FAKKU Mobile Issues 3 years ago

posted by Jacob
For the past week I have been receiving reports that users were not able to read content online from their phones. Unfortunately I was never able to reproduce the issue on any of my devices, and when I went to an Apple store to test it I learned that FAKKU is blocked on the Apple network as a "pornography" site! Those bastards!

With the help of Waar I was able to figure out the problem and find a solution, you should be able to once again read online without any issues. But if you do have issues, send me an email: jacob@Fakku!.net


Secret Honey of the Moon 3 years ago

posted by Jacob
We have a new English manga available on the FAKKU store, Secret Honey of the Moon by Shinobu Tanei. Like all of our Mangerotica titles, it is an English paperback that is completely uncensored. And of course we have some of their other releases, including: Love Selection, Domin-8 Me!, and A Strange Kind of Woman!


Want Your Doujin/Manga Translated!? 3 years ago

posted by Mayucchi
Do you want a doujin that has caught your eye translated? Well, here's your chance!

XCX will be holding bi-weekly CPU tournaments for fun and the winner of these tournaments will have their chance to have the doujin/h-manga they want translated. Also, donated by the lovely Jacob will also be FAKKU! shirts! All hail the mighty Jacob!!

We have already previously held two previous ones for Bloody Roar 2 and Hinokakera Chaotic Eclipse.

So, this current CPU Tournament is this! WWF Smackdown! 2 Know Your Role

Now you're asking... How will this work? It will basically be myself or possible a friend of mine running the game for you to watch. We will make two CPU wrestler wrestle each other, and they will go through a double elimination bracket. All you have to do is choose a wrestler you want to sponsor. If they win the tournament, you win the tournament!

How do you sign up? Simple. Go to the link here and leave a comment, http://waa.ai/sOA or simple leave a comment in this thread, though I will prioritize those who comment in my blog first. Only one person for one wrestler. Choose a wrestler from this list here or this list here. [EDIT] CHECK THE BLOG POST FOR A LIST OF WHO IS LEFT!

So prizes for this tournament: For first place are 2 doujins/manga to translate. 2nd place gets 1 doujin/manga. And... There are FAKKU! shirts as well. I'm not sure how Jacob wants to do that, but we'll get details for that later.

This event will be happening April 15th at 5PM EDT. [EDIT]With so many participants, this might need to happen much earlier.

Brackets are here. http://challonge.com/xcxwwf
Stream will be here, http://www.twitch.tv/mayucchi

If there are any questions, feel free to ask here or tweet me @XCXScans.

Shout out to @VasedCoopa, @FinestKO and Dischan Media.

Also... XCX has been slow as of late, but I'm hoping to just go on a tear next week. Make sure to look out for some delicious vanilla on out blog. http://xcxscans.wordpress.com/

Happy Birthday Yuri-ism! 3 years ago

posted by yuri-ism
One year ago today, Yuri-ism was founded and forged in lesbian utopia! Ever since then, we have been guilty of spreading diabetes throughout the Fakku userbase. That's because at Yuri-ism, we only deal with the purest form of love -- girl on girl style.

That's right. In case you aren't familiar with us, Yuri-ism only does doujins that involve girls being in love with each other. We do both SFW and NSFW doujins, all with various levels of DAWWWW enducing heart-attack moments. Do those NTR doujins make you rage? Are you tired of rape, tentacles, and the like that run rampant over hentai? Do you like to watch cute girls do cute things? Do you like to watch cute girls do cute girls? Do you crave the sweetest and most delicious vanilla available? If any or all of that applies to you, then click Madoka down below and pay a visit over to us, at:

Where you can enjoy the purest form of love.

Of course, you can also read our releases over Fakku.
You can browse everything we currently have uploaded here.

FAKKU Facebook Integration 3 years ago

posted by Jacob
Social media is all over the Internet and it connects people from all around the world, it's about time we brought it to FAKKU. Today I am proud to share with you a feature that we have been working on for a very long time, FAKKU + Facebook Integration!

And the best part? You don't have to do anything! By reading this post we've automatically linked your Facebook and FAKKU accounts together and begun sharing all of the content that you have read, favorited, and looked at! Your profile will look similar to this:

FAKKU owes all of its success to the community, through word of mouth you have helped FAKKU become one of the largest hentai websites on the Internet. We want to make it even easier for you to continue helping FAKKU grow, so now you can invite your family, friends, siblings, everyone you know!

I hope to continue bringing new features like this one to FAKKU. Let me know if you'd like to see any additional features by leaving a post in this topic (which will also be posted on Facebook).
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