Hentai Games Now Available on FAKKU! 2 months ago

Today I am proud to share our final announcement of 2017... HENTAI GAMES ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON FAKKU! We've teamed up with JAST, MangaGamer, NEKO WORKs, Illusion, Lyricbox, Denpasoft, and several other publishers and developers to make their games available on our platform.

And the first titles are available right now.

With the current climate of censorship on game distribution platforms, releasing games with mature content has become increasingly difficult. At FAKKU we stand against all forms of censorship and are taking the initiative to provide publishers and developers a platform with which to safely publish their work.

However, we will not be working with just anyone. FAKKU will be manually curating all games released on our platform. There will be a zero tolerance policy in place towards developers that make use of stolen art, flipped assets, or use machine translation in their games. We believe that keeping a consistent high quality level across everything we do is one of the most important things about FAKKU, so that belief will be extended to the games, as well.

In the coming months we'll be adding more games to FAKKU from these publishers and developers. Furthermore, expect to see announcements of additional partners to our line up, as well as some special announcements about things we are publishing on our own.

One more thing before we get into the games, FAKKU subscribers get a permanent 10% off all games available on FAKKU. That's in addition to all of the comics available on our subscription and the recently announced addition of hentai anime.

It's kind of like Amazon Prime but for hentai.

For the launch today, we have chosen some of our favorite titles to make available immediately.


First up, NEKO WORKs is putting their entire catalog of Nekopara games onto FAKKU, with more games to come in the future. You may recognize the Nekopara artwork from Sayori, an artist who we are good friends with that has done work for Comic Shitsurakuten in the past and just completed a successful Kickstarter to create a Nekopara OVA. You can look forward to a lot more from both Sayori and NEKO WORKs coming to FAKKU in the future.



MangaGamer has been publishing hentai games and visual novels in English for nearly 10 years. They have a massive catalog of titles that include such hits as Higurashi, Shuffle!, and Da Capo. We've selected a few titles to debut with on FAKKU, and you can look forward to the rest of their catalog being made available in the coming months.

Right now you can check out Imouto Paradise, Princess Evangile, Koihime Musou, Please Bang My Wife, Cho Dengeki Stryker, DEARDROPS, and Kindred Spirits on the Roof. And if you like yuri, you'll love A Kiss for the Petals!



JAST has been publishing hentai games in English for over 20 years and is the oldest and most established hentai game publisher in the United States. They are responsible for bringing over some of my favorite old school games like X-Change, Tokimeki Check-in, and Kana Little Sister. For their debut on FAKKU, JAST has made available the legendary School Days HQ and their brand new release of Princess X - My Fiancee is a Monster Girl?!



From the staff at Denpasoft "We at Denpasoft are very familiar with FAKKU having watched their meteoric growth over the last few years. In seeking out partners to distribute our games, we were very pleased to hear about FAKKU’s new gaming platform and we are pleased to be working together with them to release our localized games to a larger audience."

"All of us at Denpasoft including our partners are looking forward to working with FAKKU and the support of their enthusiastic fanbase!"



Lyricbox, a Japanese indie developer of erotic games, will be self-publishing their title “My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Have A Hemorrhoid?!” (aka HemoImo) via our new game platform. Our hope is that we can serve as an intermediary for many other indie Japanese developers so that they will find it easier to reach an audience overseas in a similar manner.

Soon you will be able to pre-order, play, and apply an anal suppository in My Little Sister Can’t Possibly Have A Hemorrhoid?!



Finally we’d like to announce that we are working on a very special collaboration with one of Japan’s most famous adult game developers, Illusion! We are currently hard at work on our first title and we'll be announcing it in early 2018!
They wanted to deliver a special message to their overseas fans:

From the staff at Illusion “We are thrilled that Illusion will be working together with FAKKU to bring our titles overseas. It makes us happy to know that Illusion fans will be playing international versions of our games. We’d truly like to thank FAKKU, who have agreed to help us release these international versions, along with all of the overseas fans who have been eagerly awaiting international Illusion games! We look forward to your continued support.”


That's all for now! Happy Holidays and we hope you enjoy these and the many games to come!