Porno Switch! 1 year ago

posted by Jacob
Tomorrow we release chapter one from our first official book by Hisasi. Hisasi is not only one of the best hentai artists in Japan, but also one of my favorites. It's been an honor for us to work with him on this book and to be able to release it in all its uncensored glory. Hisasi is part of the holy trinity of vanilla artists: Homunculus, Hisasi, and ______... who's that last artist? Find out on Thursday when we announce the next batch of books we will be releasing later this year.

And for those of you that have already purchased Porno Switch, you have my thanks. I have had many exceptional faps thanks to Hisasi, I am happy we finally have the chance to repay him. Here are some previews from the book!

Kayane Rehabilitation Strategy


If We Meet on an Autumn Night...


Searching for Something


Beyond Summer


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