24 Hour Valentine's Day Sale! 2 weeks ago

    posted by Jacob
    UPDATE: We sold out of paperback copies of Renai Sample! Amazon has some left, but not a lot. Nevermind those sold out too, all that's left is J-List and Rightstuf.

    Today is the first annual FAKKU Valentine's Day sale! We polled the community on which titles should go on sale (unfortunately we can't do all of them), and this is what we came up with. We chose some of the most romantic titles (with some exceptions) to celebrate the holiday

    [size=24]Renai Sample - Paperback and Digital[/size]

    For the next 24 hours the digital edition of Renai Sample is $4.95 and the paperback edition is $14.95! If you order the paperback it will ship out on Monday. And don't worry, if you hate FAKKU but still want to fap you can buy Renai Sample on Amazon, J-List, or Rightstuf (but we love you know matter what).


    [size=24]PuniKano - Digital Edition[/size]

    The digital edition edition of PuniKano by pyon-Kti is $4.95 for the next 24 hours.! The paperback ships out next month, so don't forget to buy your copy before it sells out.


    [size=24]Alluring Woman - Digital Edition[/size]

    The digital edition edition of Alluring Woman by Cuvie is $4.95 for the next 24 hours. Cuvie is a legendary female hentai artist and author, enjoy her book!


    [size=24]Peachy-Butt Girls - Digital Edition[/size]

    And the book with the most votes in our Valentine's Day poll was none other than Peachy-Butt Girls by Bosshi! This book is our best selling release yet, and has sold more copies than any other book we have published. For the next 24 hours you can get the digital edition for $4.95, enjoy those peachy butts!


    [color=#9D0A0A][size=24]Happy Valentine's Day![/size][/color]
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