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    Welcome to the FAKKU Verse! 2 weeks ago

    posted by Jacob
    Unfortunately the FAKKU Verse is shutting down, thanks for all the good times!

    The future of FAKKU is here, and it's pixelated. We know our users want more than just hentai, they demand a browser based RPG. So starting today, the only way to access the good stuff on FAKKU will be to reach max level in FAKKU Verse!

    But don't worry, the reviews are coming in and the FAKKU Verse is a huge hit. Breaking all previous sales records, we are well on our way to being acquired by EA. But don't take it from us, take it from these promos from our marketing team!


    Defeat enemies, acquire armor, become the hero you've always wanted to be.


    Visit foreign tribes of savage natives and meet a diverse lineup of enemies. Bring a cookie to the clan of sad pandas to get access to their secret village!




    With futuristic graphics you'll feel like your really in the environment or on the beach with @Tegumi.


    20 unique achievements!


    Learn magical spells from Wizards.


    Oh by the way, did we mention it's real?

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