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Kisaragi Gunma - Love Oriented Student Council Has everyone seen that Gunma has a new manga. Judging by the first chapter it isn't hentai, but will certainly be Boarderline. Over the clothes boobie grabbing in chapter 1. Anyone who re…
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Aug 17, 3:00 pm
by alwaysabsent
Anime Summer Season 2017 Chart site -
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Aug 13, 5:07 pm
by Ryssen
Your Name Anyone else excited for Your Name dvd/bd release? The japanese editions just came out this week, supposedly US editions from Funimation will be out by end of 2017, but I had a very hard time tracking…
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Aug 05, 7:18 am
by Smuggins
[Manga] Rate the last manga you finished Surprisingly this thread hasn't been made yet. Rate your recently finished manga. Cage of Eden: 7.5/10; 3.9/10 counting the ending. 6000: 6/10
by Foreground Eclipse | Pages 1, 2
Aug 05, 7:16 am
by Smuggins
Do you display your favorite fakku books or do you hide them To be honest if i ever buy any & if i ever own any Fakku books i don't know should i hide them,display them &/or display them with my anime & manga collection that i have so far & well…
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Jul 19, 9:01 am
by animefreak_usa
need a manga/mangas any good mangas which are war/fantasy based with a shit ton of fighting? somelike ala kingdom which as a neatly drawn wars,bloody/gory and a good story line? ive read: ichi…
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Jul 19, 6:13 am
by modunhanul
[Anime] Triage X (Spring 2015) Not sure how my fellow Fakku members feel, but whenever "Triage X" is brought up, I can't help but compare it to "High School of the Dead". Triage X has quite a number of tankoubon volumes released fo…
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Jul 03, 8:43 pm
by Z1ng1s
Anime name? I'm not sure if this is supposed to go in the help section or not, but it's an anime-related question so I felt that this section would be better. So, the anime I'm thinking of has a main …
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Jul 03, 8:33 pm
by Z1ng1s
[Manga] Highschool of the Dead For those of you who haven't started reading Highschool of the Dead, it is a pretty awesome "zombie survival" manga that has heavy male fan service. I started reading …
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Jul 03, 8:18 pm
by Z1ng1s
[Anime] Rate The Last Anime You Watched Googled and I couldn't find any similar thread like this. Anyhow as the titles explains rate the last anime series/movie/ova/episode you watched. 10/10 being highest and 0/10 being lowest…
by Ryssen | Pages 1, 2, 3 ... 37, 38, 39, 40
Jul 03, 7:55 pm
by Z1ng1s
Am I the only who thinks Evangelion is overrated? Sure, there's plenty of depth to it, I can see that. The characters aren't totally terrible, and there seems to be some careful consideration in their writing but.. It's …
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Jun 20, 9:38 pm
by KoopaH
To love Ru and To love Ru Darkness manga licensed HOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY SHIIIIIIIII…
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May 28, 5:01 am
by WeNeedGunmasSweethearts
A New BBC Hit Piece Against Anime And Manga It seems that the BBC has just made a "documentary" slandering anime and manga,while they were filming it they also interviewed the director of the Girl Und Panzers but in the end that interviewed was…
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May 27, 10:57 am
by animefreak_usa
Kodomo no Jikan - IndieGoGo From Vanilla Essence Kickstater RazeLattel wrote...Yay! Project Funded! What'…
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May 16, 7:08 am
by GODsHandOnEarth
recomend a non-hentai manga with realy gigantic breasts. Hi all! Sorry for such common question but I hope that there are some new manga titles that can be added to this topic :) Well, I would like to read a manga with one (or two) …
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May 05, 5:16 pm
by Gravity cat
[Manga] Looking for a Genderbender/Genderswap As title says I'm looking for a manga/manhwa I read a few years ago. Pretty sure it was a Manhwa. It's based in a highschool. Guy gets turned into a girl. There's this tan/dark skin light hair playboy…
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Apr 23, 2:07 am
by Ryssen
Apr 01, 8:36 am
by Anita7054
Search For an Old Monstergirl Manga Okay, so I've been looking for the past few hours without luck. Maybe someone can help. I remember a monstergirl manga that we used to have here on fakku that involved a guy who only had …
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Mar 10, 9:23 am
by Dashiell
Digital Manga Will the digital versions of the manga bought here download to a kindle? For some books, I just prefer digital copies if they're a bit cheaper than the physical. Definitely looking forward to my first…
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Mar 06, 4:04 am
by Deadpool8Inch
Looking for certain comic looking for one about a girl who is going to a friends house but ends up at the neighbors place who thinks shes the ona-hole he ordered
by whatnyanthousand | Page 1
Feb 19, 12:17 am
by Kamran828