Love³ Free Demo + ISHiKEi Artbook 1 month ago

Today we are proud to start pre-orders on Love³ (Love Cubed), the next game from Nekopara creator Neko Works! All registered users can download a free demo of the game from the Love³ page while signed into your account. Enjoy the free demo!


Download Link

Along with the game, we are publishing our first artbook, Milkway by ISHiKEi. This is a large format (A4) full-color artbook featuring completely uncensored work from ISHiKEi, artist of the FAKKU book TiTiKEi. We are also proud to finally have available PHYSICAL COPIES OF HANAFUDA! Once again in large format (A4) full-color. If you purchased the digital copy of Hanafuda in the past, you will automatically get a $10 discount when you buy the physical copy (this offer will only last one week!).

Here is a sample image of these two books next to our release of TiTiKEi, with a couple more pictures posted in the replies to this thread.


Both books are available now on FAKKU and Amazon, and orders will ship out immediately! No pre-order wait time.
What would you like FAKKU to focus on this year?