Nan Desu Kan (Denver) 2013 3 years ago

I'll be wandering around Nan Desu Kan in Denver tomorrow (Saturday). I'll be wearing a FAKKU shirt and will have a very limited amount of FREE FAKKU merch and other random stuff to give out. First people to find me get some awesome stuff, so keep an eye out! There won't be any FAKKU-related panels or happenings, so if you see me, come say hi!

If you need a reference as to what I look like, see the image in my signature.

See you there!

Search! 3 years ago

Last week the search on the top of FAKKU and the related content feature both stopped working. It was originally brought to my attention in a thread on /a/ where I promised to have it fixed that day (which was 4 days ago).

Well it took a little longer than expected.. but both features are now 100% working! And in the process I fixed a longstanding bug where the auto suggest would suggest something that would come up with "no results" when you tried searching for it. That issue will never happen again.

What type of content would you like to see more of on FAKKU?
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