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Tama² Fortune Chapters 7 & 8[/color] by [color=black]Umetani Kenji[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Chairman’s Lover Chapter 1[/color] by [color=black]Shinogi A-Suke[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Don't Say "Piggy"[/color] contains [color=black]K-ON! Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Lady Express Chapter 2[/color] by [color=black]Yuki Yanagi[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Together With Louise-tan![/color] contains [color=black]Zero no Tsukaima Hentai[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]Take Your Mark[/color] by [color=black]JUN[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]
[spacer=4][color=#9D0A0A]±LOVE[/color] by [color=black]JUN[/color] [color=green](English)[/color]

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Soba-Scans: Ring x Mama & Velvet Kiss! 7 years ago

Ring x Mama: Round 22
Forum Image:

We continue our journey into Ring x Mama volume 3. In this chapter the focus is on Tiger Cat, who’s been in the background a bit during recent events. Sometimes when you’re, uh, acquainted with as many ladies as Ryoma is, you can find yourself getting into a mix of drama.

This chapter was the first Ring x Mama chapter edited by Kiss-shot, and he did a bang-up job as usual.


Velvet Kiss Chapter 5: Pedigree

Tension continues to boil in this beautifully illustrated manga. Kano reveals a little information about herself, leaving Nitta dumbfounded and just as confused as he was before. Frustrated and tired, he broods over what to do and where their last argument leaves them.

As always, check out our blog here: for releases and check out LD's Translation Notes about Velvet Kiss thus far. Don't forget to become a fan on Facebook for updates! We always look forward to hearing back from everyone so be sure to drop by!

Soba-Scans: some Kuroneko anyone? 7 years ago


Jyakiganism | AGOITEI
Very awesome Kuroneko doujinshi if you haven't read it yet. Unfortunately we were unaware this was translated about a month ago - and poor Yumeko-chan translated this when it first came out from C79 D: Our second new editor makes his debut today though - Arguile~ He did a fantastic job for his first release, so I really hope you all enjoy it.

Kousaka comes home finding Kuroneko occupying his room. He finds himself stuck in a situation with her upset at his sister for being… herself and has to explain how eroge’s aren’t all so bad. With determination, she makes a contract of darkness and ensures she learned every detail of the excitement over eroge.

As always, check out our blog - we're currently raising money for relief in Japan and have over $700 raised just from our blog alone. Check it out here!

Bra Girl! 7 years ago

I was at PAX East all this weekend and had an amazing time. I didn't really hear about what was going on in Japan until I got home and was quite shocked. Let me just say that our hearts go out to everyone with family or friends in Japan, and of course those of you who live there. I have made a small donation in our name to the Japanese Red Cross Society, it's the least we could do. If you would like to discuss what's happening there are some good topics on the forums.

That being said, here is some more Bra Girl.

%5BRyuta%20Amazume%5D%20Original%20Work% %5BRyuta%20Amazume%5D%20Original%20Work% %5BRyuta%20Amazume%5D%20Original%20Work% %5BRyuta%20Amazume%5D%20Original%20Work% %5BRyuta%20Amazume%5D%20Original%20Work% %5BRyuta%20Amazume%5D%20Original%20Work%

6 New Releases

[spacer=4]Bra Girl - Chapter 5 by Ryuta Amazume (English)
[spacer=4]Bra Girl - Chapter 6 by Ryuta Amazume (English)
[spacer=4]Bra Girl - Chapter 7 by Ryuta Amazume (English)
[spacer=4]Bra Girl - Chapter 2 by Ryuta Amazume (English)
[spacer=4]Bra Girl - Chapter 3 by Ryuta Amazume (English)
[spacer=4]Bra Girl - Chapter 4 by Ryuta Amazume (English)