Statistically NP - FREE SCRIPTS FOR ALL! 3 years ago

And now, for something completely different.

Free scripts for all!

I'm posting up all my unedited scripts at Statistically NP. Free for anyone to do what they wish with, whether you just want to read them or whether you want to try your hand at the marvellous art of editing porn. :)

I'll link as much of it here as I can, but some isn't quite appropriate for a FAKKU audience. Not much these days, but there's still a few of the more extreme fetishes that I occasionally translate that I can't and won't put on here.

If your tastes run to the more extreme end of things, or you just have a strong stomach and want to challenge yourself, perhaps check out the blog. ;)

I'll try to keep the OP up to date with what has been done and what hasn't, but sometimes stuff gets done without me noticing. If you see that something has been edited, please let me know!

[size=14]1. [St. Rio] Hi Energy 2 (Neon Genesis Evangelion)[/h]

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Many moons ago, I translated Hi Energy 9 and 10. Mostly because they were done by Kimigabuchi, and were thus awesome.

St Rio’s art is…shall we be kind and say average? Not awful, but hardly spectacular. However, the story of Asuka and Nadia getting kidnapped and gang raped is totally hot enough to make up for that.

Asuka and Nadia are cosplayers, who are very dismissive of their fans. Downright negative, even. One wonders why they’re cosplaying at all. So some of their “fans” kidnap them and show them what cosplaying is really for.

Even better, this is to be continued.

Before someone asks, this is the first story in the series. Hi Energy was a sort of compilation of stories from group members. The Asuka/Nadia gang-raping stories didn’t turn up until Volume 2. They continued in every volume thereafter though, and I think later on they became the only story in it.

P.S. And I didn’t do the other stories in this volume, because they sucked. :)

[size=14]2. [INU] Red – The First Bit[/h]

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When is a film club not a film club?
When it’s the world’s flimsiest excuse for students to fuck each other. Hooray!
Enter the flat chested yet kind of hot Rei-type. She takes it like a champ.
Double hooray!

Edit: Dammit, already done by Doujin-Moe. That was hot too. Thanks to Anon for pointing it out to me! :)

[size=14]3. [Archives] Even People with Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur will not be Beaten! (Chuunibyou)[/h]

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Problems with Adolescent Delusions of Grandeur? Worry not, for our patented gang rape technique will cure you of your ills! Just one easy day of being fucked like a dog by all and sundry, and you’ll feel like a new woman!

Disclaimer: May not actually work.

There's more, but I'm not going to post them here for now. We only just met. ;)

I hope someone finds these fapworthy!