Evangelion Shirt Design Contest! 2 years ago

    posted by Jacob
    We get requests for new shirt designs all the time and unfortunately we're not able to come up with creative ideas fast enough to satiate the community, but I have a feeling there are people reading this that are.

    So I've decided to open up our shirt design process to the community! I'll make a new forum where designs can be submitted and you can vote and discuss all of the designs. In a week or two we'll choose a winner and print it! We have the resources to get the shirts made and we'll pay the winner a substantial amount and give them some free shirts before they're available in our store. So I come to you Internet, help us design the next shirt for the FAKKU store!

    Each contest will have a theme that all entries must follow. Just in time for the new movie the theme of the first contest is Neon Genesis Evangelion. Evangelion is highly regarded as one of the best anime of all time. In fact, the entire FAKKU color scheme is pulled from Asuka's color palette, making it an even more appropriate subject for our first design contest.

    The last day to submit your entry is Sunday, December 16th!

    Love on the Job Volume 1 Now Available! 2 years ago

    posted by Brittany



    Most of you are familiar with this series as "Koi Wo Suru No Ga Shigoto Desu" by Harumi Chihiro (mangaka of Velvet Kiss series). This was the series that many people deemed Harumi as the "Queen of Vanilla" with romantic fluffy h-manga.

    What's really great about this series is the fact that it's not necessarily your typical love story. Most romance stories you have a young girl and guy, and the buildup of the entire series is them getting together and finally confessing. This is a series of young adults transitioning into the corporate world where you meet an established couple already in love, yet you find yourself cheering for them the entire time through their day to day life. The entire series has a much lighter and even more comedic feeling compared to Velvet Kiss, so if you're looking for something light and fluffy this is certainly a match made in heaven.

    "Ryou and Minori are two newly graduated lovers ready to find employment, but when they finally land jobs, it turns out they’re working for two companies embroiled in a bitter rivalry! “Associating with rival workers is prohibited. If you’re found out, you’ll get the pink slip!” they’re told. And so Ryou and Minori must live day to day hiding their relationship from their employers…"

    If you're familiar with Velvet Kiss and not this series, it's most certainly a must have. Harumi never fails to amaze us with her beautiful artwork and character design.

    This volume was translated by LD and reviewed by PanZuriEL (the two main translators from Soba-Scans). Consider this version completely scrubbed clean and professionally redone. The comparison of what you may have seen online previously and the work these two put into it is night and day with a completely different experience. Conan from 4dawgz assisted me in typesetting the volume, and I always hope to offer you all the best quality.

    Click on the image to check out some preview images and be sure to add this one to the shelf!

    Waifu srs bzn 2 years ago

    posted by Waar
    The 9th biannual waifu game should happen around xmas/new years. There will be another reclaim lotto where I select 20 users to get a reclaim(double last game). I'm going to advertise the shit out of this one and I'm also going to lower the post limit on joining to 50. I also want to add the possibility of an achievement for participating in the game but I need to run it by Jake first(this will only show when we release achievements).

    Interested? Take a look here to see what the previous game was like. Here's the link to the current list(which will be reset).

    Other news: This may be my last waifu game, I'm considering stepping away from it and will be looking for prospective candidates to run it in my stead. I'm probably going to pick based on what I know about users and how I believe they will benefit the game(no personal reasons if you can believe that). While it wont be the deciding factor those of you who want to try and pm me to show interest and perhaps influence your chance of being looked at feel free. If you do want to write something up be sure to add your previous experience with the waifu game, why you would make a good host, what you hope to accomplish and if you have any ideas(you dont have to reveal them if you care to keep them secret) in the pm.
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