Inyouchuu Etsu Bonus 3 years ago

I am happy to present you with Inyouchuu Etsu Bonus![b]

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I don't know what this is but someone commissioned it. Yeah we do this from time to time. Still in hibernation since im broke and can't afford translators. Same stuff im always complaining about. Been spending my time playing ffxiv and about tackle turn 9 this week. I know im a baddie for having took this long to get there. Excalibur server number one!

You can find most, if not all, of our old releases here.

If you wish to donate then you can send me a PM and I will send you my paypal info.

Translator - Kusion
Everything else - Sindalf
Encoding - im sure you can check that giant obnoxious watermark on the raw. You are not helping me fap.

Remember that CCCP is the only way we can guarantee our releases will work on your computer.