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FAKKU Books: Official Suggestion Topic Want us to publish a specific book? Suggest it here!
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Jun 26, 10:29 pm
by mosskobe2
[ Locked ] FAKKU Books: Release List This topic is here to help everyone keep track of the FAKKU Books library as it grows. For questions, see the …
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Mar 23, 7:47 pm
by blackice85
[ Locked ] FAKKU Books: FAQ Answers to the most common questions related to books. Prices/Specifications Wh…
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Jan 29, 10:50 am
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[Kojima Miu] The Double Secret Your sexual desires are up to you alone. You've got free will, and aren't bound by society's rules...…
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Jun 27, 3:36 pm
by animefreak_usa
[Shintaro Kago] Super Dimensional Love Gun We are proud to announce that we will be publishing Koi no Choujikuuhou by the legendary Shintaro Kago. Shint…
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Jun 27, 2:22 pm
by Jacob
FAKKU Books Update Ahead of our announcements for Anime Expo, we wanted to give an update on some of our previously revealed titles. While most of these updates will be welcome news for our readers, regretfully, we have…
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Jun 27, 4:45 am
by rodrigorgm
The Magical Foxgirl Foxy Rena 1 Amakuchi, the author of Foxy Rena, tweeted out this FAKKU version of Rena! If you like his work, be sure t…
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Jun 25, 5:40 am
by GODsHandOnEarth
[Sasamori Tomoe] Living With Succubus SHIKIMAYA here again with a teaser for something coming out very soon. After teasing the cover to Sasamori Tomoe's Succubus story …
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Jun 24, 4:24 am
by fallenwing13
[Toroshio] Melty Maiden Today we're pleased to announce our third full-color book, Melty Maiden by artist Toroshio!…
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Jun 22, 11:49 am
by Youma81
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Jun 19, 5:59 pm
by Slee21
question regarding Saitom Box AX edition vs digital/new I bought this item previously through my friend, who managed to get most of the AX items last year for me. (bought the Daki, all 3 shirts, and one box of this delicious book) So, I'm not a…
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Jun 17, 4:10 am
by luckydog001
[Leopard] Ecchi Sketch! We are proud to announce that we will be publishing H Sketch! by Leopard! If you're a fan of butts, this is the boo…
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Jun 14, 4:47 am
by srtetudo
[Kisaragi Gunma] It's a Straight Line Once You Fall in Love! At Anime Expo 2015 we announced several new books we will be publishing in 2015 2016, including Kisaragi Gunma's new book It's a Straight L…
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Jun 07, 1:11 pm
by animefreak_usa
FAKKU Books Recommendations Hey all, I'm curious what you would recommend to be top buys in the FAKKU book lineup thus far. After looking over what FAKKU has released to date, I'm interested in most titles but I'm trying to make…
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Jun 02, 10:06 pm
by Puleo
DISTANCE (DISTANCE) Girls lacross club such a good series has anybody read it before? Publish a book for it Fakku!
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Jun 01, 2:12 pm
by animefreak_usa
[Mojarin] Let Loose with Lewd Boobs! We are proud to announce that we will be publishing Darashina Oppai to Asobo by Mojarin! Mojarin is quickly becomin…
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May 30, 10:37 pm
by Jacob
NTR² Question Maybe I missed a update somewhere but, is this book still in the works? Thanks for your time Fakku. Looking forward to the new titles.
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May 27, 2:20 am
by Likhos01
[Higenamuchi] Misdirection Hold onto your loved ones as we bring you Misdirection, the most recent book from cheating connoisseur…
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May 27, 1:33 am
by Jacob
[The Amanoja9] T.S. I LOVE YOU EX1 We are proud to announce that we will be publishing T.S. I LOVE YOU EX1 by the legendary The Amanoja9. This bo…
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May 15, 8:00 pm
by Brittany
Chapters 3 & 4 of Isya's Rule of Zero Does anyone know when chapters 3 & 4 of Isya's Rule of Zero will be going up for purchase?
by Emeraldragon | Page 1
May 13, 8:49 pm
by ntfakku
[Itou Eight] Retsujou Mixture We are proud to announce that we will be publishing Retsujou Mixture by Itou Eight. Previously one of the most p…
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May 13, 3:25 am
by luckydog001
[Shindou] Can a Little Orc Impregnate an Elven Princess? SHIKIMAYA back with more new simulpub content for you guys. Shindou's most recent release for COMIC1☆11 is here and covers o…
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May 11, 10:30 pm
by ChrisBRosado123
Paid individual chapters. It seems like more and more there are individual chapters of stuff that can only be read if you pay for it. Now I already pay for a sub but that isn't my real gripe here, even though I don't really li…
by tetsuo6988 | Page 1
May 06, 10:42 am
by GODsHandOnEarth