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Special Guest: Bosshi at Anime Expo 2015! 1 year ago

Peachy-Butt Girls is our best selling manga yet. We've sold thousands of copies of the book to users all over the world, breaking every sales record we set for ourselves. To thank all of the fans that bought Peachy-Butt Girls, Bosshi sent us the image below. That's for you FAKKU, Bosshi loves you. And being able to work with an incredible artist like him has been an honor, and we have some big announcements coming over the next few weeks with even more stuff.

But pretty soon you'll be able to thank him in person, because we are bringing him to Anime Expo 2015! That's right, Bosshi will be at the FAKKU booth at this years Anime Expo. He will be doing autograph signings of Peachy-Butt Girls and selling an exclusive doujinshi that he has never made available before. That's right, he will have one of his doujinshi for sale at the convention fully translated by us into English that was never released in Japan. Nowhere else in the world will the book be available.

We will also be hosting a Q&A panel with Bosshi during the convention alongside another hentai artist (whom we haven't announced yet). The panel is capped at around 1,000 people, so make sure you line up early! It'll be an excellent opportunity to ask just why he loves those peachy butts so much. Or why he likes attaching giant dicks to cute little girls.

But it doesn't stop there. Along with the autograph signings and exclusive doujinshi we will be selling limited edition t-shirts and posters. And we'll be unveiling a new line of products featuring a FAKKU x Bosshi collab (more on that later). Oh and Peachy-Butt Girls is now available on Amazon, so make sure you get a copy for him to sign before it sells out!

When I said we were working directly with the artists, I meant it. This is the first of many announcements between now and the convention, so keep an eye on the front page for more.

Here's a full version of the image
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