FAKKU Books New Announcements! 1 year ago

Yesterday we announced 12 new titles we will be publishing on FAKKU. Our goal with this batch of announcements was to diversify our content, publish a variety of new and old titles, bring back some old favorites that were removed last year, and venture into new genres that no one else has published before in English.

Here's a complete list of all the titles we announced, click any of the cover images to view the discussion topics on our forums. I hope we announced some titles that you are interested in reading!

t4.jpg t2.jpg t9.jpg t3.jpg t5.jpg t6.jpg t7.jpg t8.jpg t10.jpg t11.jpg t12.jpg t13.jpg

And don't forget, our Legend of the Overfiend Kickstarter is about to hit 100% funded. If you were holding out on contributing to it, now's the time to help bring this classic back!