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At Anime Expo 2017, we are bringing guest of honor... MEME50! To commemorate this special occasion, we will be releasing the limited edition MEME50 Box featuring an exclusive doujin never released in Japan. Additionally, during the FAKKU Industry Panel we will be making our biggest announcement of the past 3 years. Meanwhile in the Exhibit Hall we'll have a huge walk-in industry booth with all of our books and new merch on display!

Outside of the con, we are hosting two late night parties: the FAKKU x Zoom Lens Release Party and the FAKKU Rooftop Party, featuring artists like Meishi Smile, LLLL, Moe Shop, Anamanaguchi, Hentai Dude, and more.

Continue reading to get more details about our plans for Anime Expo, and bookmark this page so you don't miss any announcements between now and the convention. But most importantly, make sure you stop by our booth in the Exhibit Hall to see all of our new stuff in person!

Guest of Honor: MEME50

We are proud to announce that we are bringing MEME50 to Anime Expo 2017 as our guest of honor! MEME50 is one of the most famous hentai artists in the world and the author of two FAKKU Books: XXX Maiden and Heat Alert.

We have teamed up with MEME50 to create the MEME50 Box Set, which will make its debut at Anime Expo 2017. The box set is a FAKKU collaboration featuring 6 doujinshi titles from MEME50 published in English and uncensored for the first time.

The box set also includes a brand new FAKKU exclusive doujin release Quinn of the Night which has never been released in Japan!

You'll be able to meet MEME50 at the FAKKU Booth in the Exhibit Hall (Booth #1411), and we'll be hosting several autograph sessions throughout the weekend (TBA) along with a special MEME50 Q&A panel!

As a special thank you to all of his fans, MEME50 has drawn a thank you note for everyone on FAKKU!

Saturday Night: FAKKU Rooftop Party (21+)

On Saturday July 1st we will be hosting a 21+ party across the street from Anime Expo on the rooftop of Don Chente. We'll have performances by Moe Shop (making his United States debut), Hentai Dude (also known as Waifu Wednesdays), Tanuki and Akira Complex, Shiki, and W.T. Snacks.

The event will be hosted on the official FAKKU Twitch channel by the one and only Akidearest! Throughout the night she’ll be giving away exclusive prizes, autographed books, signed copies of the MEME50 Box, and much much more. All attendees of the party will get a free 7 day FAKKU subscription.

No Anime Expo badge necessary, but due to alcohol at the event, all attendees must be over the age of 21 with a valid ID!

Moe Shop

from Paris, France

Hentai Dude

from Tokyo, Japan


from Glasgow, Scotland

Akira Complex

from North Carolina, USA


from Georgia, USA

W.T. Snacks

from the INTERNET

Sunday Night: FAKKU x Zoom Lens Release Party (21+)

We are proud to announce that we have teamed up with Zoom Lens to create Metempsychosis, a collabration album/artbook featuring work from Shintaro Kago, F4U, Onoda Takuma, Yuta Sakakibara, Hizgi, Yunico Uchiyama, and many more incredible artists. Each piece of art is paired up with a brand new track from musicians on the Zoom Lens label.

Just as the collabration is half album/half artbook, our release party is half art show/half music with performances from Anamanaguchi, meishi smile, LLLL, The Bilinda Butchers, Thought Tempo, and Syntho.

On Sunday night we will be hosting the release party at MG Studios a few blocks from Anime Expo. No Anime Expo badge necessary, but due to alcohol at the event, all attendees must be over the age of 21 with a valid ID!


from New York, NY

meishi smile

from Los Angeles, CA


from Tokyo, Japan

The Bilinda Butchers

from San Francisco, CA

Thought Tempo

from Los Angeles, CA


from Los Angeles, CA

FAKKU Exhibit Hall Booth

New Collaborations

There's way more to talk about than we can fit on this page, so make sure you stop by our booth in the Exhibit Hall to check out new FAKKU collabs with ZONE, Doxy, Shintaro Kago, MEME50, F4U and more. We'll be updating this page with more info soon, but for now here are some previews!