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    Kodomo no Jikan - IndieGoGo From Vanilla Essence Kickstater
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    May 30, 10:38 am
    by ZeroOBK
    [Manga]Yahalue Yahalue
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    May 27, 5:12 pm
    by FinalBoss
    [Anime] Rate The Last Anime You Watched Googled and I couldn't find any similar thread like this. Anyhow as the titles explains rate the last anime
    by Ryssen | Pages 1, 2, 3 ... 35, 36, 37, 38
    May 26, 6:23 pm
    by LoliHunter234
    [Anime] Boku no Hero Academia It's like OPM but not as creative. Also not terrible, watch it as well. Heros, bullying, shounen and monster
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    May 19, 7:11 pm
    by TraumaticSherry
    [Anime] Koutetsujou no Kabaneri It's not terrible, watch it. Obvious Attack On Titan clone though. Story is about zombies that
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    May 19, 4:52 pm
    by Ryssen
    Anime seriea with most doujinshi parody Any suggestions of an anime series that has many doujinshi's with dark tags like ntr, mindbreak etc..??
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    May 18, 2:49 am
    by AzelleFans
    [Manga]Nisekoi Summary: In short, Ichijou Raku Kirisaki Chitoge are forced to be lovers in front of their respective yakuza members an
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    May 14, 5:05 am
    by i'm normal people
    [General] Manga - Gender Bender i went like three pages back and said fuck it title says gender bender but i mean cross dressing as we
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    May 13, 4:35 am
    by Ryssen
    Help Naming a Manga Series! Hi, Im hoping someone can help me here. Years back I had a vast manga collection...I ended up selling them o
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    May 08, 3:49 am
    by Takerial
    [Anime] Sousei no Onmyouji Synopsis Rokuro dreams of becoming anything but an exorcist! Then mysteriou
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    Apr 28, 9:24 am
    by Dorall
    Robot Hunter Casshern "Ca-Shaaaaaaaaaawn" As sage said it was. The birthplace of Casshern Sins.
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    Apr 21, 3:02 am
    by Kiba Eve Fumihiro
    [Manga] Rate the last manga you finished Surprisingly this thread hasn't been made yet. Rate your recently finished manga. Cage of Eden: 7.5/10; 3.9/
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    Apr 17, 2:39 am
    by pihip
    [Anime] Mobile Suit Gundam: IRON-BLOODED ORPHANS The next installment of the critically acclaimed grand mech
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    Apr 14, 10:44 pm
    by PorygonPowah
    [Anime] Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu This show is a bit slow and not for everyone, but it's the most enjoyable show this season for me. Check out
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    Apr 14, 2:54 am
    by PorygonPowah
    [Anime] Kuma Miko Girl Meets Bear [Spring 2016] I usually create topics on anime titles featuring ecchi fanservice. Of course, there are exceptions and "Kuma Miko Girl
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    Apr 14, 2:40 am
    by PorygonPowah
    How do you store/display your books? After a long hiatus I started collecting mangas again. My collection has started to grow significantly and now I'm
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    Apr 06, 4:43 am
    by Ryssen
    Apr 01, 11:23 pm
    by Cat-ness
    [Anime] Boku Dake ga Inai Machi finished! May have spoilers Well with Boku Dake ga Inai Machi finished, what does everyone think? Did you enjoy it or maybe there was some things yo
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    Mar 31, 6:56 pm
    by glarbage
    [Manga] Hardcover Manga Releases I know that there are hardcover releases of "Emma" and "A Bride's Story" by Kaoru Mori, but what other hardcover mangas
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    Mar 27, 9:10 am
    by GODsHandOnEarth