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Am I the only who thinks Evangelion is overrated? Sure, there's plenty of depth to it, I can see that. The characters aren't totally terrible, and there seems to be some careful consideration in their writing but.. It's
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Feb 27, 2:42 pm
by Ryssen
[Anime] Rate The Last Anime You Watched Googled and I couldn't find any similar thread like this. Anyhow as the titles explains rate the last anime series/movie/ova/episode you watched. 10/10 being highest and 0/10 being lowest
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Feb 26, 7:16 am
by AxisLight
[Manga] Jagaaaaaan! Read it here Shintarou Jagasaki, who is a ne
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Feb 20, 8:29 am
by FinalBoss
Looking for certain comic looking for one about a girl who is going to a friends house but ends up at the neighbors place who thinks shes the ona-hole he ordered
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Feb 19, 12:17 am
by Kamran828
Some information on Anime in North America Thought this would be a good place to share this. William Chow, who is you ask. He helped spread anime, via fansubbing he has just recently started a you tube channel where he talks about history of i
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Feb 18, 3:29 pm
by sl01
[Manga] Rate the last manga you finished Surprisingly this thread hasn't been made yet. Rate your recently finished manga. Cage of Eden: 7.5/10; 3.9/10 counting the ending. 6000: 6/10
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Feb 15, 10:47 am
by animefreak_usa
Do you display your favorite fakku books or do you hide them To be honest if i ever buy any & if i ever own any Fakku books i don't know should i hide them,display them &/or display them with my anime & manga collection that i have so far & well
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Feb 14, 3:39 am
by KoopaH
So............. lets talk about Iron Blooded Orphans. Discussion about episode 41 On a scale of 1 to infinity, how much do you want Jasley to suffer? Personally:
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Feb 12, 3:42 pm
by Foreground Eclipse
What was it called..? Hey haven't been here for a while and since fakku had to clear out all the licensed stuff I guess, all my favorites from back then are gone..... So now I need help to remember the names of
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Jan 31, 10:28 am
by Ryssen
Illumia's Requested List of Anima To Watch (2017) So, as the new year starts, an I return for maybe a few days to few weeks before vanishing again for 8 more months, I have once again returned for more ideals and suggestions of anime, manga, that I s
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Jan 31, 12:56 am
by Illumia Sarrow
[Anime] AOTY 2016 A little late because I still haven't finished everything from last season. Very good anime: KonoSuba Koyomimonogatari Noteworthy anime
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Jan 04, 8:53 pm
by Ryssen
How does the light novel series of Shimoneta end? After rewatching the series and searching for the novels on the net I saw that the novel series ended in February, but couldn't find anything on how. (Well "anything" is not quite right as there
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Dec 27, 3:47 am
by GODsHandOnEarth
[Manga] Gantz: G Well, here we go yet again. Looks like the protagonist this time around is a bad ass looking female version of Kei. Too bad she doesn't seem to have any bad charcteristics that would make me enjoy wat
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Dec 19, 9:41 am
by pihip
[ Poll ] Which manga version do you prefer This question I've thought of because there are some that have both versions paper backs & hard backs/hard cover and before you ask me am i talking about in color or in black'n'white I'm talking a
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Dec 17, 7:10 am
by DragonLord87
Sport Anime, do you love it? Why? Midousuji is love Midousuji is life.
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Dec 06, 9:45 am
by pihip
Looking for translated tankoubon about team of monstergirls A few years ago, I actually downloaded this somewhere, but I can't remember the title anymore, and I don't have the time right now to go through the literally hundreds of manga zipfiles on my own pc.
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Nov 24, 11:06 pm
do you still buy &/or watch/read classics of anime & manga Sorry i gotta ask because well as for me i love both classics of anime & manga & modern anime & manga equally heck if any stores ever sells any of my favorite anime of classics or any of m
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Nov 20, 8:48 pm
by F3NR1R777
[Anime] Anime Season Fall 2016 General discussion since this individual threads are dead most of the time. Anichart What ar
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Nov 18, 2:00 pm
by Foreground Eclipse
Shelter, by Porter Robinson & Madeon. If you haven't seen this video clip yet, please do. It represents so many things I love about anime storytelling. FOLLOW THIS LINK
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Nov 14, 8:17 am
by Ryssen
I have a question about Fakku books if you don't mind This question about fakku books i was wondering about and if you don't mind me asking ahead of time if i ever buy any,if i ever own any in my collection and of course if i love any of them and here ar
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Nov 02, 9:43 am
by animefreak_usa