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    Before asking... ANIME SUGGESTION LIST [h2]Anime Category Suggestions[/h] [color=Green]V
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    Feb 14, 7:15 pm
    by pilot5455


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    [Anime] High School DxD BorN (Season 3 in Spring 2015) To be honest, I am quite surprised High School DxD managed to come this far - a 3rd season of anime. Of course, I am not
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    Apr 25, 12:40 pm
    by NoIQ
    [Anime]Rate The Last Anime You Watched Googled and I couldn't find any similar thread like this. Anyhow as the titles explains rate the last anime
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    Apr 25, 12:05 am
    by pihip
    Your first anime or manga What was the first anime or manga you were ever introduced to? Did you know what it was at the time (did you know it was
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    Apr 24, 9:50 pm
    by LoliCreamPie
    [Anime] Shinmai Maou no Testament (Winter 2014/2015) For those who have read the light novels and/or manga, I am sure the plot has developed much further than what has been
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    Apr 24, 2:43 pm
    by creapsmantic
    Best Shows in your opinion? Hey guys and gals! Just finishing up re watching High School DxD to get pumped for the new episodes but I was wondering
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    Apr 24, 6:25 am
    by TheOverFlow
    [Anime] Triage X (Spring 2015) Not sure how my fellow Fakku members feel, but whenever "Triage X" is brought up, I can't help but compare it to "High S
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    Apr 22, 5:25 pm
    by creapsmantic
    [Anime] Punchline Description
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    Apr 22, 3:03 am
    by Iamnotchrishansen
    Apr 21, 12:22 pm
    by Gahald_Mills
    Apr 21, 8:25 am
    by Uzumaki101
    Biggest "Fuck You" Ever Encountered in Manga Okay, so this doesn't apply only to hentai and such. Anyways, question for my fellow Fakkuvians. What was the biggest "f
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    Apr 19, 9:18 am
    by Shurikendude21
    Do you hide your taste in and your favorite anime and manga Fellow members i don't know what title should i post it as if you know a better one and if you want me to re-post it let
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    Apr 18, 3:35 pm
    by animefreak_usa
    The "Sub" girls in harems I have a question to present to Fakku In a lot of Harem anime and manga even though there are several girls that like th
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    Apr 16, 9:52 pm
    by Holoofyoistu
    To-Love-Ru Darkness S2
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    Apr 16, 6:56 pm
    by WitnessX
    [Anime] Overlord Synopsis The
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    Apr 16, 5:50 pm
    by waterflame
    [Anime] Shokugeki no Soma OSOMATSU!~ Adapted from the manga, w
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    Apr 15, 7:32 pm
    by Z1ng1s
    [Anime] Sakura Sou no Pet na Kanojo (Autumn 2012) Sakura Sou is a hostel for problematic students, and our male protagonist, Kanda Sorata, with nowhere else to turn, was
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    Apr 15, 7:10 pm
    by Z1ng1s
    Apr 15, 7:03 pm
    by Z1ng1s
    [Anime] Freezing Season 2 The wraparound jacket band on the 18th volume of Dall-Young Lim and Kwang-Hyun Kim's Freezin
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    Apr 15, 6:34 pm
    by Z1ng1s
    JoJo's Bizzare Adventure! I'm surprised we don't have one single doujin of it on here, any who~ with the game out now the fandoms grown a bit, so
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    Apr 15, 6:16 pm
    by Z1ng1s
    [General] What manga do you want turned into an anime? Mine are: Sun-Ken Rock,The Breaker/New Waves,Aiki ,Noblesse, Arago,and Code Breaker or Psyren Edit: I'm adding Big
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    Apr 15, 5:39 pm
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